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Anyone that has visited a nightclub, bar or other venue and seen someone get bottle service knows that bottle service is the ultimate luxury.  It defines social status, makes the night more fun and makes enjoying your night out much more simple and relaxing because there is no clamoring at the bar desperately trying to order your drinks – they are right in front of you at your table.  Often, with bottle service, many venues offer premiere seating and a table which is a hot commodity when you are out at night.  Needless to say, bottle service is great for the customer.  But, bottle service is also great for the venue.  If you are a venue that offers bottle service, or are considering offering bottle service, it is imperative that you implement a high-end bottle service with custom bottle service tray to provide the ultimate experience for your customers and keep them coming back for more.

When customers go out they usually just want a good experience and to have fun.  But, there are also certain customers that want a premium experience.  It is similar to an individual purchasing tickets for a sporting event.  Everyone in the arena wanted to go to the game and have fun but certain customers were willing to pay a premium price for closer seats and a premium experience.  But, they want that experience they have to be top of the line.  This goes the same for venues that offer bottle service.  Forbes describes the bottle service experience and how that plays a role in why people choose to splurge on it as well as how it drives profits for venues, “People are blowing their paychecks just so they can feel like a ‘VIP,’ if just for one night,” she says. “I’ll never forget going out one night with a high roller, who insisted on being front and center, on the most exclusive VIP couch in the house. He paid $1,000 for a $40 bottle of Veuve Clicquot … He had the time of his life while I just left shaking my head.” But people are paying for much more than just that bottle of vodka or Champagne says Sean Christie, who manages the popular Blush nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas. You’re paying for prime real estate, for a desirable spot that everyone else wants,” he says, “It’s like going to Yankee Stadium and sitting behind the dugout.”Christie says bottle service drives more than half of any clubs profits, if not more. In Vegas, the insane amounts of money bottle service generates is driving “a whole new category of top-tier nightclubs,” each more lavish than the next. The venues have to distinguish themselves because bottle service itself is pretty basic. At Blush, customers can have unfinished bottles kept for them for up to a week.”  Custom design your bottle service to seamlessly incorporate your brand into every aspect of your venue while also creating the ultimate experience for the customer.  When a customer has an amazing experience the splurge will be worth it, they will be more like to be repeat customers and encourage others to enjoy bottle service as well.



In the nightclub and bar industry, the sale of alcohol is the true moneymaker.  But, while selling individual cocktails will certainly turn a profit, the big money is with bottle service.  Bottle service is a luxury and convenience for customers that can truly make the night feel special.  One way to do so is through customized bottle service for your venue or product.  Anyone can serve bottle service in a general bottle service stray but getting bottle service is not about being generic, its about standing out from the crowd.

Bottle service is an expensive luxury so not every patron will purchase bottle service, but, just because it is expensive, does not mean that patrons will not feel like splurging from time to time.  The more bottle service you can sell, the more profit you will turn each night.  With custom bottle service more customers will be enticed to go for it and treat themselves to a special evening with true high end service.  In the world of nightclubs and bars, competition is heavy so it is necessary to stand out from the competition so that more people will come to your venue and, hopefully, purchase bottle service.  Once word is out that your bottle service is more special and unique than other venues, more patrons will likely come to you to experience true VIP service.  Whether showing off or impressing friends, a date or just wanting a great night out, bottle service has a high cost so there has to be a high perceived value for it to truly be worth it.  If bottle service shows up and it is boring and simply a bottle of Vodka stuck in a generic bucket, it will not elicit very many “oohs” and “aahs.”  With custom bottle service you can choose to showcase your venue and product with a unique and interesting custom design that customers will be excited about as soon as they see it.  The kind of customer that is purchasing bottle service wants a new, hip, fun, and luxurious experience and a custom bottle service display can do just that.  By creating a truly unique experience for the customer they are far more likely to purchase bottle service again, return to your venue and recommend bottle service to their friends.  This will help you sell more bottle service.  Additionally, as other patrons see such a unique and interesting bottle service headed to other tables, they will be more likely to make a purchase themselves.  Again, an increase of bottle service sales.  Lastly, by highlighting your brand or venue, you will create brand recognition so that more people remember the venue at which they had a great time or the delicious alcohol they purchased because it will be embedded in their mind from a positive experience with custom bottle service.  To better increase sales of bottle service and generate more return customers from unique and positive experiences, custom design bottle service for your venue or brand.


