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When it comes to building a brand, promoting a business or product and attracting customers, there are few things more important than customization.  When you use generic things to promote your business they look just that – generic.  It is likely that your brand and business will just get lost in a sea of other things, washed away in a lot of a marketing noise.  When things are generic, it is easy to look right past them and that is the last thing any business or product needs.  A kiosk is a wonderful way to provide information for customers, showcase your brand or product and provide additional services.  It can be moved around as needed based on where the most traffic will see it or as needed for different products or promotions.   By using a custom designed kiosk, rather than a generic one, you can properly showcase your business and products for existing customers and help generate new customers.

A custom kiosk is a great way to market to a customer and provide them with information without even needing an employee present.  This is a substantial benefit to businesses because if you can reduce staff, even by one employee, it can save you a lot of money over time.  Many kiosks can be automated with technology to allow customers to completely navigate their experience.  As the business you control the information and the interface but the customer gets to determine how they choose to get more information.  In addition to having an interactive interface, kiosks can display products uniquely.  Your branding and product packaging is unique and by designing yoru own custom kiosk you control how it is received by customers.    A custom kiosk jumps out at passersby and immediately draws them in to see more.  Because the kiosk is custom designed to your unique business and branding, it sends a subtle message to anyone who sees it that your business can be trusted.  It shows that you have invested in your business and product or service is worthwhile and successful.  Additionally, depending on what can be  accessed at your custom kiosk, customers may be drawn to it to avoid long lines.  If they can make purchases or get the information they need from a kiosk, why would they bother waiting in a long line?  Many customers are technology-savvy so it is of no concern for them to use a touch screen to interact on a custom kiosk.  For these reasons and more, the ROI (return on investment) on your custom designed kiosk is high.  A custom kiosk is worth every penny because it will attract more customers and bring more profit in.







A portable bar is a party on wheels.  Whether you are simply a homeowner looking for a great way to entertain guests or a business looking to enhance the service you provide, a portable bar is the ideal way to do so.  At any party, whether in a home or in a venue, the bar is often the first place someone goes and people frequently congregate around it.  But, a permanent bar is not always possible or practical.  For these reasons, many people opt for a portable bar because of its convenience and practicality.  Below we discuss two reasons why you should purchase a portable bar.

1. If You Are a Homeowner – You Need a Portable Bar

  • Every homeowner – yes, every homeowner – can benefit from having a portable bar.  It does not matter if you have a 600 square foot condo or a 3,000 square foot home, a portable bar is a great choice.  When you custom design a portable bar you can design it to meet your exact space and entertaining needs.  The beauty of a portable bar is that if you decide to entertain in your living room, you can have your portable bar there.  If you decide the weather is ideal for an outdoor party you can move your bar out there.  Additionally, when you custom design your portable bar you can specifically tailor it to the style of yoru home decor.  No more generic bars conflicting with your personal design aesthetic.  Your uniquely designed custom bar will make the perfect centerpiece for any party, blend beautifully with your home decor and be a great topic of conversation.

2. If You Own  a Business – You Need a Portable Bar

  • Many different businesses can benefit from having a portable bar.  If you are an event planner, caterer or bartender you should absolutely own your own portable bar.  A portable bar that you have custom designed can be used to showcase your business.  No matter where you travel to provide service your brand and business will be on display with a unique custom portable bar.  If you are a business with a permanent venue, you may think that a permanent bar is the solution.  But, consider the options available with a portable bar.  What if you want to set up a different configuration in the room for various events?  What if you decide to host an event on a patio or lawn near your venue?  A portable bar provides you with much needed options to keep entertaining fresh and allow for customization of events.  Additionally, you can design your custom portable bar to uniquely reflect your brand, business and decor style.  Advertise your business from head to toe and create the ideal atmosphere in your venue with continuity of style and the utmost professional presentation through the use of a custom portable bar.


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Whether you own your own storefront or want to display your product in a store, a custom retail display is a necessity.    When it comes to properly marketing a product you need it to stand out, make a good first impression and draw the consumer in.  A large part of this is certainly the packaging of a product but a custom retail display can make all the difference.

