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Owning your own business is the American dream.  Set your own hours, control your own work environment, do something you truly enjoy, work your way to financial freedom and answer to yourself instead of a boss.  If you are a bartender or caterer and want to start or grow your own business one of the best investments you can make is in a portable bar.  No gathering, party or event is complete without a well stocked bar.  But, most people cannot or do not want to mix drinks at an event so they often hire a bartender.  Everyone wants to hire a bartender that looks professional and like they know what they are doing.  When you custom design your portable bar you give the right impression about your business and leave a lasting impact with customers that will make them hire you time and time again.

A first impression should not matter but because you should be judged on the quality of service you provide but, as everyone in business knows, first impressions matter.  In fact, first impressions can make or break a business.  If you show up to cater or bartend an event and your bar looks outdated, worn, or boring people will not be impressed.  If you are a bartender and do not even have a bar and ask your clients to provide a bar with which to work, they will probably be even less impressed.  A bartender or caterer should have a custom designed portable bar that showcases their brand and business, gives a great first impression and leaves a memorable impact.  When you custom design your bar you can specify everything from dimensions to features so that it is exactly what you need and want.  You can choose to construct them of durable yet lightweight materials so that you can easily move them from job to job and make your portable bar truly work for you and your business.  You can hang a sign with your logo on your generic bar or you can design a unique and beautiful facade that coordinates with and features your brand and logo in a way that no generic bar possibly could.  When you invest in your business it shows and makes you look more professional and experienced.  This gives customers and potential customers the exact impression that you want to send and encourages them to trust you and hire you for every event they have.

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It may sound like an unnecessary luxury, but having a portable bar truly is not unnecessary.  In fact, it can be incredibly helpful in addition to being stylish and interesting.  A portable bar can be moved to any location whatever needs the event may have.    A standard portable bar can be purchased from a number of retailers but, it will be just that…standard.   With a custom designed portable bar, it can suit your specific needs, as well as whatever aesthetic you may have in mind.   Portable bars are not just for commercial use, they also work wonderfully in residential settings.  Nobody should rule out having a custom designed portable bar and  below we discuss who can benefit from having a portable bar.

  1. Homeowners
  • Many people love the idea of having a bar in their home, but not everyone has room for a permanent bar to be installed.  Whether you love to entertain your friends and family or you frequently have events in your home, portable bars are ideal for any size event.  What better way to entertain in your home than to have a portable bar that you can move around, as needed, to whatever location you decide to spend time in.  Having a party in your living room, great, move the bar to the ideal location.  Decided to move the party to the yard?  No problem, simply move the bar so that you and your guests do not have to trek back and forth every time they want a drink.  Additionally, you have worked hard to decorate your home and put your own personal design aesthetic into the look.  Why diminish that hard work with a standard looking portable bar when you can create a custom designed portable bar that matches the look and feel of your home.
  1. Caterers
  • Have you decided to start a business catering events recently?  Or have you been catering for some time and are always struggling for an ideal location to set up a bar when you cater events?  A portable bar is the solution to your problems.  And, when you choose to invest in a custom designed portable bar, you can design the perfect bar for your business.  If you specialize in catering certain types of events, design your bar around that.  Have a specific look to your business or a brand that you want to put in the spotlight?  A custom designed portable bar will make it easy for you to cater events and enhance your business.
  1. Event Venues
  • While it may seem logical to think that any event venue can get by with a regular permanent bar.  And, while it may be true that an event venue can simply get by with a standard permanent bar, most event venues could benefit greatly from having a portable bar.  Depending on the configuration of the room, the type of event and the amount of people, it may be helpful to be able to move a bar around as needed.  Also, if an event venue has multiple rooms or an outdoor space for entertaining, a portable bar would be an immense benefit as it can be moved to whatever location the event calls for.  Additionally, when an event venue invests in a custom designed portable bar, they can choose to highlight the existing decor as well as promote their business with the design.