A night out with friends at a club or bar is always a good time.  But, to have that good time you often have to wait in long lines to get in and battle crowds to get the bartenders attention.  So, how do you have a good time out without all the hassle?  Bottle service may sound like an unnecessary luxury but, in fact, it is a great idea. With bottle service, your night out will be immensely enhanced so that you can enjoy your time out, without all the other frustrations.

With bottle service, a good time is always guaranteed.  Rather than waiting in lines to get into a bar or night club, those who have reserved bottle service will get to go right in and be escorted directly to their VIP table.  This is particularly beneficial for groups of men who often have to wait longer to get into clubs.  Once seated comfortably at your VIP table, you will have a personal waiter or waitress for the night to handle any of your needs.  No more worrying about wedging yourself between throngs of people to try and wiggle your way up to the bar and order a drink.  With bottle service, the drinks will come right to you.  Your bottle will come with mixers and you can craft the drinks however you like.  Additionally, you will enjoy the benefits of having a good time with friends that you can actually be around, hear and see because you will not get lost in a sea of people, you will have your own designated area.  As anyone that has ever been to a busy bar or nightclub knows, there is not exactly an abundance of seating.  In fact, it is almost impossible to sit down at all.  With bottle service, you can be out on the dance floor or up talking to friends and know that you have a reserved area to sit down when you are ready.  Additionally, if you are out to meet someone new, when you order bottle service you tend to impress others with your VIP status which may attract someone of interest.  When you factor in the cover charge that some venues have, and the high cost of drinks that many venues have, it may cost you the same amount to order bottle service as it would to just show up, get in and order drinks.

Because bottle service enhances anyone’s night out, it is important for any venue to have unique and interesting custom bottle service trays.   Bottle service is not inexpensive so it is important to make the customer truly feel like a VIP with not only service but with every aspect – including the bottle service trays.  Rather than the standard, boring trays, why not custom design your bottle service to the unique needs and design of your business?  Not only will your bottle service accomplish exactly what it is designed to do and serve patrons, but it will make a unique statement about your bar or nightclub and show that you have gone the extra mile.  In summary, bottle service enhances any night out with friends and is a great investment for any business.

If you run a nightclub or lounge, you know it can be a finicky business.  It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a brand that will stay fresh in the mind of customers, and keep them coming back to your establishment.  Though it can be hard to break into this business, it is also exceptionally lucrative if done well.  One major element of creating an environment of exclusivity is to establish an excellent reputation for your VIP reservations.  Using the right custom bottle service kit can help you get this done.

While they are now a ubiquitous product provided by most nightclubs and lounges, bottle services are a relatively new phenomenon.  They began in Japan in the World War II era, when sake ewers were served to soldiers.  Soon, it became the norm for Japanese businessmen to purchase bottles and keep the unfinished liquor in lounge lockers.  It was not until the 1980s, however, that Parisian nightclubs would begin to sell table reservations that came with complimentary bottles.  This marked the start of pairing bottle service with particular reserved parties, which eventually evolved into a service for VIP sections in nightclubs and lounges.  Usually this is a packaged product, which will include a reserved table or section for a party, as well as whatever mixers the patrons wish to have on hand.  The service can also include a VIP host, who is present to make sure patrons remain well stocked on their mixers and other necessities, and who will often mix drinks for the party.  In addition, with the purchase of bottle service, some clubs will offer extra benefits to party members, such as waived or lowered cover charges and the ability to bypass the entrance lines.

Since the mid-1990s, bottle services have also become a means of denoting exclusivity; their association with VIP room access has made it a luxury product on which customers are willing to spend a lot of money.  If done well, this service can be very lucrative.  Not only can businesses turn a large profit from the sale of bottle services themselves, but catering to an exclusive demographic also helps to build a club’s brand image.  To ensure you have the right clientele frequenting your VIP rooms, make sure to provide these customers with excellent service.  Hiring staff who will not disclose information about what they see in your VIP rooms is also very important, and will ensure that your high-end customers feel relaxed and safe in your establishment.  Respecting your guests’ privacy will help your business’ longevity and ensure that demand for your VIP lounges will remain high.

Another important factor in running a good nightclub is understanding what style you want the establishment to convey, and ensuring that your products and staff all help to maintain that atmosphere.  Tailoring your VIP services to those needs can be an important way to keep your high-end products in line with your brand image.  There are several things you may want to consider when deciding how to customize your bottle service.  For example, what is the general feel you wish to achieve?  Do you want your VIP room to have a classic atmosphere?  If so, you may want to look into dark colors, and perhaps a wood trim.  Or, if your establishment has a more cutting-edge vibe, you may want to try bottle service kits that have metallic finishes incorporated into the design.  You can also customize your kits to have a color theme that matches your business’ interior palette.