First, a custom retail display helps products stand out.  Rather than being lost in a sea of similar products on boring standard shelves a custom retail display will truly make a product “pop.”  People often enter a store with a list of things to purchase or certain things in mind so you need to catch the eye of the consumer and make them want to see what you are selling.  A well-placed  custom retail display can do just that.  Not only will a custom retail display catch the customer’s eye but what they see will be interesting and exciting.  This is because a custom retail display makes a positive impression on customer’s by adding professionalism and elevating the stature of the product.  Point of purchase marketing has been shown time and time again to be incredibly effective.  The power of pursuasion right before making a purchase is hard to resist and when a product is displayed just right, a consumer may decide to purchase it when they had not otherwise planned to.   This is beneficial for both the store who makes a profit and the brand who may now gain a loyal customer.  No matter what your product is, the message you want to send to customers is a dedication to your brand or your store and with a custom retail display it shows that you have invested in something that you are proud of and believe in.  It sends a subtle message to the consumer that your brand or store is trustworthy.

Additionally, with a custom retail display the investment will keep paying for itself over time.  Every time there is a new product to display you can use your custom retail displays or continually tweak them to meet your needs.  Because they are custom they can be designed to showcase your brand.  As a business you have worked hard to build a recognizable brand that customers can trust and a custom designed display is simply an extension of that brand.   If you have a very rustic product or branding it would look strange on a modern display shelf made of metal.  The same problem would arise if you have a very sleek, modern product that is displayed on old wooden shelves.  Do not let the message about yoru product get confused or lost in translation.  A custom retail display will help you consistently and uniquely display your brand for customers.


                Going out to a bar with friends, getting drinks and dancing sounds like fun but there are ways to make it more fun.  One way to do this is with bottle service.  Bottle service is the purchase of liquor from a venue by the bottle.  It is a sure fire way to communicate to everyone around you that you are a high roller and that you are there to have a good time.  Bottle service also comes with other perks like a reserved table and immediate entry to a club.  This means that you do not have to wait in long lines with crowds of people only to get inside, fight more crowds to try to get to the bar and get a drink.  And, often when you visit a bar or nightclub there are a shortage of seats available so unless you are dancing you will likely be fighting for a place to stand and be with your friends.  That is, unless you have bottle service.  Then you will have a reserved table and seats to enjoy at your leisure while you have a great night.  Bottle service is a wonderful way to enjoy a fun night when visiting a venue but it is also great for the venue itself.  Bottle service, when done well, can be one of the biggest money makers for a venue.  But that is the key, bottle service has to be done well.  One way to do so is with custom designed bottle service trays.  Whether you are a brand that wants to promote your product in a variety of venues or a venue itself that wants to promote itself, it is important to order custom bottle service trays.

When you design a custom bottle service tray, you can specify exact dimensions, style and features.  This means, as a brand, that you can design the features of a bottle service tray to help accentuate and promote what makes your brand so special.  When it comes to customer’s brand recall it is important to distinguish your brand from others and make it memorable.  By custom designing your bottle service tray, you will make an impact with your professionalism and help customers remember your brand when it comes time to make another purchase.  As a venue, custom designing bottle service trays is an extension of your overall branding and business style.  Bottle service trays are traditionally metallic and can appear somewhat modern and sleek.  But what if your business has a different style?  What if you are a country western bar?  A sleek metal tray would look out of place.  When you custom design a bottle service tray you can make it to coordinate seamlessly with your decor so that the image you present to customers is one of continuity.  Everyone benefits from a custom designed bottle service tray and it will most likely help your business and brand sell more bottle services and make more money.

                When an event venue or entertainment company hosts a lot of events it can be pricey to constantly rent equipment.  For this reason, many venues and entertainment companies choose to purchase equipment to reuse each time there is an event.  Of course it just makes sense to purchase things like tables and chairs or perhaps plates and silverware but one thing that is just as important is a custom DJ booth.  After all, almost any event has music of some sort which necessitates a DJ booth.  But, you do not want any DJ booth being displayed at an event at your venue or with your entertainment company because it will be a direct reflection on your business.  When you custom design a DJ booth, you control exactly what it looks like and how it reflects upon your business.

