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A night out with friends at a club or bar is always a good time.  But, to have that good time you often have to wait in long lines to get in and battle crowds to get the bartenders attention.  So, how do you have a good time out without all the hassle?  Bottle service may sound like an unnecessary luxury but, in fact, it is a great idea. With bottle service, your night out will be immensely enhanced so that you can enjoy your time out, without all the other frustrations.

With bottle service, a good time is always guaranteed.  Rather than waiting in lines to get into a bar or night club, those who have reserved bottle service will get to go right in and be escorted directly to their VIP table.  This is particularly beneficial for groups of men who often have to wait longer to get into clubs.  Once seated comfortably at your VIP table, you will have a personal waiter or waitress for the night to handle any of your needs.  No more worrying about wedging yourself between throngs of people to try and wiggle your way up to the bar and order a drink.  With bottle service, the drinks will come right to you.  Your bottle will come with mixers and you can craft the drinks however you like.  Additionally, you will enjoy the benefits of having a good time with friends that you can actually be around, hear and see because you will not get lost in a sea of people, you will have your own designated area.  As anyone that has ever been to a busy bar or nightclub knows, there is not exactly an abundance of seating.  In fact, it is almost impossible to sit down at all.  With bottle service, you can be out on the dance floor or up talking to friends and know that you have a reserved area to sit down when you are ready.  Additionally, if you are out to meet someone new, when you order bottle service you tend to impress others with your VIP status which may attract someone of interest.  When you factor in the cover charge that some venues have, and the high cost of drinks that many venues have, it may cost you the same amount to order bottle service as it would to just show up, get in and order drinks.

Because bottle service enhances anyone’s night out, it is important for any venue to have unique and interesting custom bottle service trays.   Bottle service is not inexpensive so it is important to make the customer truly feel like a VIP with not only service but with every aspect – including the bottle service trays.  Rather than the standard, boring trays, why not custom design your bottle service to the unique needs and design of your business?  Not only will your bottle service accomplish exactly what it is designed to do and serve patrons, but it will make a unique statement about your bar or nightclub and show that you have gone the extra mile.  In summary, bottle service enhances any night out with friends and is a great investment for any business.

Dj BoothA party is simply not a party without a DJ.  A DJ is responsible for getting the party started, keeping the party going and ending the party on the perfect note.  If a DJ is not particularly talented or does not do their job well, it could be the difference between a good party and a dud.  One important tool of the DJ that helps them properly do their job is the DJ booth.  A DJ booth can be made out of just about anything and can be as simple as a basic table or as elaborate as the mind can imagine.  Aside from the quality of music a party has, aesthetics are also a significant contributing factor to the success of a party.  If the venue, bar, or nightclub is decorated in a particular style but the DJ booth is lackluster or completely clashes with the venue, it could be a mood-killer.  For venues that want to design their own custom DJ booth, it is wise to design a booth that not only works with the space the venue has to offer, but that matches the design aesthetic as well.  For independent DJs, they may want to design a more neutral but still visually interesting custom DJ booth that can transition into any venue but still makes a personal statement.  Below we will discuss the three primary reasons to design a custom DJ booth.

1. Express your Style

  • Every venue and every DJ has their own unique style.  With a custom DJ booth, whether you want to express the style of the venue or the personal style of the DJ, there are endless possibilities.  Some venues may want a more understated look and some venues may have a distinct style or theme that they want to express from head to toe.  By designing your custom DJ booth, you have complete control over the design and look and the booth can completely blend into the style of the venue.  If you, as a DJ, are known for your distinct personal style, perhaps you want to design your DJ booth to match it.

2. Ease of Use

  • Every DJ has their own personal style and their own unique needs.  Perhaps you are very tall or very short and the standard DJ booth is not ideal for your needs, with a custom DJ booth, that is no longer a problem.  You can design the height, size and specific details so that it is exactly how you want it.  You will be able to do your job more effectively and enjoy doing it because your custom DJ booth will be exactly as you like.

3. Flexibility

  • Standard DJ booths come in a select amount of styles and designs.  With a custom DJ booth, you have the flexibility to design it around your needs as a venue or independent DJ.   is your venue very small or do you, as a DJ tend to work in very small clubs?  Perhaps you want a smaller DJ booth to work with the needs of the space.  A custom DJ booth can be designed around whatever the needs of the space dictate.  Have a strange layout or just want to make a statement?  You can design uniquely shaped or sized DJ booths so that you are not just trying to make the standard size fit.

