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portable barOften a customer will come to us to design a table, portable bar, bottle service set, or even a DJ booth and they give us the idea and we’ll turn it into a design for them. Most inquries turn into orders; however sometimes whether it be price, lead time, or just lack of obtaining approvals through a conglomerate of red tape, the order will not transpire – yet the design element is there and it segways into a new idea for us to market. Every Monday, the team here at Fry Fabrications discuss the production details for the week ahead, and we also talk about what new products we can turn our craft of metal frabrication into. Some are successful, others are not, yet our portfolio continues to grow. Ipad kiosks haven’t quite taken off yet, however we’re jumping ahead and we have several designs in place. We’re also discussing several ways to implement stools into our current table designs in a single/solid piece. In our line of work it’s a triangle of three elements: 1) Design 2) Quality/durability 3) Price/Service. Luckily, we are able to maintain and target all three in our genre of items we create…which is why we’re successful and will continue to be!

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