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              A beverage cart is a timeless piece that adds style and class to any home, office or venue.  You can display your bar items, liquor or fancy glasses nicely, conveniently bring the bar to wherever it is needed and move the bar away when it is no longer needed.  There are many beverage carts available on the market but they mostly have a generic appearance that can be seen in any furniture display in your local home decor store or restaurant supply store.  To show off your own personal style, compliment your home decor, or enhance your venue’s decor, it is best to design a custom beverage cart.  Below are three reasons to design a custom beverage cart.

Enhance Your Decor

You have worked long and hard to create a design aesthetic within your home or have carefully crafted a business plan and a decor to go along with that.  Rather than purchasing a generic bar cart that may somewhat blend with your decor or compliment your aesthetic, why not custom design a beverage cart to your liking.  Not only will it be a beautiful addition to your design and decor, but it will also be a great conversation piece.  For venues that would benefit from a beverage cart, it is a chance to fit the theme of your venue.  You may have a distinct look or theme that has been carefully crafted to suit the style of your business and customers – with a custom beverage cart, it will simply be an extension of that unique aesthetic that you have worked hard to create.

Convenience of Use

You may think – why do I need a beverage cart if I can have a stationary beverage station or bar?  It all comes down to convenience.  With a beverage cart, the beverages can follow the party wherever it goes.  If you are a private caterer, your beverage cart can travel with you to events.  If you are a venue such as a restaurant or bar, your beverage cart can travel directly to the customer, which adds a touch of class and style which elevates their overall experience.  If you are looking to design a custom beverage cart for your home, it allows you to bring the drinks with you, wherever you go in your home.  Whether it is just you or guests, you never have to feel tied down to one room in your home and can even move the party outside easily because of its portable nature.

Custom Design & Size

When you design a custom beverage cart, you do not need to feel tied down to one style, size or shape.  Because it is completely customizable,  you can create a beverage cart for any size venue.  If you live in a small home with tight spaces, you can create an ideal beverage cart for your needs.  Have a large venue that serves a lot of customers, design a large cart.  Additionally, if you are working with a particular theme or design aesthetic, you can customize your bar cart to that theme so that its unique size, shape and design are completely cohesive with your overall decor.

If you are in the process of planning for a wedding, but you’re having a difficult time figuring out how to keep your wedding guests entertained during the reception, then you may be interested in learning about reasons to consider renting out a portable bar for your wedding. Portable bars for weddings are a fun and trendy way of allowing your guests to have a relaxing time at your wedding and keep people excited during all of the chaos and activity. If you still aren’t sure whether or not a portable wedding bar is right for you, then there are a few reasons you should consider before you make your final decision.

First and foremost, portable bars for weddings are extremely trendy – an open bar at a wedding is typically considered a staple of the contemporary wedding archetype. While it isn’t a must have, portable bars will allow your guests to feel liberated and relaxed while they interact with new members of your family whom they probably haven’t been fully introduced to. Additionally, you will be able to allow your guests to receive the entertainment and conversation of a bartender. The bartender at your portable bar will allow your guests to have a conversational outlet, which they may highly appreciate if they are attending alone. Ultimately, the portable bar format is one of the easiest and most effective ways to show your guests that you care about their experience, without having to commit any additional or unnecessary time or effort on your part to their entertainment.

Another reason to consider getting a portable bar for your wedding is versatility. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, or your wedding is going to be held in a remote area, then portable bars for weddings will allow you to provide your guests with the same level of fun and excitement as an indoor wedding, without any extra or unnecessary hassle. Through the unparalleled versatility of a portable bar, you will be able to serve your guests both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, regardless of where your wedding is being held. In this respect, you should consider portable bars for weddings one of the leading reasons for holding your wedding ceremony in a remote or far off location.

A third reason why you should consider renting out a portable bar for your wedding is to make your wedding an unforgettable experience. If you have been dreaming of planning or hosting the perfect wedding for your entire life, or if you are looking to provide your significant other with the wedding of his or her dreams, then it stands to reason that a portable wedding bar is a part of that dream. While not one of the most important features, portable bars for weddings are a staple of weddings throughout the world – simply put, they are one of the most common features held within weddings. In this respect, no wedding can be picture perfect without a portable bar, owing to their iconic status. In order to ensure that your wedding goes from ordinary to extraordinary, be sure to provide both yourselves and your guests with the relaxing satisfaction of a personal bar.