There are a number of ways that customized bottle service kits can improve business for nightclub and lounge owners.  With the wide variety of customizable options available, you are sure to find kits with the color schemes and design elements that can best fit your business.

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In whatever business you have, pleasing your customer is the rule of thumb. When you are in a restaurant business or own a bar or club, presentation can be everything when it comes to pleasing your customers. One way to really appeal to some customers can be to offer bottle service. Bottle service is one unique way to serve guests who decide to order an entire bottle of liquor. Since such an order doesn’t always come cheap, it makes sense to make a big deal of it for your customers by playing up the presentation of the bottle to the table. You can actually order special custom bottle service carriers for your own restaurant to set it apart. Deciding to invest in custom carriers can actually do a lot to enhance your business, including adding to the theme of your restaurant or bar, surprising your customers, making your customers feel important, and helping your bottle service to stand apart from other venues that offer bottle service.

It is likely that when you took ownership of your restaurant, bar, or club that you had a specific theme in mind. Whatever decorations and furniture you have inside your business probably reflects that theme. Great clubs, restaurants, and bars might also have glasses and dinnerware that fit within the theme as well. Custom bottle service carriers can also enhance your business by fitting in perfectly with your theme. Since you will be ordering the carriers custom anyway, you can have them designed however you desire. You can make them blend in or stand out from your theme as much as you desire. You can even get different carriers with their own different themes based on the bottle options that customers have. It’s your design, so do what you will with it.

One big reason to invest in custom bottle service carriers is to surprise and reward your customers for making such a great purchase in your bar. Thus, when you are thinking of the design for your custom carrier, you want to think of something that will not only help you stand out from other businesses that offer bottle service, but you also want to impress and satisfy your customers. Your bottle service can say a lot about your business in general, so take the time to make it convey the message that you want.

As a business owner, you want to make your customers feel important, and custom bottle service carriers can go a long way to achieve that. Taking the time to make the presentation of the bottle of wine so elegant could easily make great customers decide to come back again and again—and spread the word about your business. Good service can go a long way, and presentation can be a big part of how service at your establishment is remembered.

As mentioned above, a custom bottle service carrier can do a lot to not only make a customer feel special, but also to help you stand out from other businesses that might offer bottle service. It can be easy to just order a simple bottle service carrier that any business can get its hands on. To have your very own custom designed carriers, however, can make you that much more memorable in the eyes of your customers. If you really want to stand apart, go with a custom designed carrier. Get creative—from birds to planes to boats and more, custom carriers should be able to be designed for whatever idea you happen to come up with.

When you choose to invest in custom bottle service carriers, you are choosing to invest in and enhance your own business. Custom carriers can easily fit in with the theme of your business, bar, or club—or they can represent a theme for every bottle of liquor you offer. They can surprise your customers, make your customers feel important, and help you stand apart from your competition. Good businesses understand that the customer is important, so taking the time to make your customers’ experiences memorable will go a long way toward the success of your business. If you choose to offer bottle service at your establishment, then take the time to make it a memorable experience by looking into custom bottle service carriers. It will likely make your customers happy, and you might just find that it draws in a little more business. In the end, it’s an investment that you will likely be happy you made.

The night life crowd that swarms to high end clubs and bars can spend a pretty substantial sum of money on drinks over the course of an evening.  To score big on the money they are spending, create a custom bottle service tray that sets your business apart from the other guys.  Providing better service with branded trays can increase awareness in your company, can increase sales, and can help you realize more profit than ever before.

Increase Brand Awareness

Bottle service is a standard amenity that is available in most high end night clubs.  Bigger cities like LA and New York have used the concept of bottling services for a number of years, but it is quickly gaining popularity among many C and D-grade cities too.  If you have established a business in bottle service, or if you are just starting out you can improve your profile by using a custom tray.  It enables you to provide VIP service to your customers while making your name visible to others around their table.  Customizable cards can be inserted within the tray to display information in a seamless and attractive way.

Showcase Specials 

In addition to providing eye-catching graphic elements to a custom bottle service tray you can also display rates and specials.  That way when it comes time for a customer to pay the bill there will be less confusion as to how much each bottle cost.  There may be occasions when you need to turn inventory, and announcing specials right on the bottle tray is an effective way to do it.