Drink Cart For Your OfficeWhether you are an established brand or a new brand, marketing a new product can be tricky.  There are a million great products available but unless they are properly marketed, consumers may never hear about them or purchase them.  You want to make your product well known, but you also want to target your specific customer when marketing a new product.  Advertising is expensive and it is hard to know if it will even reach your target customer effectively.  So, how do you market in a cost-effective yet specific way so that you know you are getting your product in front of your target customer?  One specific way you can market your brand and your product is through the design and distribution of custom drink carrier.  This works particularly well if you have a product related to beverages but works well for any product if you are sponsoring an event.


Custom drink carriers carry beverages from the bar or kitchen directly to the customer.  While their drinks they have ordered are being delivered, they will see your product or logo prominently displayed on a custom drink tray.  What better way to make a lasting impression than to place your logo directly in front of a happy customer receiving a drink?   And, if your product is being delivered on the custom drink trays, they can be designed in a specific way that best showcases your product.  Have a unique or interesting brand with a distinct style?  A standard drink tray will certainly deliver your product but what impression will it really make?  Your customer will receive their drink and move on but when your product is delivered on a unique and impactful custom drink tray, they will take notice of your brand and, most likely, remember it.  Brand recall is one of the most important aspects of marketing and it can be tricky to make a positive and lasting impression in the mind of a customer.  SteamFeed points out how brand recall works and why it is so important, “There are several factors that influence their choice. One such important factor is brand recall value. If you see a cola advertisement on every bill board you pass, guess what you are going to order next time? The same cola drink because it sounds more familiar. Every psychology student knows this nature of the mind. What you see too often, what you see everywhere is what you recall. One may not realize but this influence is very powerful.”  By utilizing a custom drink carrier to market your brand and product, you will subtly reinforce your brand in the mind of the consumer.  When they go to purchase a product at the store and are bombarded with different brands, they will most likely recall your brand in their mind because they have seen it before on the custom drink carrier and choose to purchase it, knowing it is a reliable brand.  Additionally, when you purchase a custom drink carrier it is a one-time purchase instead of having to constantly pay for marketing like radio or television spots.  Not only is a custom drink carrier a useful and successful way to market your brand and product, but it is cost-effective.  Consider designing your custom drink carrier so that you can uniquely display your brand and your product and make a positive impression on your target customer.


Trade Show DisplayAny business knows that trade shows are a great opportunity to showcase your business, debut a new product or just network with peers in your industry.  For many businesses, trade shows are an immense opportunity to establish your business and make connections that would otherwise not be made.  Any business also knows that establishing your brand is critical to the recognition and, ultimately, success of your product and business.  Trade show displays present a unique opportunity to put yoru specific brand on display, for all to see.  With custom trade show displays, you have complete control of what your brand says to the customer.

Establishing your business’ brand is important and should be handled carefully.  Send the wrong message about your brand and it could be detrimental to your business.  Entrepreneur describes exactly what “branding” is and why it is important, “Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B…Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors’. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.  Are you the innovative maverick in your industry? Or the experienced, reliable one? Is your product the high-cost, high-quality option, or the low-cost, high-value option? You can’t be both, and you can’t be all things to all people. Who you are should be based to some extent on who your target customers want and need you to be.  The foundation of your brand is your logo. Your website, packaging and promotional materials–all of which should integrate your logo–communicate your brand.”   A custom designed, modular trade show display allows you to choose the materials, colors, size, shape and overall look of your display.  Have a very specific product?  You can design your displays to uniquely promote that product in a way that is eye catching, interesting and shows that you are invested in your business .  It does not matter what type of product you are promoting, ultimately, you want to appear professional and successful.  A custom trade show display will send a subconscious message to anyone that sees it that your product is unique, interesting, special and worth a second look.    Rather than buying or renting a generic  trade show display that will get lost in a sea of competitors, a custom trade show display will allow you to display the specific look and style of your business so that you create recall of your brand for anyone that sees it.  For a look at custom trade show displays or to contact us, visit our website to learn more about designing your own custom trade show display.

