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No one gets a party started quite like a DJ does.  A DJ sets the tone and mood for any event, no matter the size or occasion.  Any DJ can show up with a basic DJ booth to spin music but what impression will it set?  A DJ is there to help be the entertainment not to be boring and devoid of any personal style. It is important for any business to establish their brand and being a DJ is entertainment but it is also business.  To make an impact and grow your business you should build your brand, starting with your DJ booth.

To begin customizing your DJ booth and building your business’ brand start with the DJ booth facade.  The facade should be something interesting, it should showcase your brand, and it should make a lasting impact for guests to enjoy at whatever event they are attending.  Design the facade to, first and foremost, hide as many wires and electrical components as possible.  Obviously there will be many electrical components that you will need access to when performing but anything that is not necessary for performance should be hidden.  This will make your DJ booth look clean, streamlined and professional, allowing your performance to be the star without the distraction of cords and other electronics.  Next, you can customize the facade of your DJ booth by selecting specific materials that showcase your personal and business style.  You may want to also display a business logo so that your brand leaves a lasting impact for event guests and even encourages guests to hire you for their own events.  To further customize your DJ booth you could design a lighted facade to add extra visual interest and help enhance your events.  Additionally, you could design and customize a backdrop for your DJ booth.  This would allow you to truly set the stage and catch everyone’s eye with your unique DJ booth.  Your DJ booth and your backdrop could be fabricated from wood, metal or any other material you can think of and like.  Lastly, when you custom design your DJ booth, not only is it better to showcase your business and enhance events but to improve your ability to perform.  Generic DJ booths are one height, components are placed in one location and generally they leave you with very few options to make it your own.  When you custom design a DJ booth you can choose the exact dimensions so that the height is just right, the components are spaced perfectly and the specific things you like to use each have their own place on your DJ booth.  Your comfort, and therefore your performance will be enhanced.  A custom DJ booth is the best option because each and every choice you make will allow you to improve your business and make a lasting impact on clients so that you grow your business and brand.

Shoppers become interested in products in a variety of ways.  They may see commercials, get recommendations from friends, or simply be drawn to interesting or pretty packaging.  When people go to the store, whether to peruse or with a set list of things to purchase, they will be bombarded with products, brands, packaging and advertisements.  Because of this, it can be difficult for a product or brand to stand out and be noticed.  One way to catch the eye of shopper and take advantage of their attention is with point of purchase displays.  Just think about how often you are standing in the checkout line and decide to purchase a pack of gum, lip balm or candy bar that you would otherwise have not purchased.  As you are making your way to the register you may see a display for lotion with eye catching packaging and a colorful advertisement perfectly showcased on a custom retail display.  Immediately it catches your eye, you are drawn in and decide to give a new product a try.  Or, perhaps you are nearing the point of purchase and see a display for pens.  It may have been something you are in need of but had completely forgotten.  The point of purchase display catches your eye, reminds you and you grab some on your way to the register.  When customers are ready to make a purchase, adding something at the last minute that they want or need is an easy decision.  For this reason, it is wise to utilize point of purchase displays so that you can advertise to all of your customers that are ready and willing to make a purchase.

When designing a custom point of purchase display you need to consider a few factors.  First, consider the intended use of the display.  Will it be used primarily to advertise one type of product or do you need it to be versatile enough to advertise a multitude of products.  If it is for one specific brand or product, it can be very uniquely designed so to specifically showcase what you want.  If it will need to be for a variety of products it may need to be customized more generally so that it can accommodate different product sizes and weights.  Depending on the type of products being displayed you will want to consider materials, height and features.  For certain products, you may to create a point of purchase display with media, interactive media lights, sounds and more.  A point of purchase display can be far more than some shelves with products stacked on top.  When you custom design your display you can make it unique and eye-catching so that you maximize its effectiveness.  Harvard Business Review explains the importance of point of purchase displays and why they increase business, “POP expenditures are of increasing significance to marketers for three reasons. First, they often prove more productive than advertising and promotion expenditures. Second, the decline in sales support at the store level is stimulating interest among retailers in manufacturers’ POP programs. Third, changes in consumers’ shopping patterns and expectations, along with an upsurge in impulse buying, mean that the point of purchase is playing a more important role in consumers’ decision making than ever before.”  Better advertise your business or product and increase point of purchase sales with custom designed point of purchase displays.