Advertise Events

When you’re in the bottle service business you can become dependent on special events to draw a crowd and bring in sales.  One way to inform customers about upcoming events without disrupting the goings on at the club is to announce them on with an attractive tray insert.  It can help customers think about the good time they are having now and how to arrange for the next event.  Getting them to attend upcoming events can help you increase sales and potential profits.

Show Your Appreciation 

Customizable cards that are attractive in design can be inserted into the bottle tray to pay special heed to a VIP.  This can help them to feel appreciated and more willing to be repeat customers.  It also helps them impress the company that surrounds them at the club.  Custom bottle trays can increase your sales and profits by increasing brand awareness, showcasing specials, advertising events, and increasing customer loyalty.  Provide your customers with the best service and offerings possible and increase your profitability.


When you are in the entertainment industry, you have to come up with innovative ways for people to recognize your product. Even when you have their attention, it is a whole other thing to get them to want your brand over any other that is on the market. This makes marketing and advertising a crucial part of what you do in your business and the single thing that can either spell success or failure for your company. This means you need to get your company to stand out and impress the people who matter the most and are willing and able to spend money on your products. One of the perfect ways to get your company noticed is to promote your products in style with a customizable bottle service.

Bottle service is something that is provided at many fine restaurants and high-end nightclubs. This service involves the establishment selling bottles of liquor by the bottle instead of by the single drink. Some of the benefits that are typically included with these services are private or reserved tables, drink mixers of the purchaser’s choice, access to a VIP host, and even skipping the entrance lines or waiving the cover charge for the event. The price of a bottle service is typically marked up at an extremely high rate, as much as two thousand percent or more, which can contribute significantly to the revenue of the establishment. Advertising via custom set ups for these services can also help your business see high returns.

Since bottle service is a more exclusive commodity, you want your custom advertising to be well though out and professional looking. There would be no reason to advertise if you were going to make the final product look like you printed it on your home computer or made it in wood shop. Real custom bottle service will cost you, but it will also help your business grow and make more money in the end. One of the greatest things that you can do to promote through types of bottle services is to make custom serving trays that can be delivered to the patron’s table with the bottle of alcohol and the included mixers. This tray will be sitting on their table throughout the night and anyone that is invited to the table will be highly likely to see it. This means that people will be seeing your advertising in the most exclusive part of the club or restaurant and will associate your brand with high quality and exclusivity.

If you are interested in creating an advertising campaign that includes custom bottle service, you will want to start now. Creating an effective campaign can take months of planning and you will likely have to get trays and bottle holders designed and manufactured with your company logo and advertising on it. There are many sites online where you will be able to see some examples of trays that you can have built, but some of the best are metal that is cut by special machines. Although metal will cost you more initially, the trays tend to last much longer and have a very classy look and feel.

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Bottle Service allows you to steer clear of a crowded bar and instead access your drinks directly from your own private table, skybox, booth or VIP room. With this service, you to purchase whole bottles of the alcohol of your choice, along with appropriate mixers and condiments. Ice will also be provided, along with a personal waitress.

Whether you want to order Bottle Service or not is really a matter of personal preference. It relies heavily on the type of evening you want to have and the ambiance you want to enjoy. Special, private occasions lend themselves well to ordering your drinks in this format, whereas impromptu gatherings seeking to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the nightlife may not necessarily benefit from the added expense. It you plan to club hop, you would be wise to stick with the club bar.

Even if you determine Bottle Service would add to the enjoyment of your evening, you need to be keenly aware of the ticket price. As you have to purchase whole bottles of alcohol, you want to make sure you have a large enough group to make good use of them. This also makes it more cost effective, as you can go in on the service together. Just remember, if you reserve a table, skybox, booth, or VIP room, the club will typically require that you arrive by 11:00 pm or forfeit your reservation. If you expect to show up later, you’ll need to pay extra to keep your spot.

You also need to determine how much alcohol you want to order. Many clubs have a minimum per person for this private service. Know the size of your party and what they like to drink. You will also need to estimate roughly how many drinks each person is likely to have. If you will be partying with friends who easily take down 10 cocktails a piece at the bar, you may not end up spending a lot more even with Bottle Service.

The price of Bottle Service varies widely from one club to another. Prices can even vary from one night to another. There a few factors you can be aware of that will impact your total cost. First you will want to ask about bottle prices, which typically start around $350 per. Of course the prices rise steeply if you plan to drink premium brands, specialty drinks, or vintage champagne. Don’t forget to count on sales tax and likely an automatic service gratuity, which will surely be added to your bill.

