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Beverage carts are stylish, convenient way to serve beverages at events or in hospitality settings. A beverage cart is a mobile and can be moved to be positioned in an ideal location for an event or pushed around at events to move directly to the customers as they move around and enjoy the event.  They can be large or small and can be fitted with a variety of features depending on the needs of the vendor and the events the beverage cart is typically used for.  There are generic beverage carts available for purchase but when you invest in a beverage cart, why not custom design it?  A custom designed beverage cart allows you to completely customize it to your needs and the design can be an extension of your brand.  Below are three ways to uniquely design you custom beverage cart.

  1. Option of Materials
  • When you buy a generic beverage cart there are limited number of material and design options.  By customizing your beverage cart you can choose exactly what materials are used in the construction of your beverage cart so that they specifically reflect your business.  Whether that business is a beverage brand or a venue or catering business, the materials you choose will send a message to customers about your business.  Control the message they receive and attract more business by creating the ideal beverage cart out of the perfect materials for your particular business.
  1. Custom Branding
  • When you custom design a beverage cart you get to choose the materials used to construct the beverage cart as well as the colors, graphics and specific design.  By doing this you control exactly what the customer sees and the way the brand is projected for customers.  When you establish your brand in the way you want and create brand recall for customers you will generate more return customers and better promote  your business to generate more revenue over time.
  1. Ideal Configuration & Features
  • Purchasing a generic beverage cart severely limits your options of configuration and features.  What is available on the market is what is available to you.  Unless, of course, you choose to custom design your beverage cart.  When custom designing your cart you can choose the dimensions of the beverage cart, how many shelves, whether or not it has a sink, specific drink dispensers and a myriad of other features.  Whether you need a beverage cart for a burgeoning coffee business or your beverage cart serves cocktails and other beverages at parties you can specifically design it to meet the needs of your business and your specific clientele.


Any business owner knows the importance of building their brand.  There are many ways to build your brand through graphic design, marketing, customer relations and the aesthetic you create within your business space or storefront.  All of these things comes together to send a message to consumers about the kind of business you run, the reliability of your services and the worthiness of your products for purchase.  When customers visit your office, store, restaurant or venue they will immediately get an impression of your business just by looking around.  Before they receive any services or make any purchases, what they see and experience will begin to inform them about your business.  First impressions really do matter!  For this reason, it is important for any business to custom design tables, stools or chairs.

When decorating your business you could certainly go to a local commercial furniture store and buy some generic durable furniture for your business.  But, unfortunately, what you will likely end up with is furniture that could be found in any office space, store, restaurant or venue.  The tone it will set and the impression it will give to anyone who visits will be just that – generic.  It will look like a “chain” that could be seen just about anywhere.  That impression will not wow customers or make them feel special.  It will not send a message that your business is unique or that it has been creatively marketed.  Custom designed tables, chairs and stools can be created to blend seamlessly with any decor and project the image that you want for your business.  Do you have a cutting edge, trend setting or technology driven business?  The last thing you want is decor that looks rustic or traditional.  Design furniture that will enhance the existing aesthetic within your business and promote the business atmosphere that you want so that everyone knows exactly what your business is all about.  Additionally, when you custom design your tables, chairs and stools for your business you can design them for the space you have, allowing you to choose dimensions and shapes that will work best with and maximize your existing space.  Lastly, when you custom design the furniture for your business you add intrinsic value.  Customers, vendors and employees will see custom tables, chairs and stools and know that your business has been invested in and is worth patronizing.  The most successful venues and businesses are the ones that people want to keep coming back to and with the right furniture to enhance the atmosphere, you will create a business that does just that.  When purchasing tables, chairs and stools for your business, skip the generic ones and opt to custom design them, your business is worth it.

 When patrons visit a club, bar or restaurant, they are looking for a certain kind of experience.  No matter what type of venue they are visiting, they are out and paying for a service for a reason – to be treated well and enjoy certain services.   It does not matter if it is a small bar or a large nightclub, any customer wants to feel like a VIP and some customers even pay more to ensure they get VIP services.  There are many ways a customer can be made to feel important from extra attention to their needs or to the venue and staff paying attention to even the smallest of details in the services they provide.  When a venue pays attention to the small details, it shows that they have gone above and beyond to give their customers the ultimate experience.  It shows that not only do they care about putting the best foot forward for their brand but that they want the customer to fully enjoy their experience.  One way that you can set your brand or business apart by going the extra mile is to design a custom drink carrier.