Owning your own business is the American dream.  Set your own hours, control your own work environment, do something you truly enjoy, work your way to financial freedom and answer to yourself instead of a boss.  If you are a bartender or caterer and want to start or grow your own business one of the best investments you can make is in a portable bar.  No gathering, party or event is complete without a well stocked bar.  But, most people cannot or do not want to mix drinks at an event so they often hire a bartender.  Everyone wants to hire a bartender that looks professional and like they know what they are doing.  When you custom design your portable bar you give the right impression about your business and leave a lasting impact with customers that will make them hire you time and time again.

A first impression should not matter but because you should be judged on the quality of service you provide but, as everyone in business knows, first impressions matter.  In fact, first impressions can make or break a business.  If you show up to cater or bartend an event and your bar looks outdated, worn, or boring people will not be impressed.  If you are a bartender and do not even have a bar and ask your clients to provide a bar with which to work, they will probably be even less impressed.  A bartender or caterer should have a custom designed portable bar that showcases their brand and business, gives a great first impression and leaves a memorable impact.  When you custom design your bar you can specify everything from dimensions to features so that it is exactly what you need and want.  You can choose to construct them of durable yet lightweight materials so that you can easily move them from job to job and make your portable bar truly work for you and your business.  You can hang a sign with your logo on your generic bar or you can design a unique and beautiful facade that coordinates with and features your brand and logo in a way that no generic bar possibly could.  When you invest in your business it shows and makes you look more professional and experienced.  This gives customers and potential customers the exact impression that you want to send and encourages them to trust you and hire you for every event they have.

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Beverage carts are stylish, convenient way to serve beverages at events or in hospitality settings. A beverage cart is a mobile and can be moved to be positioned in an ideal location for an event or pushed around at events to move directly to the customers as they move around and enjoy the event.  They can be large or small and can be fitted with a variety of features depending on the needs of the vendor and the events the beverage cart is typically used for.  There are generic beverage carts available for purchase but when you invest in a beverage cart, why not custom design it?  A custom designed beverage cart allows you to completely customize it to your needs and the design can be an extension of your brand.  Below are three ways to uniquely design you custom beverage cart.

  1. Option of Materials
  • When you buy a generic beverage cart there are limited number of material and design options.  By customizing your beverage cart you can choose exactly what materials are used in the construction of your beverage cart so that they specifically reflect your business.  Whether that business is a beverage brand or a venue or catering business, the materials you choose will send a message to customers about your business.  Control the message they receive and attract more business by creating the ideal beverage cart out of the perfect materials for your particular business.
  1. Custom Branding
  • When you custom design a beverage cart you get to choose the materials used to construct the beverage cart as well as the colors, graphics and specific design.  By doing this you control exactly what the customer sees and the way the brand is projected for customers.  When you establish your brand in the way you want and create brand recall for customers you will generate more return customers and better promote  your business to generate more revenue over time.
  1. Ideal Configuration & Features
  • Purchasing a generic beverage cart severely limits your options of configuration and features.  What is available on the market is what is available to you.  Unless, of course, you choose to custom design your beverage cart.  When custom designing your cart you can choose the dimensions of the beverage cart, how many shelves, whether or not it has a sink, specific drink dispensers and a myriad of other features.  Whether you need a beverage cart for a burgeoning coffee business or your beverage cart serves cocktails and other beverages at parties you can specifically design it to meet the needs of your business and your specific clientele.