You also want to ask about guest to bottle ratios and table fees. Clubs typically have a minimum bottle purchase regardless of party size. Beyond that they will frequently require at least one bottle per every three or four guests. These minimums may be more on holidays or for special events. The table fee is a less concrete matter. It may be a straightforward fee you pay to the club directly, but often it will be calculated as a tip to the VIP Host. Of course the cost of a table will rise exponentially depending on the popularity and exclusivity of the club.

All of this can certainly get very expensive, but if you have the dough it can also make for an outstanding night on the town.

Promoting your brand is important to all types of businesses.  If you are a new brand you want to gain as much exposure and awareness as possible.  If you are an established brand, you need to maintain that awareness or create new interest in new product lines.  Let’s look at a few ways you can successfully promote your brand in the beverage industry.

If you are a beverage company you may want to sponsor large events.  This is a great way to gain recognition, and positioning as a brand.  One of the best ways is to promote on custom bistro tables.  Branded tables are a great way to effectively promote your brand while creating a great experience for your audience.  Custom bistro tables


can be branded on the surface as well as the sides providing maximum branding potential.  Custom bistro tables are also durable enough for daily use, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

A second way to promote your brand as a beverage company is with a portable bar.  Chances are you will have tasting events as a new or established company.  What better way to effectively promote your brand than with a portable bar for these events.  Portable bars provide a very large area for branding.  Custom portable bars can be branded on the front face as well as on banners or canopies.  Portable bars are another great way to promote your brand, and create a great experience for your audience.

A third option for promoting in the beverage industry is creating branded bottle service sets.  Custom bottle service kits, bottle service caddies, or bottle service cages provide the perfect way to create a unique experience for your audience while establishing a strong presence in nightclubs, bars, and lounges.  Branding on bottle service products can also be a way to establish identity with your brand.  If you create an elegant bottle service set you can be seen as a high end brand.

Branding is a great way to promote your brand.  Whether it is on a custom bistro table, portable bar, or custom bottle service set, you will be sure to attract attention and create a great experience for your customer.  Fry Fabrications is the best resource to get custom products like tables, portable bars, and bottle service sets.  Contact them today for a free quote. 602-454-0701

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Bottle Service Makes VIP

portable barAny who have visited crowded bars or nightclubs know that finding a good and efficient service to get drinks can be a handful. Sometimes club attenders are kept waiting far longer than it takes to enjoy an entire drink and nightclub experience. Many clubs are well aware of this and so have provided different ways in which to help individuals and parties get their drinks as well as special treatment. One of the easiest ways in which to ensure that a club lets a party in, sits them down, and gives them signature drinks that a patron asks for is to buy drinks or liquor by the bottle. This bottle service is available in many different clubs, and allows all those that have larger parties, have specific or specialized drink preferences, or those that simply wish to feel like a king in a nightclub to start their night and experience it to its fullest.

Some of the perks that come with bottle service are the ability to have a private table, booth, skybox, or other type of VIP room and provide a personal waitress to serve a party’s drinks and anything else they are inclined to order. Though the prices of a club’s bottle service greatly differ depending on the club, the night of service, and how much liquor is being purchased, there are often ways to find the best time for the best price possible. Though the initial price may seem staggering, all of the benefits of investing in bottle service more than make up for the original sticker shock. These types of services are perfect for parties celebrating special events, the ability to get into any club without being bumped, and the ability to increase the fun times without having to wait in line or jostle for position at a bar in a club. Utilizing all of these benefits is why clubs offer these types of services, and especially why so many are taking advantage of them and working it like celebrities for a night.

portable barReserving these services can also be taken care of through a separate or special company that works directly with nightclubs in order to get VIPs in, seated, and well on their way to a good time. Bottle service requires special consideration in any case. Though it is less than practical for most of those who frequent nightclubs, it can be a special and wonderful experience for those that are willing to pay for a great time. Doing so also ensures that all those that are treated to this service will fully appreciate the time and effort taken to ensure that they are treated as VIPs. Since every individual is indeed important, being treated as such is no small consideration. All in all, the benefits of buying drinks by the bottle, renting a table for the evening, and ensuring that all guests at a party have exactly what they have come for is a great way to have an ease of mind and the ability to relax throughout a great and eventful evening.  Finding where these services are provided is also as easy as doing a search or contacting clubs directly. With all of these benefits, partakers of these services simply cannot lose.

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