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Lots has been going on at Fry Fabrications to close out the year.

portable barsFirst, we’ve made some locking bottle displays and back bar bottle displays for both Crown Royal and Patron.  What makes these locking bottle displays and back bar displays unique is that they both illuminate the bottle via LED lighting and flourescent lighting to promote the bottle branding as much as possible.  These locking bottle displays allow for quick easy access and for the server to lock to prevent the customer from pouring their own glass (a growing law).  We’ve also been busy with the bottle service trays and bottle service sets, as well as locking bottle service trays and locking bottle service sets for various NYE parties around the globe.

We also closed out the year with some bottle display units for Galliano Wine – these bottle displays are designed with tiered shelving to and will look promoting the product in stores along the east coast.  Also closing out some bottle service trays, bottle service sets, and drink carts to Russian Standard, ABSOLUT, and SKYY Vodka.  Furthermore, we put some more carts in production from a company called “Rebelcart” who will be having us manufacture these beefy auto-detail carts.

2011 has been a record year for Fry Fabrications.  Very much looking forward to what’s in store for 2012!

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portable barsIf there’s one word that defines today’s generation, it might be “mobility.”  We’ve seen our dependence on portable devices spread from cell phones to smart phones, iPods, laptops, tablets, Kindles and more. The modern American can do just about anything without having to stay in one spot, and we at Fabrications wonder why bartending should be any different.

So we’ve found a way to make bars mobile, too.

Show the world that your company is up with the times by investing in a branded portable bar for your nightclub or event planning needs. With these mobile portable bars, you’re able to serve your guests in style, wherever your business takes you.

Take a look at our inventory at to see if we already have the portable bar for you. Whether it’s an outdoor portable bar with built-in shading elements or a collapsible mobile bar that’s to be stored in a small space with ease, we have several options already made and ready to bear your distinct mobile bar logo. All of these portable bars, even the nearly 12-foot “360 bar,” come with industrial quality locking wheels for effortless mobility.

Fry Fabrications is also here to meet the rest of your bar equipment needs—should you want to prove a space for your guests to sit down, we’re happy to provide the perfect bar stools or benches to complement your portable bar. If you want to take your mobile bar experience one step further, we offer an entire line of bar tools like trays and beverage carts to ensure your mobile bar service is fully customized to your brand.

portable barsSimply browse through our online catalog at to find your portable bar, bar stools and bar supplies. If you don’t see anything that you love, you can take advantage of our in-house marketing and design services to create your own portable bar service concept. From initial planning to final fabrication, our integrated design teams will work with you to meet your unique needs.

Relish the freedom of wheels with your portable bar. Your customers will thank you for it.

portable barsIf you are planning a special occasion and want your guests to be given VIP treatment, then ordering bottle service at your favorite nightclub is a great way to make the night special.  With this exclusive bottle service, you select a bottle of champagne or vodka, for instance or anything you want and your preferred mixers are included.  You will usually have a designated reserved table, and your own bartender or host who will serve your guests the drinks they desire using your liquor and your mixers.  You will all receive VIP treatment during your entire stay.

In some night clubs or dance clubs, when you order bottle service you get a parade and instant recognition from the club.  They bring your bottle service in a trendy bottle service tray that is stylish and up-to-date.  You can order different bottles of liquor, mixers, and condiments to go with it.  Generally, when you order bottle service you will need to purchase one bottle for every three or four guests and there may be a minimum bottle charge for the table no matter how many guests are in attendance.

There are several benefits to ordering bottle service when you are going to a nightclub.  The first is that you will not have to wait your turn to get to the bar or feel like you are fighting just to get a drink.  Especially when you are hosting several people, this can be frustrating and can detract from your enjoyment of the evening.  In addition, a bar area can be somewhat noisy with all of the people trying to get in and get a drink, so having much of a conversation may be challenging.  Ordering bottle service gets you exclusive and private space for you and your guests.  The next benefit of bottle service is that you can select exactly what you want in terms of alcohol and mixers and you won’t have to keep ordering more drinks.  Another main benefit of ordering bottle service at your favorite club is that you will have a reserved table or other such accommodation such as a booth where you and your guests will be away from the crowds and in a prime spot to view the entertainment.  If you all get up to dance, there is no danger that other patrons will take over your table.  Finally, you and your guests will be treated like celebrities with your own personal bartender who will provide you with top of the line service when you order bottle service.

portable barsIf you are thinking about spending all night in a specific club to celebrate a special occasion and want to have the best of everything, then ordering bottle service may be the perfect option.  Your bottle service means that you will be guaranteed to have a private table to enjoy your conversations and your drinks.  If you have a special occasion where you want your guests to be treated like VIPs, ordering bottle service is definitely an excellent option that will please your guests and move you up a notch in their estimation.

portable barsIf you are in business to sell retail products, then you know how important it is to have retail displays.  Many companies have underestimated the benefit of point of purchase retail displays, and have not been able to make the sales they desired.  Businesses understand that the difference between making a sale and losing a sale may be in the retail displays that are used and work hard to find the best custom metal retail displays in the industry.

Your retail displays shows the customer the benefits of your product and are also designed to draw their eyes to your product.  When you use interesting designs and incorporate your logo on a graphic, you will not only increase interest in your product, but you are promoting your brand and visually connecting your brand to the product.  Product recognition is very important from a marketing standpoint, and getting your brand out there with retail displays where it can be recognized is the key.

Retail display cases are often located near a checkout register so that customers can easily find a specific product.  Sometimes, when a company is introducing a new product, they want innovative retail displays that help to display the product in a very eye-catching manner.  The display may include a section where the products are available to be picked up or it may simply be a display of the product with an advertisement.  You want your retail displays that you use to be unique so that customers will be drawn to them.  You also want to make them user-friendly so that people can easily get to the items you are promoting.

portable barsThere are three basic types or categories of point of purchase retail displays that most sellers like to use.  The first is the countertop display which fits on any small surface such as a counter top near the checkout register.  These are often used for small products that the company feels the consumer will want to add to their purchase as they are leaving the store.  Next is the in-line display which goes on the product shelves in line with the products you are promoting.  This type of display can help customers choose your product over other products because they are drawn to it.  It must be eye catching and give the consumer a reason to head in that direction and grab the product off of the shelf.  The third category is the floor display which can go practically anywhere and is generally the largest of the three types of retail displays.  These are often used to promote or introduce new products when they first hit the stores. The type of display you use will depend on the size of your product and your overall promotion plan.

As you can see, using retail displays should be part of the overall marketing strategy of any company that is trying to sell retail products.  By working with the right designers, you can have custom metal displays that get your brand in the public eye and draw consumers to your products.

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