When you own a restaurant or nightclub, you need to order tables and chairs or stools for your customers to use.   There are many companies that make commercial products for just such a need.  These tables, chairs and stools are functional but often, not the most unique.   While you want a product that is durable and can withstand daily use by many patrons, it does not mean you want to be boring.  The standard look is not necessarily what many businesses want.  There are three distinct reasons that any restaurant or nightclub can benefit from designing custom tables, chairs and stools that will make it a far more appealing option than ordering the standard products available to anyone.

1. Promote Your Brand

  • Establishing your business, and your brand, are incredibly important and directly affect the success you will see as a business.  The style of your business, types of products you promote and types of clientele you hope to attract will all influence the way you design and promote your brand.  If you have a cowboy bar, your brand will reflect that.  If you own a high end nightclub geared at successful business men and women, your brand will reflect that.  If you own a Mexican restaurant, your brand will reflect that.  And so on and so forth.  Every business has a unique client base and to successfully run your business, you will need to specifically design your brand to reflect that aesthetic.   If your business is modern and sleek, the last thing you want is big, dark wood tables and chairs, the two aesthetics clash and send a confusing message about your brand.  Custom designed tables, chairs and stools can be made to fit your exact business so that your brand is put in the spotlight and displayed in the best way possible.

2. Coordinate With Decor

  • As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is nothing worse than clashing decor.  Some people may call it “eclectic” but often it looks messy and confused.  f you have a themed business, having custom designed tables, chairs and stools is even more important because the decor of your business may be particularly unique and difficult to match.

3. Offer Flexibility

  • When you own a restaurant or a nightclub, you may change up the design or set up from time to time.  And, if you host private events, you may need to move things around more often to work with the event.  With custom designed furniture you can design things that work with your unique business Perhaps you are working with a smaller space and everything that you can order from a standard catalog is too big for your space.  Custom designed tables, chairs and stools are more flexible in their size and configuration than standard catalog ordered furniture.  If you want flexibility to have any configuration of tables, chairs and stools in whatever layout, size, style and configuration you want, custom designed tables, chairs and stools are the way to go.

It may sound like an unnecessary luxury, but having a portable bar truly is not unnecessary.  In fact, it can be incredibly helpful in addition to being stylish and interesting.  A portable bar can be moved to any location whatever needs the event may have.    A standard portable bar can be purchased from a number of retailers but, it will be just that…standard.   With a custom designed portable bar, it can suit your specific needs, as well as whatever aesthetic you may have in mind.   Portable bars are not just for commercial use, they also work wonderfully in residential settings.  Nobody should rule out having a custom designed portable bar and  below we discuss who can benefit from having a portable bar.

  1. Homeowners
  • Many people love the idea of having a bar in their home, but not everyone has room for a permanent bar to be installed.  Whether you love to entertain your friends and family or you frequently have events in your home, portable bars are ideal for any size event.  What better way to entertain in your home than to have a portable bar that you can move around, as needed, to whatever location you decide to spend time in.  Having a party in your living room, great, move the bar to the ideal location.  Decided to move the party to the yard?  No problem, simply move the bar so that you and your guests do not have to trek back and forth every time they want a drink.  Additionally, you have worked hard to decorate your home and put your own personal design aesthetic into the look.  Why diminish that hard work with a standard looking portable bar when you can create a custom designed portable bar that matches the look and feel of your home.
  1. Caterers
  • Have you decided to start a business catering events recently?  Or have you been catering for some time and are always struggling for an ideal location to set up a bar when you cater events?  A portable bar is the solution to your problems.  And, when you choose to invest in a custom designed portable bar, you can design the perfect bar for your business.  If you specialize in catering certain types of events, design your bar around that.  Have a specific look to your business or a brand that you want to put in the spotlight?  A custom designed portable bar will make it easy for you to cater events and enhance your business.
  1. Event Venues
  • While it may seem logical to think that any event venue can get by with a regular permanent bar.  And, while it may be true that an event venue can simply get by with a standard permanent bar, most event venues could benefit greatly from having a portable bar.  Depending on the configuration of the room, the type of event and the amount of people, it may be helpful to be able to move a bar around as needed.  Also, if an event venue has multiple rooms or an outdoor space for entertaining, a portable bar would be an immense benefit as it can be moved to whatever location the event calls for.  Additionally, when an event venue invests in a custom designed portable bar, they can choose to highlight the existing decor as well as promote their business with the design.

