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portable barsApril is just about to close with what appears to be our busiest month on record. We had the Phoenix Suns Hustle award which resulted in us creating (3) more. Las Vegas orders are picking up with carts for Absolut and Grey Goose along with bottle service items for Planet Hollywood’s Pleasure Pool and Heart Bar. We also had a custom Diet Coke Bar built, some custom bars in the works for three Best Western Hotels, and the Tilted Kilt Restaurants. We also built and shipped a custom ipad kiosk, and we also have an order in for some unique projects like outdoor lockable Plasma TV Boxes and also these stackable cages for large outdoors air conditioning units. We furthermore put the new CNC Router to use for building signage we are creating for a local Nightclub in Tempe, Arizona. The cherry on top is certainly two 360 degree bar orders that came over for Sierra Mist as well as an order for these very unique carts we designed for Svedka Vodka.

On top of all the work, our design department completed our 2011 catalogs which contain numerous new products. Should you like our new catalogs, please email me: derek (at) fryfab (dot) com.

So here we are saying goodbye to April and hello to May.

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We have a few different ways we market our customers. Magazine advertisements, exhibiting at conventions, attending/hosting networking events…yet in more recent times it’s become more about blogging, facebooking (segway from myspace), and most recently we had produced a short video showcasing our facility as well as builds and product.

portable barsThe producers of this video specialize in my interest of featuring video segments of custom cars (a long-time hobby and lifestyle of mine). Seeing their expertise in this field and also seeing what they’ve done for another small business sparked the idea that we needed one of these videos too. 99% of our business is done over the telephone, email, and with others out of state, so why not show our customers first-hand what our facility looks like and how we have created a name for ourselves.

Just a week ago the producers Grinder TV came down to the shop for about 4-5 hours capturing hours of footage. We even used the film crew in the fork lift to achieve the higher elevation shots. Although nearly impossible to gather absolutely all aspects of what we do here at Fry Fabrications in a video less than two minutes long, Grinder TV has done an amazing job splcing the content as well as inserting music that contains a comtemporary, youthful vibe.

Without further adieu, the video:

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portable barsThis year Fry Fabrications will be debuting new products at the Global Shop 2011 Convention March 28-30 in Las Vegas. This convention will be retail related and we will be there showcasing our retail racks, displays, kiosks, informational/tablet podiums and more! Although this will be our first year as an exhibitor at this show, it certainly will not be our last as we are expanding the arms of the company outward into the retail sector. Furthermore we have aquired new equipment that will allow our fabrication to develop in other assorted materials outside of steel to meet the demands of the retail industry. What makes our stuff special especially for this show is that we don’t really know what’s out there in this sector of the industry therefore our designs are all coming from a fresh pallet of ideas and innovations all with the creative & artistic touch that only Fry Fabrications puts into their designs.

Stop in and see us at booth#955. You definately won’t want to miss what we have in store!

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portable barsComing up soon is our 6th year at the Nightclub & Bar show in Las Vegas, March 7-9, 2011. We are really looking forward to this year’s booth and can’t wait to show off all of our new products. We will be bringing out new table designs, unique new bottle service set-ups and interactive iPad kiosks just to name a few. Every year we look forward to this show the most because we get to come up with great new items and build whatever we may dream up. So we can’t wait for you to come walk through our space (307)and see our top sellers along with all the new items we will be bringing out with us to this year’s show.

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portable barsOne of our future target markets will be kiosks designed specifically for Ipads. We are no stranger to this as we did create ipad docking stations which were integrated with our tubular tables for the Diet Mountain Dew Tour. The ipads were used as a remote electronic way for fans of “dew” to vote on what is their favorite flavor as they took tastes of samples in front of them. We are now creating 8 “stand alone” kiosks that will hold the ipad and match the bars and tables. Ipads are a great way to communicate with customers, solicit their feedback and allow them to interact with their product in a unique way. With that being said, we have several different ipad kiosk designs in the works and all will be focused to attract attention. What is also great about the ipad being that they are all one size, lightweight and do not need electrical cords is that there is so much flexbility in a design. Whether it would be tubular, sheet metal, curved, straight – the possibilities are endless. I would certainly think it’s safe to say that ipad kiosks will soon become part of our portfolio, catalogs, and have their own distinct place at Fry Fabrications.

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Wrapping up 2010 and man what a year it’s been! In 2010 alone, there has been thousands of bottle service pieces, hundreds of tables, hundreds of portable bars, and numerous custom projects that have been delivered and in use all over the world. Despite a global recession and a very unstable economic climate, Fry Fabrications has had a record year and we hope to even have a better year in 2011. Also squeeze in moving to an entire new facility (which is now up and running at 100% capacity) it’s been busy to say the least. Since the start of 2010, Fry Fabrications has gained 8 new employees, as well as several large tools such as a new forklift, new printer equipment, screen printer, 8ft hydraulic brake press, and any more – all for the sake of efficiency, and quicker turn-around times with perfection-like quality. We have developed new ways to improve processes and gained new vendors to assist where needed in specialty areas.