Decor is an incredibly important part of any business and a DJ booth is simply an extension of that decor.  While a DJ booth serves its own practical purposes for playing music, its presence in a room will be noticed and therefore it will be a part of the overall decor.  If you have a rustic decor style the last thing you want is an incredibly modern DJ booth, it will look out of place and strange.  Control the atmosphere that your clients and guests enjoy by completing yoru decor from top to bottom in your preference and style.  Additionally, by custom designing a DJ booth you control the size and portability.  You may want to have an easily portable DJ booth but that still properly reflects your business.  Rather than purchasing a generic and bland portable DJ booth that does nothing to promote your business, why not custom design the perfect portable DJ booth that promotes your brand.  Additionally, perhaps you have a very large venue.  A small DJ both would likely look dwarfed and strange in such a large room.  And, vice versa for a small room.  If you have a small venue the last thing you want to do is eat up usable space for guests with a gargantuan DJ booth.  When you custom design your DJ booth, you will be able to control the exact dimensions, shape and style of your booth so it can be the best fit for your venue and business possible.  Ultimately, a custom designed DJ booth sends the message to your clients, guests, vendors and employees that you have chosen to invest in your business in every aspect.  It sends the message that you are professional and that your business should be taken seriously.  It allows your guests to truly enjoy their experience and when all of these things come into place, it makes them want to return again as customers or recommend your business to someone else – which is the most important thing.  Every business or venue should strongly consider custom designing a DJ booth to enjoy the immense business benefits it can provide.


                Everyone loves getting a meal out at a restaurant, cooked by someone else, in an interesting, elegant, fun, quiet, or trendy atmosphere.  There are many different styles and cuisines to be found in restaurants and with that comes different atmospheres.  Some are casual, some are fast casual, some are trendy and some are upscale.  Each of these different kinds of restaurants have unique decor and design to coordinate with the desired atmosphere and possibly cuisine.  For example, a place that specializes in burgers and french fries may be designed in the style of a 1950s diner, or it could be designed with a modern but casual atmosphere, or it could be designed to be more.  A place that serves a $42 8oz filet will likely have decor that is more elegant to match the luxurious atmosphere and price of food.  Each restaurant utilizes things like decor and furniture to set a tone and if furniture does not match the tone, it could be off-putting to customers or detract from their overall experience in one way or another.  When you want to please customers and encourage them to become repeat customers, the last thing you want to do is diminish their experience by creating the wrong type of atmosphere.  For this reason and more, it is important to custom design tables and chairs for restaurants.


Developing and executing a concept for a restaurant is a laborious process but it can be made much easier by custom designing tables and chairs.  Rather than looking at the same generic table and chairs that other restaurants are using, why not custom design?  This is beneficial for themed restaurants, in particular, because the generic and plain chair and table options are often just that – plain.  They do not coordinate with your theme and that tends to stand out like a sore thumb in a themed restaurant.  But, custom designed tables and chairs are not only important for themed restaurants but for all restaurants.  Custom tables and chairs show that you have invested in your restaurant and communicate to your customers that you have invested in not only your restaurant but in their overall experience.  They know they are paying to be in a truly unique atmosphere.  Additionally, by custom designing tables and chairs, you control the quality and durability of the furniture you purchase.  Restaurant furniture sees a lot of wear and tear with the day in and day out visitation of customers.  Rather than purchasing some tables and chairs that just “get the job done” and wear out or break very quickly, invest in high quality products that you have specifically designed for your restaurant because they will last much longer.  Lastly, custom designed tables and chairs can be designed to the specific needs of your customers, facility and restaurant.  Perhaps you have a smaller location, you may prefer to have slightly smaller tables and chairs so that you can accommodate more customers.  Or perhaps your restaurant tends to host larger groups, you may want to design larger tables with benches so that you can host large groups.  Whatever you desire, and whatever your restaurant needs can be achieved with custom designed tables and chairs.