A drink carrier is a convenient necessity in many event venues but it does not have to be solely utilitarian.  Every drink brand has its own unique packaging and style to appeal to a certain target customer.  One way to convey and reinforce your business’ branding is with a custom drink carrier.  A custom drink carrier can be designed for the unique style of your beverage’s packaging or for the type of glasses you want to serve it in.  When you design a custom drink carrier to showcase your brand and it is placed on the table to serve guests, it will immediately become the table’s centerpiece.  It will draw attention and notice for setting your brand apart and will enhance the perceived value of your product because it will show that your product is something special, something to be enjoyed by VIPs.  Also, not only will the customers that are being served see the uniquely designed custom drink carrier but other customers in the venue will see it as well and maybe intrigued to try your product because of how your product is being served.  In addition to promoting a brand or product specifically, a venue may choose to design their own custom drink carriers.  It is another way to give customers the ultimate experience while promoting the venue’s brand and atmosphere.  Your venue’s aesthetic and style will be enhanced by a custom drink carrier that reinforces your business and encourages customers to return for excellent service.  Whether you are a business promoting a product or a venue enhancing its aesthetic, a custom drink carrier is a great business investment.

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When you own a restaurant or nightclub, you need to order tables and chairs or stools for your customers to use.   There are many companies that make commercial products for just such a need.  These tables, chairs and stools are functional but often, not the most unique.   While you want a product that is durable and can withstand daily use by many patrons, it does not mean you want to be boring.  The standard look is not necessarily what many businesses want.  There are three distinct reasons that any restaurant or nightclub can benefit from designing custom tables, chairs and stools that will make it a far more appealing option than ordering the standard products available to anyone.

1. Promote Your Brand

  • Establishing your business, and your brand, are incredibly important and directly affect the success you will see as a business.  The style of your business, types of products you promote and types of clientele you hope to attract will all influence the way you design and promote your brand.  If you have a cowboy bar, your brand will reflect that.  If you own a high end nightclub geared at successful business men and women, your brand will reflect that.  If you own a Mexican restaurant, your brand will reflect that.  And so on and so forth.  Every business has a unique client base and to successfully run your business, you will need to specifically design your brand to reflect that aesthetic.   If your business is modern and sleek, the last thing you want is big, dark wood tables and chairs, the two aesthetics clash and send a confusing message about your brand.  Custom designed tables, chairs and stools can be made to fit your exact business so that your brand is put in the spotlight and displayed in the best way possible.

2. Coordinate With Decor

  • As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is nothing worse than clashing decor.  Some people may call it “eclectic” but often it looks messy and confused.  f you have a themed business, having custom designed tables, chairs and stools is even more important because the decor of your business may be particularly unique and difficult to match.

3. Offer Flexibility

  • When you own a restaurant or a nightclub, you may change up the design or set up from time to time.  And, if you host private events, you may need to move things around more often to work with the event.  With custom designed furniture you can design things that work with your unique business Perhaps you are working with a smaller space and everything that you can order from a standard catalog is too big for your space.  Custom designed tables, chairs and stools are more flexible in their size and configuration than standard catalog ordered furniture.  If you want flexibility to have any configuration of tables, chairs and stools in whatever layout, size, style and configuration you want, custom designed tables, chairs and stools are the way to go.

If you are in the service industry, then you know how important appearances are for your business and for building future clients and customers.  Often times certain aspects may be overlooked when it comes to fixtures and furnishings.  This is where quality and tailor-made products can make your business stand apart from the crowd.  By looking into custom bar tables you can really play into a theme or motif as well as providing a quality product for your patrons to gather around.  A product that is unique enough to entice someone to gather around or one that fits with your overall design aesthetic is crucial for incorporating your company’s look and superior appearances.


Whether you are small business with one or two employees or run a hundred-person operation, your design aesthetic will speak volumes about the products or services you are selling.  This is why something like custom bar tables that are geared towards your customer’s unique tastes will immediately generate an overall pleasurable experience with your business.  And chances are, will keep them returning back to you, again and again.  By investing in a product that will give your customer’s confidence in your services will be that critical difference when they have to choose a service for a future event.


Custom bar tables can help establish an overall mood or ambience, simply by their color, style or motif.  An intimate party setting may not want a giant bar that may overwhelm them and conversely, a raging wedding reception may end up with frustrated revelers if the bar at the location is so tiny only one customer can order at a time.  Choose your size and styles accordingly and make sure to envision what that customer might be thinking as well.