Any business owner knows the importance of building their brand.  There are many ways to build your brand through graphic design, marketing, customer relations and the aesthetic you create within your business space or storefront.  All of these things comes together to send a message to consumers about the kind of business you run, the reliability of your services and the worthiness of your products for purchase.  When customers visit your office, store, restaurant or venue they will immediately get an impression of your business just by looking around.  Before they receive any services or make any purchases, what they see and experience will begin to inform them about your business.  First impressions really do matter!  For this reason, it is important for any business to custom design tables, stools or chairs.

When decorating your business you could certainly go to a local commercial furniture store and buy some generic durable furniture for your business.  But, unfortunately, what you will likely end up with is furniture that could be found in any office space, store, restaurant or venue.  The tone it will set and the impression it will give to anyone who visits will be just that – generic.  It will look like a “chain” that could be seen just about anywhere.  That impression will not wow customers or make them feel special.  It will not send a message that your business is unique or that it has been creatively marketed.  Custom designed tables, chairs and stools can be created to blend seamlessly with any decor and project the image that you want for your business.  Do you have a cutting edge, trend setting or technology driven business?  The last thing you want is decor that looks rustic or traditional.  Design furniture that will enhance the existing aesthetic within your business and promote the business atmosphere that you want so that everyone knows exactly what your business is all about.  Additionally, when you custom design your tables, chairs and stools for your business you can design them for the space you have, allowing you to choose dimensions and shapes that will work best with and maximize your existing space.  Lastly, when you custom design the furniture for your business you add intrinsic value.  Customers, vendors and employees will see custom tables, chairs and stools and know that your business has been invested in and is worth patronizing.  The most successful venues and businesses are the ones that people want to keep coming back to and with the right furniture to enhance the atmosphere, you will create a business that does just that.  When purchasing tables, chairs and stools for your business, skip the generic ones and opt to custom design them, your business is worth it.

Display For Retail BusinessTrade shows present a great opportunity to get out there, meet people, make contacts within the industry and grow your business.  There are few other opportunities for a business owner to market their business directly to consumers and other industry members in such large quantities.  Those that have exhibits at trade shows pay a fee for a space, set up their booth and get to take advantage of all that a trade show has to offer.  The last thing anyone that has gone through that expense and effort wants to do is have a mediocre or lackluster showing at a trade show.  When you are there you are there to make an impact, grab people’s attention and make priceless connections that will serve your business and, ultimately, your bottom line.

One effective way to make a big impact at a trade show is by designing your own custom kiosk.  When you attend a trade show you are sure to be inundated with a lot of information, flashy signs, giveaways, and attention grabbing tactics, all in an attempt to get you to visit a trade show display.  With a custom designed kiosk you can stand out from the crowd and draw more people into your kiosk.  Because you have specifically designed it to meet the needs of your business and your products it will help you put the best foot forward.  Rather than having cluttered generic kiosks that send a mixed message to passersby, your kiosk can be designed to be attention grabbing and to show exactly what your business and brand are all about.  You control what materials are used, what colors, fabrics, dimensions and more are used and ultimately you control the exact appearance of your kiosk. Small Business Trends explains just how important a high quality display is at a trade show, “This seems like it should go without saying, but if you want people to remember your booth after the conference has ended, you need to make sure your display is memorable on a number of levels. First, all the basics must be done right. Proper lighting, an open entry space and a visually attractive display are absolutely necessary. Next, you need to get creative to draw attendees into your booth space. What about an interactive visual display? Or host a contest in your booth with prizes that get people wanting to participate? Make sure your freebies are creative and are convenient to carry. Instead of handing out pens like the majority of other booths are doing at the show, why not something a little more interesting?  A memorable booth is the first step to making sure the people you meet at the show will remember you.”  Designing your own kiosk is cost efficient as well because you can use it again and again for each trade show that you attend.  For all of these reasons, and more, consider custom designing your ideal kiosk for your next trade show event.