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Display For Retail BusinessNever underestimate the importance of someone’s first impression.  While there is certainly more to a product than a first impression. it is the first impression that may intrigue someone to purchase a product or send someone off to look at another product.  If the first impression is negative, or your products simply fade into the multitude of other products on a shelf, someone may never even see your product or be interested to try it.  A custom retail display can be adapted to the unique needs of your product to properly promote your brand and encourage customers not only to notice your product, but make your product pop so that they want to purchase it.

You have probably spent hours designing your packaging and perfecting your brand because you are proud of the product you have created.  And not only are you proud, but you want customers to know about your product and purchase it.  Oftentimes, the market is flooded with a lot of products and shelves can get crowded, diluting the unique marketing message of your brand.  Custom retail displays and shelving can be tailored to ensure that your brand and product is promoted in the best and most ideal way possible.  Whether you have unique packaging or a specific message, retail displays can be created out of various materials and shaped and assembled through design so that they are an extension of your product and branding.  Your product will pop in a sea of competitors because it will be on unique shelving that stands out amongst the bland and boring typical displays.  When a custom walks into a store, or turns a corner, your product will be immediately visible and the eye will be instantly drawn to it.  Because of this, many customers will first take a look at what your product is because they see a well promoted, innovative, unique stylish and savvy display.  Target specific customers that you hope to sell your product to with the type of display you create .  With custom retail displays, you will create brand recognition which will then, in turn, create repeat customers and loyalty.  You invest money and time in creating marketing materials for your brand and custom retail displays are simply an extension of those marketing materials.  So, let your imagination run wild and dream big when designing your custom retail display because no dream is too big or too crazy.  It is important to get the message out about your brand and a custom retail display is sure to do just that, and more.

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Custom drink carriers set the tone for any event.  Whether you are at a high end nightclub or a catered event, if your brand is promoted with custom drink carriers, it will make a mark.  Whether you are drawing the attention of high rollers at clubs that are ready to spend a large sum of money, or attracting the attention of successful businessmen and businesswomen at a special event, a custom drink carrier is the height of sophistication and class.  In a world where the market is flooded with various brands all competing for attention, it is important to make your brand pop with unique and custom marketing tools.  A custom drink carrier will put your brand in the spotlight and make sure everyone remembers your brand, long after the event is over.

One of the most important parts of brand promotion is the make customers aware of your brand.  If someone does not know your brand exists, they cannot buy your brand.  Custom drink carriers will make a memorable and lasting impression of style, class, sophistication and a successful company.  These messages may very well be the first impression someone gets of your brand and this will surely entice them to buy your brand again.  The key to a successful business is to create loyal, repeat customers that will buy your brand again and again.  And because they are loyal, they will recommend your brand to others, as well.   Next, one of the most important things you can do for your brand is create brand recognition.  When your customers get a custom drink carrier with your brand on it, they will learn and know what your logo is.  That sort of brand recognition can build a business in a way that no other tool can.  Even if they, somehow, cannot exactly remember everything about your brand, they will remember your logo and the unique design of your custom drink carrier, and that will keep them coming back to your brand.

The drink carrier can be completely customized to coordinate with your brand, style, company message and more so that the entire drink carrier promotes your brand.  You can choose specific materials that you like, create unique designs specific to your products and create different sizes to meet the needs of any event.  Each unique design is an expression of the company and puts your brand in the spotlight.  They say you should not judge a book by its cover but, so often, people do.  With a custom drink carrier, you will never need to worry if your product is giving the right impression.  Your custom drink carrier will promote your brand and ensure that your brand is the VIP of any event.

Whether you are at a private event in someone’s home, a special event in a public reception location, or a wedding or anniversary celebration, everyone wants to know two things: where is the food and where are the drinks?  Often, you will find large groups gathered around the drink station to chat, celebrate and toast the evening away.  No matter the size of the event or the occasion being celebrated, a beverage cart should be present to help enhance the style and class of the event and elevate the celebration.

You may wonder, “Who could benefit from having a beverage cart at their event?”  We are here to tell you, anyone could!  Beverage carts are not just for caterers or event locations.   If you are someone who loves to entertain and frequently throws dinner parties, a custom designed beverage cart, crafted according to your specifications and unique design sensibilities, will be a timeless addition to any and all of your gatherings.  And not only will it make entertaining easier, but it can be designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of your decor or be made to make a statement and “pop” in the room.