We are closing out the year with 700 bottle service kits currently on order and that “big” potential order still on the horizon (which is looking more promising daily). Most importanrtl in 2010 we have gained many relationships with dozens of new happy customers in which we’ve proven to where they want to always come back for more.

So what’s new in 2011? Our website will soon launch, we have two conventions in March in which we will be exhibitors to both, and we will be putting more development into branching out into new industries – filling holes where our products are needed. This is just to start.

I’ll finish today’s blog posting with a photo of our new conference room complete with plasma display and Fry Fabrications-esque table designed by Keith Henion (director of Product Development). Placing the glass on this table just yesterday was very symbolic – it was putting the final touch on our new building, and also serves as the 3/4″ window into the future of where we as a company are going. It’s time to sit down at this table and put all of our heads together and come out with that next best thing.


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We’re settling in nicely into our new surroundings here at the new Fry Fabrications facility. Our building sign is up and looking spectacular, our loading dock signage is even in place, our showroom is coming together and we are adding some cool cosmetic touches to it. The printer room is complete and the printers are currently in operation and are printing the highest quality that I’ve seen yet. Finally, the fabrication team are building the ultimate steel conference table which will be the ultimate showpiece for visitors, guests, and clients.

portable barsIn other news, the prototype for the “Big” potential job is complete and will be in the client’s hands for testing. So far, so good as we’ve received much positive feedback already with this piece. We hope to have an order in place potentially by next week in which I’ll share specifics of the project itself. The drink carts for The Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino in Las Vegas are about 24 hours away from being shipped. I am eager to get a coated piece now so I can see and take photos of the completed piece. I am confident that the customer is going to love how it turns out. Just behind those are the Bento “stackable” bottle service pieces which also came out beautiful on the fabrication end – eager to see those coated as well.

Other than the above we’re preparing what’s in store for us in 2011. Deciding which conventions to exhibit and/or attend, determine which magazines we’d like to advertise in, and also determine which direction as a whole we’ll be so the company can ultimately grow.

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portable barsThis morning, I have a second meeting with a potentially very large client. There was first a phone call from them, then an initial email followed by a quick meet ‘n’ greet. Then quotes were presented and late in the afternoon on Thanksgiving eve I received that call of “I’d like you to come back in to talk further.” This isn’t an order for portable bars, or bottle service, or even anything beverage related. Should the sale go through I’ll provide the information of this opportunity on a future post; however this morning myself, the Director of Product Development, and the Operations manager are going to this meeting and shake hands and answer some questions. This is just the type of client that could increase sales by 10-30% right off the bat. My collared shirt is ironed, my notes are printed, and it’s now time to gather the team and do this…

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We have a bunch of projects wrapping up getting coated right now and the shipping department will soon be busy getting everything packaged and sent out. It’s amazing to see how efficient the new shop is and how having the room and quick access to tools and materials surely does make the process quicker to get fabricated and then out the door to the customer. I’ve taken the time in the past few days to reach out to other clients to see if there is any room in their budget to squeeze out one more project before the year ends. The next few days will also be critical as there are projects that need to be delivered just in time for Thanksgiving events that have been planned and I certainly will make sure that those deliveries happen!

portable barsWhat’s next for Fry Fab? With the building now on it’s way to being in full swing of completion we took delivery of a brand new media printer, laminator, and plotter. What does this mean? It means that we are now able to bring a graphic “sticker” element of branding in-house. This means more bottom-line, more cost savings and a quicker turn-around for our customers. Along with these new goodies a new temperature controlled room was constructed specifically for the housing of these items. After the learning process is complete we feel confident that by the first day of 2011 this new department will be operational and it’s production will be implemented on our product. Certainly vendors will still be used from time to time, yet the bulk of the our everyday use will be here on the premises. It certainly was not an easy decision yet in the end, it made business sense. Looking forward to putting these new machines to use and extending Fry Fabrications’ capabilities.

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Week two at the new shop and everything is looking great! Most of the equipment is up and running, and the shop is getting into the groove of production and getting completed items shipped to their customers. Furthermore, we’ve landed some new projects. Remember the “702″ job? That’s a green light. (30) custom made drink carts and (30) stackable bottle service sets for The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. We’ve also received another large project for Don Julio Tequila, ABSOLUT, and we also received a job for Svedka Vodka and CIROC. We are also building a handful of bars for some assorted venues.

Once the smoke clears we’re going to make a conference table, desks, signage – all with the Fry Fabrications touch. We have began to piece together the start of a showroom. Below is a little sneak peak…

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