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In the nightclub and bar industry, the sale of alcohol is the true moneymaker.  But, while selling individual cocktails will certainly turn a profit, the big money is with bottle service.  Bottle service is a luxury and convenience for customers that can truly make the night feel special.  One way to do so is through customized bottle service for your venue or product.  Anyone can serve bottle service in a general bottle service stray but getting bottle service is not about being generic, its about standing out from the crowd.

Bottle service is an expensive luxury so not every patron will purchase bottle service, but, just because it is expensive, does not mean that patrons will not feel like splurging from time to time.  The more bottle service you can sell, the more profit you will turn each night.  With custom bottle service more customers will be enticed to go for it and treat themselves to a special evening with true high end service.  In the world of nightclubs and bars, competition is heavy so it is necessary to stand out from the competition so that more people will come to your venue and, hopefully, purchase bottle service.  Once word is out that your bottle service is more special and unique than other venues, more patrons will likely come to you to experience true VIP service.  Whether showing off or impressing friends, a date or just wanting a great night out, bottle service has a high cost so there has to be a high perceived value for it to truly be worth it.  If bottle service shows up and it is boring and simply a bottle of Vodka stuck in a generic bucket, it will not elicit very many “oohs” and “aahs.”  With custom bottle service you can choose to showcase your venue and product with a unique and interesting custom design that customers will be excited about as soon as they see it.  The kind of customer that is purchasing bottle service wants a new, hip, fun, and luxurious experience and a custom bottle service display can do just that.  By creating a truly unique experience for the customer they are far more likely to purchase bottle service again, return to your venue and recommend bottle service to their friends.  This will help you sell more bottle service.  Additionally, as other patrons see such a unique and interesting bottle service headed to other tables, they will be more likely to make a purchase themselves.  Again, an increase of bottle service sales.  Lastly, by highlighting your brand or venue, you will create brand recognition so that more people remember the venue at which they had a great time or the delicious alcohol they purchased because it will be embedded in their mind from a positive experience with custom bottle service.  To better increase sales of bottle service and generate more return customers from unique and positive experiences, custom design bottle service for your venue or brand.


When it comes to impressing your friends, family or colleagues, there are a lot of ways to do so.  Having guests over for dinner and drinks can be a great way to make connections and spend quality time with people you love.  If you have been envying other’s ability to entertain guests effortlessly and with style, why not turn the tables, so to speak?  A portable bar makes a great addition to any home and, if you are in the bartending business, can be a great way to grow your business and be your own boss.  Ultimately, with a portable bar, you will be the envy of everyone you know.

While you may want to design a portable bar that can serve a small wedding, you need to take into consideration the types of events you tend to host.  Do you frequently host small dinner parties and gatherings or do you love to host larger events with more people?  Design your portable bar according to your lifestyle and entertaining needs.  Additionally, it is important to take into consideration the size of your home.  No matter what size home you have – whether a one bedroom apartment on a 3,500 square foot home – by custom designing your bar you can create the perfect bar for the space you have so that it is not intrusive.  Also, because you have chosen to custom design your bar, you can create the ideal bar for yoru personal design aesthetic.  Whether you love a rustic home or a modern home, your bar will blend seamlessly with your home decor.  As your guests come over and admire your stylishly designed home they will all be stopped in their tracks when they see your perfectly designed custom portable bar.  As you move it from room to room as entertaining needs require all of your guests will love that you have not chosen a generic bar that could be purchased anywhere.  And your guests will appreciate that when the weather is nice you can move your custom portable bar outside for entertaining.  Your custom portable bar will truly be a conversation topic as you host events in your home.

If you are in the bartending or catering business you will impress not only clients but friends and family with your own business where you get to be your own boss.  A custom portable bar is an easy way to go where the party is, choose what events at which you want to work and make your own schedule.  As your friends are all slaves to bosses and 8am-5pm jobs, you will get to create your own lifestyle and workplace with a custom portable bar that highlights your bartending style.  Whatever you choose to do with your custom portable bar, it is sure to catch everyone’s eye and make you the envy of any event.