A fully stocked piece may be just the ticket if you need multiple bartenders, fixing a number of cocktails that require an assortment of ingredients.  That is why custom bar tables can be readily utilized with handy shelving, ice trays and glasses at the ready.  Keeping everything the bartender needs to be organized in order to meet the demanding rush is paramount to an overall successful event.  The last thing they need when the heat of the rush is on is the stagnant waste of time trying to find where the varying accouterments are placed.  Frustrated customers will hardly benefit you or your services.  Efficient set ups make all the difference there.


Most would agree that appearances are everything.  If your bar tables are looking a little worn down or are simply lacking a quality overall design, perhaps researching different options or investing in custom bar tables would certainly be worth the time.  With so many other services available, you want to be able to stand above the crowd with a reputation of providing consistent and quality services, time and time again.  Part of reassuring future clients is having an overall design scheme that would not only suit for your customers needs, but perhaps even surpassing them with a product that is of a high end and superior construction.


As a member of the service industry, you will want to make sure to always have your best foot forward, to keep your services high end, reliable and overall, providing that service quickly and efficiently.  Often times it can be difficult for a customer to choose which company to use when needing services for a party or event.  If you have customers who readily praise your services you will want to continue keeping that reputation free and clear of anything that could besmirch your company’s good name.  With the use of custom bar tables that not only suit your client’s needs but are constructed of quality materials, housed with efficient shelves and pieces, chances are you will keep those customers happy and perhaps building up future clients as well.


Quality service with efficient and functional manufactured pieces can help you maintain your company’s needs as well as building a name for the future.  With the overwhelming numbers of people in the service industry, you will need to take the extra steps to showcase how your business is unique in class and style.  Not to mention, products and services rendered.


Whether it is the size, shape, color or its overall design scheme, when you host your next party or event, custom bar tables can really benefit and play into the theme and the atmosphere of the place.  And best of all, make that lasting impression.  One that is evidenced in the amount of future business that starts pouring in from your most recent event.


Backyard barbeque, top-brass corporate summit, theater debut after-party – no matter what the nature of the event may be, the beverage cart will be the star of the show. Beverage carts are truly critical to the success of your event, as there is nothing more frustrating to party guests, honored patrons, business associates or other attendees than wasting precious time waiting in long lines just for refreshments. Depending on the basis of the get-together, there could be unique performances, important conversations, perhaps even treasured family memories passing them by. An extra drink station or two will alleviate the idle time and keep people moving, talking, dancing, and doing whatever else they came to do.

Furthermore, these little wheeled bits of furniture deliver a lot more than just cold drinks. The cart itself presents an excellent potential for branding, or for decorating. A beverage cart with customizable side panels can potentially feature a logo, company name, or any other design of your choosing. You can advance your business interests or simply reinforce the theme and spirit of your party. The carts can be charming and eye-catching, and best of all, they’re mobile; the carts can be continuously changing position so as to serve s many people as possible as the action of the event unfolds. This makes for a very effective messaging opportunity, even to people that aren’t necessarily thirsty.

Aside from the facade, the shape and the innards of the cart can be impressive if you want them to be, as well. A beverage cart doesn’t have to be a boring, ordinary tray or cabinet on wheels. A custom cart can feature fine craftsmanship, elegant design, and technological savvy, perhaps in its insulated inner spaces, illuminated surfaces or other flourishes a creative designer might offer.

Should the event be somehow science-fiction-related, the beverage stations can take the shape of robots. If the focus of the event pertains to environmentalism, the cart can be made of all sustainable and recycled materials. The possibilities are limitless, and if the carts at a more intimately sized event are left unmanned for guests to help themselves, the quality and creativity of these functional pieces will certainly make an impression.

Whether an events goes on for an hour, a day, or an entire weekend, it nevertheless constitutes but a small window of time to create a long-lasting, memorable experience. People often travel for events, they get dressed up, they might even pay fees for the privilege of enrolling and entering. They might be bringing gifts, or are perhaps coming somberly to pay respects. Whatever it is that brings people to a given event, if it’s an important one, then every single detail of what unfolds should be considered by the organizers and hosts.

The best hosts and organizers show their guests enough respect to ensure that, if nothing else, a smooth and plentiful drink service is enjoyed by all. Success or failure in the libation department will make or break your event, and so if the attendance of an event is anticipated to be any more than a handful of people, an auxiliary mini-bar or two might be essential. Rather than stress out about it, you can and should make the most of the opportunity presented by this necessity by considering custom-made beverage carts. Be creative, have fun with it!