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            Whether you frequently entertain guests or just enjoy a stylish, convenient and classy way to enjoy your ecening cocktail, a custom portable bar is a great accessory for anyone to own.  Aside from home entertaining, it is also very convenient to own a well designed portable bar if you run your own mobile bartending company or catering company.  The possibilities are endless when you own your own custom portable bar.  If you are a cocktail enthusiast or an aspiring bartender you know having your own portable bar, especially one you have designed to specifically meet your needs, is like a dream come true.  There are endless possibilities to how your bar can look and what the design can be when you use a company to custom fabricate your portable bar.  When you choose a portable bar you can decide where you want to display it, move it based on what your entertaining needs are, or put it out of sight if needed.  If you are running a catering business or mobile bartending business, your needs may be different than a  homeowner looking for a portable bar, but in the end both are looking for a quality, well built, stylish portable bar.

            Some things to consider, whether running a business or looking for your home, are the sizes of the parties you entertain or cater/bartend for.  If you are typically working with a large crowd for your events you will need to consider the size, scale and capabilities of your portable bar.  There are different needs if you are having a few friends over, or a small barbecue for 20 people, or if you frequently host one hundred or more guests for events.  That is why custom building your portable bar is a great way to go, you can get exactly what you need based on your lifestyle or the type of business you run.

            Another thing to consider is the type of event, party or gathering you host or work.  If you are typically working with fancy galas or high end events you want the look and style of your portable bar to reflect that.  If your events are typically more casual, your bar design can be casual as well.

            When you decide to design a custom portable bar you are choosing convenience because you can make the bar exactly what you need.  With a portable bar you will be able to move the bar exactly where you need it, you can host an indoor event on e week and an outdoor one the next week.  You can also choose exactly what custom features you would like your bar to have to either make your life or your bartenders life easier.  A custom portable bar will turn your next even into the type of event you want it to be.  It will be classy, stylish and interesting and best of all, convenient.

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The ability to have a personal bar installed in any home or apartment is helpful and has become far more popular as time has gone on and individuals, couples, or families wish to share their revelry with friends and other family members. However, many of the bars that are available and installed in homes only give the convenience to those inside a home. This is indeed a good thing, but cannot be transferred to places outside the home. In these situations, many find that they have to resort to other methods of enjoyment while camping, tailgating, or even having an outdoor party in their backyard. In order to combat these difficulties, portable bars have become available. There are many benefits of portable bars. Not only are they convenient and easy to set up, but they also allow for different types of appreciation and individuality to come forth. They do all this and more in an affordable and easy way as individuals invest in their convenience and style.

For example, many who often utilize bar services or catering for functions outside their home may find that those services are no longer necessary with a portable bar. This can often save those individuals a lot of time and hassle since they will not have to deal with catering companies or their employees. Another benefit of portable bars is that they do not necessarily only have to be used as bars. They are able to provide easy to use and transportable counter space for those that will need a little extra elbow room as they cook or maneuver outdoors or in other places besides their own home. This multi-faceted function also helps to make portable bars well worth the investment. Also, as is the case with permanently installed bars, portable bars have the capability of being whatever size is necessary to serve friends and families their favorite concoctions.

Along with this, portable bars have the ability to be easily customized to fit whatever personality or individual style is preferred by the owners. Whatever touches of class, style, team or brand loyalties, or color truly speak to those enjoying their friends’ company can be easily added or incorporated into a portable bar. In addition, there are specific compartments that are available for bottles of all sizes and shapes. This allows for those with certain drink preferences get whatever they wish for most. Throughout these customizations and expressions, it is also easy to reflect what is already had in a permanent bar or what is wished for if one has yet to be installed in a home. Throughout all of these benefits and moments of expression, it is also easy to continue enjoying whatever experience is presented as the main attraction of the evening.

These benefits, coupled with easy set up and collapse of portable bars, is what has allowed them to grow in popularity, variety of styles, and availability. Enjoyment and good times has never been quite so easy, affordable, or transportable as it is with portable bars. As a result, any portable bars, large or small, can truly bring the life to any party and allow for excellent bar service.

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While there are thousands of ways that people can spend their time and recreate, one of the most popular is spending time with other people while enjoying some delicious adult beverages. For companies that host large events and parties, there is a huge need to have a venue that can accommodate a bar, both for the enjoyment of the patrons that are at the event, but also the added revenue that a bar will bring in. While it is great to have a bar at the event, it can be difficult to work out the logistics of a full size bar, especially if the event is outdoors or there is no preexisting bar where the event will be held. Occasions like these make it extremely important to have a portable bar that can be quickly moved from location to location without taking a large amount of effort or time. By investing in a portable bar, your business will be able to make huge profits on the sale of liquor, beer and wine at your next event. You will also be able to charge the customer more for bar set up and providing a bartender.