Between the hipness and trendiness, the versatility, and the iconic nature of portable bars for weddings, it should come as no surprise that portable wedding bars are one of the most sought after and recommended wedding fixtures around the world. From allowing your guests to have an unforgettable experience, to giving your wedding that extra touch of quality and attention, there simply isn’t any other amenity which can provide the same level of quality which a portable bar can provide. If you are interested in renting out portable bars for weddings, contact your local wedding planner to get a better idea of how portable bars can improve your personal wedding experience.


Mobile Bar Cart For BusinessAre you looking for a new way to add fun and spontaneity to your business? A mobile bar cart may be the thing your business needs in order to bring it to the next level. If you do not have a business, you can get one for your home to make parties at your place unforgettable. A mobile bar cart is a serving station on casters that is designed to move around and bring drinks to your guests rather than have them come to the bar for drinks. This mobile serving station is the ultimate in customer or guest service and will keep customers and friends coming back time after time.

There are so many reasons why you should invest in a mobile bar cart:

  1. This kind of cart is extremely practical and functional. When you are not moving it around to serve your guests, it can be used as a mobile storage station for glasses and bottles.
  2. You can find a bar cart that will match your personal design style preference. Bar carts come in a variety of styles from wood to stainless steel. You can also get one that comes with a granite counter top which is great for serving wine tastings.
  3. Mobile bar carts can hold more than just alcohol. You can store ice and food in these carts to go along with the drinks you will be serving. You can even store things like glasses and towels which will cover anything that can happen as you move your drink serving station around the room.
  4. A mobile bar cart will set you apart. On a night out, wasting time waiting at the bar can be a hassle for many patrons. With the use of a mobile bar cart, your customers or guests can spend more time socializing and less time waiting at a crowded bar for a drink. This will enhance the overall experience of your guests and keep them coming back for more.
  5. A bar cart is easy to clean and maintain. Because you can move it around, this serving station is easy to keep clean from all angles. Your guests and customers will appreciate a clean serving station that is pushed up to their table to give them the drinks they want.

Not only can you choose the finish of your bar cart, you can also choose the shape. You can get ones that are square and rectangular, as well as carts that are round. This will add to the aesthetic appeal of the cart and may also be a safer option. Round carts do not have corners that customers can bump into and hurt themselves on during nights where your home or establishment is crowded. As we all know, the more people drink the less they pay attention to their surroundings, so a rounded serving station may prove to be beneficial.

You can use a mobile bar station both indoors and outdoors. One with a natural stone top will withstand the elements outdoors while serving your guests from a beautiful cart. This mobile option will allow you to move it indoors to the kitchen to get refills and serve the guests without them having to get up. If you own a restaurant or bar, you can have multiple serving stations moving around to meet your customer’s needs on busier nights. This serving station may also be beneficial in an office to have coffee and tea service readily available for important conferences and meetings.

No matter what your business or personal party needs are, a mobile serving station is a great option for everyone. Check out the variety of carts on the market and imagine how one of these mobile serving stations can bring your business or parties to the next level.


When you want to add some pizazz to your party there are few better ways to do it than with a beverage cart. There are several different kinds of beverage carts to rent or to buy and can be used for almost any occasion. You can find motorized carts and push carts as well as refrigerated carts or just carts to hold beverages, and many more with just a quick internet search.

No matter what kind of party you are throwing, having beverages available is an important part of ensuring a good time. Most people get thirsty during the course of a party and sometimes the drinks are the main benefit of a party. For instance, you can’t really have a wine and cheese tasting if you don’t have any wine to serve your guests. But alcohol is not the only thing that you can serve out of a beverage cart. If you are having a carnival for a birthday party, fundraiser, or just for fun then having a cart set up to serve various kinds of beverages can be both profitable and practical. For fundraisers which are held outdoors, such as school carnivals, having a beverage cart can be an almost guaranteed source of income as most guests will purchase at least one beverage and will purchase more if they are reasonably priced and going toward a good cause.