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If you are in the process of planning for a wedding, but you’re having a difficult time figuring out how to keep your wedding guests entertained during the reception, then you may be interested in learning about reasons to consider renting out a portable bar for your wedding. Portable bars for weddings are a fun and trendy way of allowing your guests to have a relaxing time at your wedding and keep people excited during all of the chaos and activity. If you still aren’t sure whether or not a portable wedding bar is right for you, then there are a few reasons you should consider before you make your final decision.

First and foremost, portable bars for weddings are extremely trendy – an open bar at a wedding is typically considered a staple of the contemporary wedding archetype. While it isn’t a must have, portable bars will allow your guests to feel liberated and relaxed while they interact with new members of your family whom they probably haven’t been fully introduced to. Additionally, you will be able to allow your guests to receive the entertainment and conversation of a bartender. The bartender at your portable bar will allow your guests to have a conversational outlet, which they may highly appreciate if they are attending alone. Ultimately, the portable bar format is one of the easiest and most effective ways to show your guests that you care about their experience, without having to commit any additional or unnecessary time or effort on your part to their entertainment.

Another reason to consider getting a portable bar for your wedding is versatility. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, or your wedding is going to be held in a remote area, then portable bars for weddings will allow you to provide your guests with the same level of fun and excitement as an indoor wedding, without any extra or unnecessary hassle. Through the unparalleled versatility of a portable bar, you will be able to serve your guests both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, regardless of where your wedding is being held. In this respect, you should consider portable bars for weddings one of the leading reasons for holding your wedding ceremony in a remote or far off location.

A third reason why you should consider renting out a portable bar for your wedding is to make your wedding an unforgettable experience. If you have been dreaming of planning or hosting the perfect wedding for your entire life, or if you are looking to provide your significant other with the wedding of his or her dreams, then it stands to reason that a portable wedding bar is a part of that dream. While not one of the most important features, portable bars for weddings are a staple of weddings throughout the world – simply put, they are one of the most common features held within weddings. In this respect, no wedding can be picture perfect without a portable bar, owing to their iconic status. In order to ensure that your wedding goes from ordinary to extraordinary, be sure to provide both yourselves and your guests with the relaxing satisfaction of a personal bar.

Between the hipness and trendiness, the versatility, and the iconic nature of portable bars for weddings, it should come as no surprise that portable wedding bars are one of the most sought after and recommended wedding fixtures around the world. From allowing your guests to have an unforgettable experience, to giving your wedding that extra touch of quality and attention, there simply isn’t any other amenity which can provide the same level of quality which a portable bar can provide. If you are interested in renting out portable bars for weddings, contact your local wedding planner to get a better idea of how portable bars can improve your personal wedding experience.


            It is extremely important in business to create a brand and promote it well.  Every event night at a club, restaurant or bar is an opportunity for exposure of your business to the masses.  You cannot overlook even one night or event as a great opportunity to promote your business or product.  By using a bar product, whether it be bottle service, drink carrier or beverage cart as a branded promotional item you keep your business in th epresence of the customers and consumers without being intrusive.  It is a classy and subtle way to effectively market your business and subtly send the message that your brand is important, high end and desirable.  With a well designed logo printed on any bar product you can place that image in your customer’s mind and help create recall when your customer goes to make another purchase.  Crearting recall in your customer’s mind is an invaluable technique that will keep customers coming back to your product in the future.

            By using well made custom designed promotional bar products you can guarantee additional positive exposure for your business or product but that is not the only benefit.  They are also a cost effective, long lasting form of advertisement.  They are not a one time use, throw away product.  These products are made of quality materials that will last and continue to promote your business without putting in any additional money.  The return on this investment cannot be measured.

            Another great use for some of the promotional bar products could be as a giveaway at a trade show event.  Not only will such a giveaway generate interest in and of itself, but it will drive traffic to your booth, again creating additional exposure for your business.  Face to face time with potential customers is invaluable.  By offering promotional bar products as additional incentives for business or as giveaways, you can create business contacts that will be loyal patrons and sustain your business financially.  Another great reason to use promotional bar products at trade shows is to introduce a new product for your business.  Custom bar products can be the perfect way for your new product to be introduced to the market and create great exposure.