In today’s world of entertainment, the services provided are all about differentiating yourself.  If you cannot set yourself apart from fellow entertainers or provide a truly unique service, what will make customers interested in hiring you?  When a customer gets online to look for a DJ, or asks a friend for a DJ recommendation, they may suddenly realize that there are tons and tons of options to choose from.  So, how does a customer know that you are a serious DJ with personal style?  How do they know you are a running a successful business worth hiring?  A great way to showcase yourself and your business is with a custom DJ booth.  Much like a business would hire a graphic designer to custom design a logo and order letterhead and business cards.  They might also hire a web designer to create a unique web site to put their best foot forward for customers.  A DJ booth provides the same service by giving customers a great first impression of your business.  Below are three reasons every DJ should custom design a DJ booth.

1. Professionalism

  • When you custom design a DJ booth you exude professionalism without ever speaking a word or playing a song.  When someone is considering hiring you as a DJ they want to know that you are professional and when they hire you they want their event to look as good as possible.  A custom DJ booth provides both things because it will enhance any event with its unique design and style.

2. Comfort

  • When performing your job there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable.  This is particularly important for a DJ as the job is incredibly physical.  Not only are you standing the whole time but you are reaching and moving things throughout the duration of an event.  If your DJ booth is too short or too tall, or your equipment is spread too far apart or too closely, it will hinder your performance and make doing your job uncomfortable.  A custom DJ booth can be designed perfectly to your specific preferences and needs.

3. Advertising

  • Why attend an event with a generic DJ booth that does nothing to advertise your brand and business?  You can subtly or boldly advertise your business with a custom DJ booth that highlights your personal style and aesthetic taste.  When you perform as a DJ at an event it is a great opportunity to showcase your talent for other potential customers.  Along with your talent, your DJ booth will leave a lasting impression of your business so that others will know who you are and want to hire you for their own events.

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When it comes to building a brand, promoting a business or product and attracting customers, there are few things more important than customization.  When you use generic things to promote your business they look just that – generic.  It is likely that your brand and business will just get lost in a sea of other things, washed away in a lot of a marketing noise.  When things are generic, it is easy to look right past them and that is the last thing any business or product needs.  A kiosk is a wonderful way to provide information for customers, showcase your brand or product and provide additional services.  It can be moved around as needed based on where the most traffic will see it or as needed for different products or promotions.   By using a custom designed kiosk, rather than a generic one, you can properly showcase your business and products for existing customers and help generate new customers.

A custom kiosk is a great way to market to a customer and provide them with information without even needing an employee present.  This is a substantial benefit to businesses because if you can reduce staff, even by one employee, it can save you a lot of money over time.  Many kiosks can be automated with technology to allow customers to completely navigate their experience.  As the business you control the information and the interface but the customer gets to determine how they choose to get more information.  In addition to having an interactive interface, kiosks can display products uniquely.  Your branding and product packaging is unique and by designing yoru own custom kiosk you control how it is received by customers.    A custom kiosk jumps out at passersby and immediately draws them in to see more.  Because the kiosk is custom designed to your unique business and branding, it sends a subtle message to anyone who sees it that your business can be trusted.  It shows that you have invested in your business and product or service is worthwhile and successful.  Additionally, depending on what can be  accessed at your custom kiosk, customers may be drawn to it to avoid long lines.  If they can make purchases or get the information they need from a kiosk, why would they bother waiting in a long line?  Many customers are technology-savvy so it is of no concern for them to use a touch screen to interact on a custom kiosk.  For these reasons and more, the ROI (return on investment) on your custom designed kiosk is high.  A custom kiosk is worth every penny because it will attract more customers and bring more profit in.

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