You can find a beverage cart which is set up to carry a certain type of beverage an sometimes can even rent a cart from a major soda pop or other beverage company which can be fully stocked for your party needs. Being able to have access to ice cold pop or juice during an outdoor activity can mean that your guests, or customers, will stay longer and have more fun doing it. Many people want their parties and other events to look like they were put together by a professional team by having matching decorations, concessions, activities, and other party accessories. For instance if your child wants to have a movie party you may find or rent a popcorn maker and a soda cart for concessions and even have an activity where the kids decorate cardboard cars to sit in for a drive-in movie feel.

A beverage cart can also be great fun. A lot of people equate fairs, amusement parks, and street vendors with having a good time with family and friends; and, having that bit of nostalgia in your party area will be talked about for a while. On the other hand, if you don’t have a good party set up including decorations, food and beverages, and activities, that will also be talked about and you may find your next event having fewer guests.

When it comes to setting up a party in your yard or your local park you may find that you have a limited number of surfaces to put up food and beverages as well as other things such as a gift table, a place to sit and eat, or a surface to play games. By having a cart for beverages you are not only freeing up space that can be used for something else, you can also keep your drinks cool, organized, and even monitored by party personnel so that there will be enough to go around.

As I write this blog I am relaxing…why? Well, Fry Fabrications has just completed and shipped one of our most complex items every! No, not a bottle service set, not a portable bar, drink cart, table, or kiosk. This was a Rickshaw cart for Bombay Sapphire bound to be displayed in New York’s JFK airport. What did this cart entail? Wooden wheels, bamboo weaving, bamboo shoots, custom handles with jewels, canopy, real bamboo countertop, shelving, locking door and yards of print media. Photos can be seen at All of this was made in about 2 weeks! It was a stressful 2 weeks for sure, but we’re very happy with the results and can rest easy that this will deliver.

portable barsIn other news we’ve been making a few custom bars for Diaego in Canada, a bowling alley in Michigan, and a local club here in Tempe, AZ called Fat Tuesdays. Also on deck are some pistol shaped bottle service sets for a Las Vegas club called “Revolver” as well as some custom bottle service trays for a new club in Hollywood, California called “Agency.” A custom folding bar was also created for Sobieski Vodka and a custom kisok with locking doors was made for “The Interior Shop” in Phoenix, AZ – this kiosk turned out extra special as the customer added some hot rod style pinstriping to the bar and it looks amazing. We have a few more projects potentially in the works as we begin to wind down 2011. Also in the coming weeks it’ll be time to prepare once again for the Nightclub and Bar Expo in Las Vegas where Fry Fabrications will be displaying our coolest products to date.

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portable barsHere at Fry Fabrications, its been busy, yet productive since our last blog posting. We’ve produced and shipped some trade show pedestals that hold assorted electronic devices, we’ve done some bottle service pieces for Tequila Ambhar which have the most intricate laser work we’ve done to date – we’ve done lots of retail work for assorted outlets. With all of this, it seems that many of the jobs that we’ve been requested – bottle service, drink carts, tables, portable bars, custom work have all been with tight deadlines. I certainly can understand deadlines and why they’re there – yet they can also be scary (afterall it is Halloween today). If all the pieces of the puzzle don’t align perfectly, the deadline can easily be compromised. For example: We must first have the design in place, then the CAD drawings created, then the steel must be cut, fabrication labor performed (without any delay). Then there’s the finish sanding, powder coating, accessories, boxing/packaging, and finally shipping. One hiccup on any of these elements and those promises that were made go down the tubes. The deadlines also continue to get shorter and shorter adding more pressure…yet there are the times where I have to say “no” when our capabilities even at 150% cannot make that deadline possible. Experience has certainly played the most important role when it comes to giving the customer that promise of making that deadline – and knowing when to say we cannot comes from experience. Furthermore, even if a project is profitable, when a very tight deadline is given the potential for that profit is certainly at risk. Honesty is always the best policy.