When you go to purchase your new bar, you will want to consider the same things that you would if you were installing a full size, permanent bar. Things like sinks, ice, power, size, and material are all important decision that you need to think about before you make a purchase. Stainless steel bars are great because they can be cleaned easily, but may not offer the same portability that you would get with other materials. You should speak with a representative from the supply company where you plan on purchasing your bar so you can get the perfect set up for all of your venues.

Once you have a portable bar, you will need to think about ways that you can make it more visible and appealing to customers. Since you are serving alcohol, why don’t you do what most other establishments do and use some lighting to highlight the bar and let patrons know where it is, even when it starts to get dark outside. LED lighting on a portable bar can draw the attention to the bar and will make it more noticeable. By adding LED lights to your bar, you will be able to increase your revenue significantly because people will be able to find the bar with ease. Once you realize how LED lighting can make your bar stand out in the dark, you will never go back to a boring old dark bar.

Wile LED lighting on your bar is a great addition, there are also a number of other things that you can do to make your portable bar stand out. Things like advertising, special boards, and personalization for the occasion can all add huge rewards to your business for making an investment in a bar that you can move around. If you are really thinking about expanding your business, you can even rent your portable bars to off site parties and provide a bar tender to make sure the equipment is taken care of and handled properly. When you have portable bars, the revenue that you make will start slowly, but will quickly take off as people realize that you offer those kind of services.

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When you run or own a company that specializes in making other people’s events perfect, it is extremely important to make sure that you have all of the equipment that they could possibly need. This is true whether the event is going to be inside of your building, at another location, or even outside. To prepare for this, you need to have all of the equipment that you could possible need so that when a customer asks for it, you don’t have to go out and buy one at the last minute. Are you limited on space in your venue? One of the things that you should consider buying sooner than later is a custom portable bar table, also known as a double flip bar table. These tables have a huge number of uses that you can employ for special events and increasing your revenue.

Because every event is different and the customers will likely have their own opinions on how they want the set up to be, you need to make sure that you are prepared for any situation that could possible come. It may be a good idea to purchase a custom portable bar table because you will able to transport your bar to multiple different locations including other rooms in the building, outside to a grassy area, or even to other locations that you may be catering or providing services.

While there are a ton of different custom portable bar table options on the market, you would be wise to do a little bit of research on what features are available. One of the best things that you can possibly get in your bar table is the option for double flip sides. These tables are very versatile because they allow you to customize the space based on the amount of area that you have in the venue. The versatility that a double flip table offers will allow you to sue the table for multiple event sizes without having to purchase a specific size table for each event. When the event space is limited, you can leave the sides down, but as the events get bigger, you can flip the sides up to add precious room to your bar. Keep in mind that having the biggest bar possible will allow you to make more money by keeping the line moving faster, keeping more product right at the bar, and making room for additional bartenders.

One of the best things about adding a custom portable bar table to your venue is that you can move it anywhere you need it. This benefit is huge over a traditional fixed bar setup where you cannot change the room set up at all. The ability to rearrange the room or set up will greatly improve your ability to host an event because you will be able to maximize space and get the most out of your floor plan. Once you have decided to make the purchase to get a custom portable bar table you will never look back. This purchase may be a somewhat large investment at first, but will give you the ability to charge much more for events, especially because you can have a bar no matter where the event is taking place.

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Whether you are looking to rent, buy, or build portable bars for your various events you will want to make sure that you are taking into consideration the size of the event and the size of the bar in question. A bar that is too big or too small will usually detract from your event and it can be difficult to determine the perfect size. You should also think about what type of event you will be having, for instance a wine tasting will probably not need a bar large enough to hold several different types of liqueurs and a keg of beer; but, will need to have a nice sized wine cooler. If you are stocking a bar for a kids’ birthday event then you will probably want to focus more on coolers for juice and soda drinks than on space for alcohol and different types of glasses. You will also want to know how many people will be expected at your event because a bar which can serve a thousand people needs to be bigger, better stocked, and have more bartenders than a bar which will serve a handful of guests.