 When patrons visit a club, bar or restaurant, they are looking for a certain kind of experience.  No matter what type of venue they are visiting, they are out and paying for a service for a reason – to be treated well and enjoy certain services.   It does not matter if it is a small bar or a large nightclub, any customer wants to feel like a VIP and some customers even pay more to ensure they get VIP services.  There are many ways a customer can be made to feel important from extra attention to their needs or to the venue and staff paying attention to even the smallest of details in the services they provide.  When a venue pays attention to the small details, it shows that they have gone above and beyond to give their customers the ultimate experience.  It shows that not only do they care about putting the best foot forward for their brand but that they want the customer to fully enjoy their experience.  One way that you can set your brand or business apart by going the extra mile is to design a custom drink carrier.

A drink carrier is a convenient necessity in many event venues but it does not have to be solely utilitarian.  Every drink brand has its own unique packaging and style to appeal to a certain target customer.  One way to convey and reinforce your business’ branding is with a custom drink carrier.  A custom drink carrier can be designed for the unique style of your beverage’s packaging or for the type of glasses you want to serve it in.  When you design a custom drink carrier to showcase your brand and it is placed on the table to serve guests, it will immediately become the table’s centerpiece.  It will draw attention and notice for setting your brand apart and will enhance the perceived value of your product because it will show that your product is something special, something to be enjoyed by VIPs.  Also, not only will the customers that are being served see the uniquely designed custom drink carrier but other customers in the venue will see it as well and maybe intrigued to try your product because of how your product is being served.  In addition to promoting a brand or product specifically, a venue may choose to design their own custom drink carriers.  It is another way to give customers the ultimate experience while promoting the venue’s brand and atmosphere.  Your venue’s aesthetic and style will be enhanced by a custom drink carrier that reinforces your business and encourages customers to return for excellent service.  Whether you are a business promoting a product or a venue enhancing its aesthetic, a custom drink carrier is a great business investment.

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Display For Retail BusinessThere is a lot of discussion about the importance of point of purchase, or POP, retail displays and, for good reason.  Point of purchase retail displays are incredibly influential and lead the bottom line is that they do lead to more sales.  Many people go to the store in search of a few specific things and end up purchasing other things they see while in the store.  Why do you think that is?  What has drawn them to the product?  Sure, they may have forgotten they needed something but often, someone will buy a product in a store because they see advertising and packaging that is intriguing and when they see it all displayed well on a point of purchase display, it becomes nearly irresistible.   When a product is displayed in a sea of competitors, you may not notice it, but when it has its own unique and eye-catching custom retail display, you are much more likely to notice it.  Think about a bottle of red nail polish, in any given drug store there are probably upwards of 50 different similar red nail polishes that are maybe a shade or two different or almost the identical shade.  What makes your brand’s red nail polish different and how will you get a consumer to purchase your brand instead of your competitor’s brand?  A point of purchase display that is splashy and colorful, that draws the eye and showcases your “perfect” shade of red will make it stand out in a sea of competitors and make consumers much more likely to purchase your red nail polish.

In addition to simply making your brand or product stand out, a custom designed retail display will not only showcase your product, it will also showcase your brand overall.  A custom point of purchase display elevates your brand to a level above your competitors because it shows you have gone the extra mile to truly invest in a product in which you strongly believe.  You have worked hard to market your brand and products and your point of purchase display will be designed to directly reach your target audience.  The message you will be sending to your target audience is that your product is special, that it is worth purchasing.  In essence, you will elevate the perceived value of your product, which is truly invaluable. You will be communicating brand values, brand lifestyle and creating a persona for the type of customer that purchases your product.  Branding your business in this way not only creates brand recognition but it creates recall so that repeat customers are born and a distinct lifestyle and brand will also be more attractive to new customers who see themselves as part of a certain lifestyle or wanting to be part of a certain lifestyle.  Additionally, when you custom design a point of purchase display for your brand, it can be used time and time again as new products are unveiled so a one-time investment will keep paying for itself for a long time to come.  Custom retail point of purchase displays are great from promoting existing or new products as well as showcasing your brand to both loyal consumers and new consumers alike.