For caterers or event venues, beverage carts are practically a necessity.  They allow flexibility because they can be moved wherever they are needed.  Need to rearrange the layout of the room at the last minute?  No problem!  Just move the beverage cart to the desired location and adjust the room as needed.  Moving the event outside because the temperatures are just right?  No problem, just move the beverage cart to keep the party rolling.  And, not only does a beverage cartoffer flexibility, but with a custom designed beverage cart, you can enhance your companies brand by uniquely designing your beverage cart.  Whether you want to feature a unique look or subtly blend the beverage cart into the surrounding decor, whatever your design preference and inspiration, it can be achieved.  And with a custom designed beverage cart, you have the added opportunity for brand promotion.  You can wrap your beverage cart in your branding or brand-specific message or styling.  Make sure nobody forget your brand and make an impact with your beverage cart.  Gone are the days of boring, bland, generic beverage carts; enhance your design aesthetic and promote your brand through a unique and stylish custom designed beverage cart.  Whether your event is large or small, it will be elevated to a new level or sophistication and fun with your custom designed beverage cart.




3 Cool Custom DJ Booth Designs

Dj BoothBeing a successful DJ requires certain tools to put on the best performance possible. This can include a reliable sound system, great music, and the right DJ booth to get the job done.

By customizing a DJ booth, you can create a base of operations that fits your needs perfectly. This will ensure that all events, from weddings to graduation parties and everything in between, will always be an unbridled success.

Why Customize?

Unlike pre-fabricated booths, a fully customized DJ booth can meet whatever requirements you deem necessary to offer an outstanding performance. These requirements may change from person to person, depending on a variety of factors. Easy access to must-have equipment may prove essential in one instance, while in another things like extra storage space and room to move freely may be in demand.

A DJ’s performance is not only auditory, it must include visual elements as well. This is certainly the case for many world-famous DJs, who are often tasked with entering hundreds to thousands of guests at a time. Without the right visual elements in place, these performances wouldn’t have the cultural impact they now elicit.

While you may not have the financial resources to put on a full-scale extravaganza, you can still remain confident that your performance will be one for the record books. This can be accomplished by personalizing your very own DJ booth, for both aesthetic appeal, as well as functionality.

The following is just a sampling of the many great booth designs available. When it comes to putting on an unbelievable performance, personalization can guarantee that every show meets the high expectations set by party guests and clients alike.

Podium DJ Booth

Money can be a factor for some DJs, especially those who are just getting started in the profession. In this instance, a podium booth can be a great way to put on shows while also keeping costs to a minimum. Podium booths offer reliable construction and functionality at a price most everyone can afford.

For a bit of panache, many podium booths are fitted with inexpensive vinyl stickers. This can be an ideal way to make one’s booth stand out, while also doing a bit of advertising. Promotion is a key aspect of being a DJ, which is why appropriate signage is so important. A podium booth offers an economical way to pursue your craft while also getting your name out there.

Folding DJ Booth

For those DJs who find themselves on the road frequently, a folding booth can prove highly convenient when storing during transit. Unlike stationary booths, a folding booth can be easily dismantled and secured in a variety of vehicle types. This makes getting from gig to gig a breeze, which can serve as a welcomed relief for DJs with a lot on their plates.

Another great feature of the folding DJ booth is its sturdy construction. This means that your booth will always arrive to an event intact, preventing any mishaps from occurring during long travels. The steel design can also include LED lighting, which is a great way to advertise your company to the masses.

In addition to the easy storage capability and tough assembly, a folding DJ booth can also fit conveniently in a number of situations. This is particularly important at smaller venues, where space may be in limited supply.

180 Lighted DJ Booth

For the utmost in style and functionality, a lighted DJ booth can be an ideal option for those who want a bit more from their work stations. Lighted panels are a great way to catch the attention of guests attending an event, which is necessary for securing additional contracts.

Another great aspect is the booth’s design. Thanks to the 180 degree configuration, a DJ can enjoy a free range of movement during performances.  This is important for creating the type of environment that turns heads and attracts new clients.

Back lit panels work beautifully in low-light situations, offering both aesthetic appeal and functionality. All good DJs know visibility is integral to connecting with guests at an event. A lighted booth allows attendees to locate one’s DJ booth with ease, which can be extremely useful.

The Choice Is Yours

When it comes to custom DJ booths, there are numerous options suited to every type of event. From lighting and design to shelving for assorted supplies, creating your own booth is a great way to guarantee every performance is a smash hit.

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