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aluminum outdoor bar for home or business.If you enjoy entertaining, you may want that ultimate home centerpiece: the private bar, tailored to your specifications of taste and function. Imagine what such a bar could add to your next playoff party, luau, poker night or “ladies only” get-together. The owner of a catering company who throws corporate and private events might also want to investigate custom portable bars for the flair and individuality they may add to your business.

Today, there are companies that provide portable bars and bar add-ons to meet a wide variety of specifications. Consider whether, for example, you want a matching side table to set a grill on for your next barbecue or tailgate at the beach. At the annual Super Bowl party or just to generally spruce up and individualize the man cave in your garage or basement, your bar can sport a skirt bearing your favorite team’s logo. If you’re hosting a large function and plan on spending the evening busily mixing drinks for friends and family, consider adding on a speed rail or speed rack. You can add a patio umbrella for any outdoor event. There are fancier add-ons that you can purchase, such as soda guns and refrigeration capabilities. Do you want custom portable bars with a Tiki theme or LED lighting? That’s not a problem! With the customizable options on the market, you might find that your biggest limitations in designing your perfect bar are your budget and imagination.

To find the right custom bar purveyor, you may want to consider the following basics: what is your budget; which materials do you want the bar made out of; and what are other customers saying about the vendor? Budget can be an obvious limiting factor on which materials and vendor you choose: you may have to forego that LED lighting or saloon-style wood paneling. You can find custom portable bars made out of plastics, aluminum, steel, wood, and other materials. With these basics in mind, you may want to start by looking for a positively reviewed vendor that customizes bars using the materials that are in your budget.

For catering corporate events, you can impress your client by purchasing a custom-printed skirt featuring their company’s logo. For wedding receptions and birthday parties, you can order custom portable bars with a skirt that lends elegance or gaiety the event.  Go generic for reuse, or go the extra mile to tickle your customers pink by printing a skirt congratulating the happy couple or wishing the birthday boy (or girl) many happy returns. For those of you with diverse business models, there are bars out there that can convert easily to a display unit for conventions and trade shows. People considering purchasing custom portable bars from a multi-use angle and who plan on traveling around with their bar may wish to investigate more basic, lightweight and durable designs that transport easily—and stocking up on custom skirts to suit different styles of event.

Whatever your personal or entrepreneurial needs are, you can find and design a bar that is perfect for you.  Consider ordering your custom bar today and make your next event an event to remember!



Tables in ’12

Whew! 2011 was quite a year…and just in the snap of a finger right into an intense start to 2012. First up – an order of 200 bistro table/stool sets.  Our bistro tables are the perfect way to both promote with media branding as well as match one of our many portable bar designs.  Speaking of portable bars, we’ve been cranking those out too and one also equipt with a functioning waste water/heated sink. 

We also can’t forget about the bottle service set orders we’ve been receiving from ABSOLUT, Bacardi, Jameson, and Grey Goose whic we wrapped up.  Locking bottle service sets and locking bottle service trays seem to becoming very popular amongst compliance both in the United States and Canada. 

We also can’t forget about the Nightclub & Bar Convention/Tradeshow in Las Vegas coming this March.  This is where we’ll be showcasing our latest designs in tables, bottle service sets, portable bars, dj booths, ipad kiosks, and more!

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Lots has been going on at Fry Fabrications to close out the year.

portable barsFirst, we’ve made some locking bottle displays and back bar bottle displays for both Crown Royal and Patron.  What makes these locking bottle displays and back bar displays unique is that they both illuminate the bottle via LED lighting and flourescent lighting to promote the bottle branding as much as possible.  These locking bottle displays allow for quick easy access and for the server to lock to prevent the customer from pouring their own glass (a growing law).  We’ve also been busy with the bottle service trays and bottle service sets, as well as locking bottle service trays and locking bottle service sets for various NYE parties around the globe.

We also closed out the year with some bottle display units for Galliano Wine – these bottle displays are designed with tiered shelving to and will look promoting the product in stores along the east coast.  Also closing out some bottle service trays, bottle service sets, and drink carts to Russian Standard, ABSOLUT, and SKYY Vodka.  Furthermore, we put some more carts in production from a company called “Rebelcart” who will be having us manufacture these beefy auto-detail carts.

2011 has been a record year for Fry Fabrications.  Very much looking forward to what’s in store for 2012!

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