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portable barsFry Fabrications closed the summer out with some excited projects. First a custom 360 degreen octagonal shaped branded bench was delivered to the ADT corporate headquarters. Next some custom stool and table sets for both Mountain Dew and the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey team. Next up we received the order for 25-100 “Blink” electric car charging station pedestals designed to be in electric car dealerships all over the country. We also received an order for very unique bottle service sets for Tequila Ambhar which have some of the most intricate laser work we’ve ever worked with – can’t wait to see how these come out. Next, we received an order just shy of 1000 pieces from Patron/Ultimat for their National Accounts. Very interested to see these pieces go into motion as they have a slightly different look than the orders we’ve done with them of the past. Lastly, we’ve received several retail orders from our friends at Industrial Ride Shop for various racks, shelving units, and even a fitting room.

In addition to all the great business we’ve been receiving, we aquired a new CNC break press machine. This machine has an adjustable back-stop and also has different speeds and settings to further expand the way that metal can be bent and formed to not only give the piece a unique look, but and also be performed quicker.

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portable barsWhen we’re shipping our bottle service sets, portable bars, ipad kiosks and everything else that comes out of this shop we’re closing one door and opening up a new one. Once it leaves our dock, our job definately not over. First of all, freight is such a competitive industry – there are several carriers that we work with and all offer discounted prices yet once you receive your freight invoices you’ll find re-classes (density + size = classification which can drastically change the cost of shipping produt), re-weight audits, special services that were never requested, and then thorn in my side – damages. Each week several different freight reps stop in to see us and they all claim to offer the best rates and best services, yet it’s all really just a game with me and a war with each other. It seems that when customers order product getting good solid rates along with great service and peace of mind that damages won’t occur doesn’t exist. Furthermore, they all have their best foot forward in the start, but gradually things tend to fall apart. It’s imperative to us that we can offer our customers excellent rates that we can pass on, plus timely transit in a secure manner yet it never is quite what it seems. When the customer receives the product, if there are damages, or late deliveries, or additional hidden costs that is all a direct reflection of us as a business. Freight is a tough industry to manage and can be frustrating on our end when we place our product in their hands. I’m currently in process of training a co-worker here with the tasks, responsibilities, and this is certainly not a 1 day lesson. Technically, it’s not trailing, but more of how to play the game.

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portable barOften a customer will come to us to design a table, portable bar, bottle service set, or even a DJ booth and they give us the idea and we’ll turn it into a design for them. Most inquries turn into orders; however sometimes whether it be price, lead time, or just lack of obtaining approvals through a conglomerate of red tape, the order will not transpire – yet the design element is there and it segways into a new idea for us to market. Every Monday, the team here at Fry Fabrications discuss the production details for the week ahead, and we also talk about what new products we can turn our craft of metal frabrication into. Some are successful, others are not, yet our portfolio continues to grow. Ipad kiosks haven’t quite taken off yet, however we’re jumping ahead and we have several designs in place. We’re also discussing several ways to implement stools into our current table designs in a single/solid piece. In our line of work it’s a triangle of three elements: 1) Design 2) Quality/durability 3) Price/Service. Luckily, we are able to maintain and target all three in our genre of items we create…which is why we’re successful and will continue to be!

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portable barsWe’re currently in a summertime sweet spot here at Fry Fabrications. We’re wrapping up some larger projects and working on nailing down orders for new ones. Finished up a larger table/stool order for UCF, final touches on a 300 piece Ketel One order for bottle service, a 150 order for Chivas, and also wrapping up those 12 Grey Goose carts. We also shipped a 48 table / 17 portable bar order for Monster Energy delivered to Mammoth Mountain Ski area, and in the shop we have a 4 custom bar order for Evan Williams Whiskey, as well as an order for the W Hotel in San Francisco. We also landed an order for Snowshoe POP displays for their manufacturer in both free-standing as well as table-top versions.

As busy as we are, the shop is become so good and quick at cranking out projects that I need to continue to be on the top of my game when it comes to sales in order to keep the shop busy. Customer service certainly is so important for us. Answering questions in a timely fashion and keeping promises of when the product will be delivered is the key for the success of any business and I have seen those customers continue to come back to Fry Fabrications to order product whenever in need as not only is the product quality exceeding their expectations, but the service that we provide to them matches the product. Every item we create we tack on a year warranty against any defects, and also keeping the channels of communication open we provide progress reports of a build as well as all the tracking information once the item(s) are shipped.

Lots on the horizon for us. Stay tuned.

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