The larger your event is likely to be the more items your bar will have to hold or the more trips your bartender will have to make to a storeroom. If you are having an outdoor party then it is probably a better idea to have every thing that the bar will need stored close by if not in the bar itself. A general rule of thumb is that you will need a bottle of liqueur, twenty bottles of beer, and five bottles of wine or champagne per ten quests per hour of a party; plus, you will also need glasses, mixers, ice, napkins, and other supplies for the various kinds of different drinks you will be having. If you are not looking for an alcoholic type bar and will be stocking other types of drinks then you can usually count on needing two drinks per person per hour. This can equal to a big bar if you are having a big party that is scheduled for many hours.

An alternative to having one large bar is to have several small bars set up around your area. For instance, you could have a bar set up in each corner of your event and have one set up for soda, one for beer or wine, one for cocktails, and one for bottled drinks. The versatility of portable bars is really only limited by your budget and imagination and you can even find some which fold up to be more easily stored before and after the party. With a quick internet search you can usually find resources to help you rent, buy, or build the design of portable bars that you want.

Many places which rent or sell portable bars will be able to help you determine what you need based on their experience and your event size and can sometimes even offer you packages which include all of the bar equipment, drinks, servers, and more. You can also find lots of expert help through various different blogs about how to design and build your own bar, which bar rental companies have good reputations, and even the best places to purchase and install your bar for you.

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Uses of Portable Bars

Portable Bars Have Many Uses

portable barIf you are in the market for portable bars, you will find that there are many options open to you. People use portable bars for many different reasons.  Caterers will use portable bars in order to give more options to the customer as far as drinks go and to make it easier to meet the needs of the group being catered to.  Companies promoting their products will use them at large and small events around the country as a way to gain name recognition.  Wedding reception centers find them very convenient for their guests.  Recreational centers may find that portable bars are more convenient than built-in bars in many instances, especially when different kinds of events are being hosted.  You will find them in hotel lobbies, museums, and stadiums.  In fact, portability means that you may be able to find portable bars practically anywhere you go.

Night clubs and restaurants that use an outside seating area during warmer weather may find portable bars to be very handy during that time of year, and can use them in other areas of the restaurant or night club during the rest of the year.  Employees who attend company parties will love having portable bars accessible no matter where the party is being hosted.  For a company, it makes good sense to use portable bars as great locations for your brand logo.  You know that everybody will be heading toward the bar at some point during the activity to get a drink, even if the drink is simply water.  This means that each person at the event will see your brand every time they get thirsty.  This is a great marketing tool to get your brand noticed whether you are hosting a company party or using your bar at another location to promote your business.

portable barHouse parties can be made very enjoyable when portable bars are rolled out on the patio during the evening.  Whether you are planning a birthday party for a few friends or a neighborhood barbecue, you will really like the convenience of portable bars.  You will find models that are very simply and could be used for almost anything, including drinks and you will find other models that are decked out with all of the trimmings and gadgets that you may want.

Because they are portable, you will be moving portable bars back and forth, whether you are just rolling yours out to the poolside or you are loading it in a truck to haul it across the country.  It is important to you that the portable bars you consider are of sturdy construction and will be able to be manhandled as needed.  The castors should be industrial strength ball bearing casters that lock so that your unit won’t roll away once you get it set up. Whether you are a company looking for a unique way to promote your brand or you are an individual that would like a bar by the pool, by doing a bit of research, you will find the right portable bars for your needs.

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Tables in ’12

Whew! 2011 was quite a year…and just in the snap of a finger right into an intense start to 2012. First up – an order of 200 bistro table/stool sets.  Our bistro tables are the perfect way to both promote with media branding as well as match one of our many portable bar designs.  Speaking of portable bars, we’ve been cranking those out too and one also equipt with a functioning waste water/heated sink. 

We also can’t forget about the bottle service set orders we’ve been receiving from ABSOLUT, Bacardi, Jameson, and Grey Goose whic we wrapped up.  Locking bottle service sets and locking bottle service trays seem to becoming very popular amongst compliance both in the United States and Canada. 

We also can’t forget about the Nightclub & Bar Convention/Tradeshow in Las Vegas coming this March.  This is where we’ll be showcasing our latest designs in tables, bottle service sets, portable bars, dj booths, ipad kiosks, and more!

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