When it comes to throwing a great party, there are a few important factors.  Ambiance, people, food and drinks are just a few things that will make a party good but nothing gets a party started better than great music.  A good DJ knows just the right song to play, at just the right moment.  Every DJ has their own style for how they spin their beats both in terms of music and in terms of physical style while working.  Every DJ has preferences for how they want their DJ booth set up, where they like things and how to best accommodate not only their musical preferences but their physical build.  Additionally, each venue is unique and has its own style that sets the ambiance and atmosphere for events.  If a DJ booth sticks out like a sore thumb, the ambiance will be compromised.  For these reasons, whether you are a professional DJ or an event venue it is wise to design a custom DJ booth.  Below we discuss two big benefits of a custom DJ booth.


  1. As an event venue, you may host a wide range of events from bar mitzvahs, to weddings, to fundraisers or benefits to anything in between and each of those venues will probably have very different decor and styles.  For this reason, it is best to custom design your own DJ booth that matches the overall design aesthetic of your venue so that it will work well for any event that you host.  Your business and style will be seamless and your patrons will be thankful that you have a DJ booth that will work well for their event
  2. As a professional DJ, you know that no two DJs are created equal.  Not just in personal DJ style, but in actual physical build.  One DJ may be 5′ 7” and another DJ may be 6′ 4”.  These two DJs will not only stand at different heights at the table but they will probably also have different wingspans.  The vast physical differences will greatly influence the DJs overall comfort while performing their job to the best of their ability.  Additionally, as a DJ, you likely have a personal style or may prefer to play certain kinds of music.  Perhaps you primarily DJ at hip hop clubs or perhaps you are primarily a country western DJ.  Whatever your personal DJ style is or your musical tastes, you may want to convey that personal style with your DJ booth.  A sleek, modern, silver DJ booth would likely look out of place in a country western bar or club just like a wood paneled, rustic DJ booth would likely look out of place in a hip hop club.  When it comes to building a business as a DJ, talent is incredibly important but style and persona are important too.  As a DJ and as an event venue, a custom designed DJ booth is simply an extension of your brand that communicates to the customer who you are and shows that you have invested in high quality materials for your business.


              No two businesses are the same, and thus, their needs for decor are quite different.  Consumers come to a business for their services, atmosphere and specific brand.  It takes time to build a brand, and even longer for people to recognize your brand and become loyal customers.  Because of this, it is important to promote your brand from head to toe within your business.  If you have a particularly niche brand, it is even more important.  One extension of branding is decor.  Yes, even tables and chairs matter and for this reason, it is a good idea to design custom tables and chairs.  For example, if you own cowboy bar you probably do not want sleek, modern tables in black and stainless steel.  It just would not make sense and would confuse the customer.  Different businesses have different needs and to best meet the needs of the brand and, by extension the customer, it can be beneficial to custom design things like tables and chairs.  Any business, regardless of who your customer is, can benefit from custom tables and chairs.  They will allow you to ensure your brand is being promoted from top to bottom so that there is no confusion for customers.

While brand continuity is important for building customer recall and loyalty, it is not the only reason to design custom tables and chairs.  Additionally, it will allow for accommodating any space.  If you have a small space but are trying to accommodate more customers, you probably do not want a ton of incredibly large or bulky tables because they will eat away at space to possibly host more customers.  Or, perhaps you have a large and expansive space with high ceilings, you do not want tiny furniture that is dwarfed within the massive space.  The product you sell is important, but the atmosphere is often just as important.  Even if you have a great product, if the atmosphere is strange or uncomfortable, customers will likely not return. Additionally, if you have a uniquely shaped space, it will probably be much easier to fit your needs to design custom tables and chairs.  Another reason to consider designing custom tables and chairs is you have to consider your client base.  If you run a primarily child-based business, you do not want all adult sized furniture.  With custom designed tables and chairs, you can accommodate the size needs of the customers while also promoting your brand, matching your decor and fitting yoru space.  You will not have to compromise on any item because you are in control with custom design.  No more thumbing through endless catalogues of generic looking tables and chairs that do not fit your business needs.  Customization offers complete control and the ability to show your customers that you have truly thought through every detail for your business.  Customers will be impressed and you will be a happy business owner because your custom tables and chairs will promote your brand and look wonderful.

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