            Promotional bar products that have been custom designed with your logo will put your business right in front of potential customers and will generate interest.  By using a well designed logo and expertly made bar product that interest will turn to profit for your company.  Using such products not only help your business gain exposure to customers but it allows you to make invaluable contacts with vendors who will also be more eager to promote your brand and spread the word about your products.  Promotional bar products offer great return on a one time investment and can make a huge difference in your business bottom line.

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When you are in the entertainment industry, you have to come up with innovative ways for people to recognize your product. Even when you have their attention, it is a whole other thing to get them to want your brand over any other that is on the market. This makes marketing and advertising a crucial part of what you do in your business and the single thing that can either spell success or failure for your company. This means you need to get your company to stand out and impress the people who matter the most and are willing and able to spend money on your products. One of the perfect ways to get your company noticed is to promote your products in style with a customizable bottle service.

Bottle service is something that is provided at many fine restaurants and high-end nightclubs. This service involves the establishment selling bottles of liquor by the bottle instead of by the single drink. Some of the benefits that are typically included with these services are private or reserved tables, drink mixers of the purchaser’s choice, access to a VIP host, and even skipping the entrance lines or waiving the cover charge for the event. The price of a bottle service is typically marked up at an extremely high rate, as much as two thousand percent or more, which can contribute significantly to the revenue of the establishment. Advertising via custom set ups for these services can also help your business see high returns.

Since bottle service is a more exclusive commodity, you want your custom advertising to be well though out and professional looking. There would be no reason to advertise if you were going to make the final product look like you printed it on your home computer or made it in wood shop. Real custom bottle service will cost you, but it will also help your business grow and make more money in the end. One of the greatest things that you can do to promote through types of bottle services is to make custom serving trays that can be delivered to the patron’s table with the bottle of alcohol and the included mixers. This tray will be sitting on their table throughout the night and anyone that is invited to the table will be highly likely to see it. This means that people will be seeing your advertising in the most exclusive part of the club or restaurant and will associate your brand with high quality and exclusivity.

If you are interested in creating an advertising campaign that includes custom bottle service, you will want to start now. Creating an effective campaign can take months of planning and you will likely have to get trays and bottle holders designed and manufactured with your company logo and advertising on it. There are many sites online where you will be able to see some examples of trays that you can have built, but some of the best are metal that is cut by special machines. Although metal will cost you more initially, the trays tend to last much longer and have a very classy look and feel.

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portable barIf you want to have a party or a social event of some sort and you want to serve drinks, you may want to seriously consider renting or purchasing portable bars.  These can be a very convenient way to bring the bar to your party instead of you having to choose your location for your party, get together or event based on where there is a bar available.  These portable units actually work very well and are becoming quite popular at events.  There are many benefits to using this type of setup and you will most likely be happy with the way it all turns out at your event.

In the last decade, more and more portable bar options have become available.  There are different sizes and styles to meet your specific needs and circumstances.  Manufacturers have realized there is quite a market for the portable bars and have therefore started to be quite creative in designing and manufacturing them to give you many options.

One of the main things you will be looking for in the bars is that it is portable and compact and easy to move around.  You will also want the portable unit to be easy to set up and not very heavy.  It should however, be sturdy and not wobbly at all when it is all set up.  You don’t want the bars that you are using to give way or move around when one of your guests leans on it while placing or waiting for their order.  So you want to check and make sure the ones you are using are heavy duty, but still not hard to maneuver and set up.

portable barYou will want to make sure the portable bars you are using look nice.  Even though they are portable, you don’t necessarily want them to look that way.  You want them to look elegant and upper class and not cheesy and cheap.  After all, you are probably spending a lot of time and money on your party or event and you want to make sure everything is first class.  It is a good idea to make sure the bar doesn’t have scratches or dings and dents in it that will make it look bad.  This is especially true if you are hosting a wedding.  You want this to be highly classy and everything to be just right.

You can also check the portable bars you will use and make sure they have space on the backside to hold the needed supplies such as ice and your drinks and mixing items.  The person manning the bar will need to be efficient and quick in handling the drink requests so your guests aren’t kept waiting too long in a line, but instead can enjoy the party or event.  Nobody wants to wait in a long and boring line to get their drinks when they could be socializing and having a great time.

A portable bar can be purchased or rented for a very reasonable price.  And the newer models actually look very nice and upper class.  They can hold a lot of needed items in the back and have a good working surface to prepare the drinks.

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