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Any business owner knows the importance of building their brand.  There are many ways to build your brand through graphic design, marketing, customer relations and the aesthetic you create within your business space or storefront.  All of these things comes together to send a message to consumers about the kind of business you run, the reliability of your services and the worthiness of your products for purchase.  When customers visit your office, store, restaurant or venue they will immediately get an impression of your business just by looking around.  Before they receive any services or make any purchases, what they see and experience will begin to inform them about your business.  First impressions really do matter!  For this reason, it is important for any business to custom design tables, stools or chairs.

When decorating your business you could certainly go to a local commercial furniture store and buy some generic durable furniture for your business.  But, unfortunately, what you will likely end up with is furniture that could be found in any office space, store, restaurant or venue.  The tone it will set and the impression it will give to anyone who visits will be just that – generic.  It will look like a “chain” that could be seen just about anywhere.  That impression will not wow customers or make them feel special.  It will not send a message that your business is unique or that it has been creatively marketed.  Custom designed tables, chairs and stools can be created to blend seamlessly with any decor and project the image that you want for your business.  Do you have a cutting edge, trend setting or technology driven business?  The last thing you want is decor that looks rustic or traditional.  Design furniture that will enhance the existing aesthetic within your business and promote the business atmosphere that you want so that everyone knows exactly what your business is all about.  Additionally, when you custom design your tables, chairs and stools for your business you can design them for the space you have, allowing you to choose dimensions and shapes that will work best with and maximize your existing space.  Lastly, when you custom design the furniture for your business you add intrinsic value.  Customers, vendors and employees will see custom tables, chairs and stools and know that your business has been invested in and is worth patronizing.  The most successful venues and businesses are the ones that people want to keep coming back to and with the right furniture to enhance the atmosphere, you will create a business that does just that.  When purchasing tables, chairs and stools for your business, skip the generic ones and opt to custom design them, your business is worth it.

A custom DJ booth can be very beneficial to those working in the entertainment industry. A good DJ is crucial to pulling off an event that is a verified success, whether one is attending a wedding or a more informal gathering. While great music is key during any social get-together, a DJ’s base of operation is equally important. That’s why it’s such a good idea for DJs to secure the right booth to make certain that all performances go off without a hitch.

Dj Booth

The following are three great reasons for all DJs to invest in custom-made booths. A specially designed booth can take what might be a lackluster performance and bring it to a whole new level. This can be exceedingly important for entertaining a large group of people, as well as attracting prospective clients that may be interested in enlisting your services in the future. The better the presentation, the more likely you are to impress all who attend a particular event.

Get Your Name Out There

Building up clients is often a huge priority to those working as DJs. This can be a difficult undertaking in some cases, which is why many DJs prefer to utilize branding to boost name recognition among prospective clients. A branded booth can include pertinent info such as company logos, contact information, and even things like links to websites or social media pages. This can make it easy for future clients to find you in the event they should require your services.

While business cards and websites can work well in this capacity, a branded DJ booth is a great method of increasing awareness among guests. It’s common for party-goers to approach the DJ booth with requests and other questions. This serves as a prime opportunity to increase one’s name recognition, which can be difficult to pull off at more lively events. By branding one’s booth with contact information, you can rest assured that guests will remember you long after the party is over.

Showcase Your Unique Sense of Style

Many DJs utilize their own personal sense of style during performances in order to guarantee the best experience for all party-goers. This is certainly true for more well-known DJs, and those with less name recognition would be wise to follow suit. In this respect, a customized booth is a great way to showcase your individual style while entertaining guests.

A DJ booth doesn’t have to be a boring, solely functional affair. There are many great stylistic choices available that allow both well-established and burgeoning DJs to garner attention to their craft. From color options to physical design, you can specify the exact look of your booth in order to better showcase your unique sense of style.

Create Functional Space to Entertain Guests

While appearance is a concern when designing a DJ booth, functionality is just as important to ensuring a successful event. This entails a design that allows ample space for appropriate equipment, such as turntables, speakers, mixing boards, etc. A DJ booth must also contain room for additional supplies, as well as being spacious enough to facilitate freedom of movement, which can be crucial for successfully performing your DJ duties.

Being a DJ is a bit like participating in other musical acts, in the sense that the way integral equipment is laid out can make all the difference to a performance. For this reason, many DJs may have rigid specifications for the layout of their DJ booths. By custom-designing one’s booth, a DJ can ensure it meets the requirements that will guarantee a strong performance. Things like shelving and space are a concern, and ready-made booths may prove less than desirable to a number of DJs. By customiz

Get the Party Starteding one’s performance area, giving guests a night they won’t soon forget will be a far easier task to accomplish.

As a DJ, you are tasked with making sure all attendees have the time of their lives. With the right DJ booth, you can easily ensure a good time is had by all, while also offering possible clients practical means of making contact for future events. The best DJs offer party-goers and unbridled good time, in addition to aesthetic appeal and professionalism. By investing in a custom-designed booth, you can satisfy all three requirements with ease, as well as creating an ideal work space that allows your best assets to shine.

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Running a bar, nightclub, or lounge can be exceptionally profitable, but these are also difficult businesses to establish and maintain successfully.  Often, these ventures close their doors just a few years after opening.  There are a number of reasons this can happen, many of them having to do with interior design and furniture choices that conflict with the basic goals of customer comfort, visual appeal, and overall practicality.  Sometimes these issues can be resolved by using furniture that is tailored to the aesthetic and practical needs of your establishment.  Here are some ways in which custom metal tables, stools, and benches can help realize your bar ornightclub’s full potential.

Many nightclub and bar owners will invest thousands of dollars in the construction of their establishments’ bars, but will skimp on basic elements of design and interior architecture.  Good contractors are excellent at setting up spaces that look fantastic and add to the overall aesthetic, but only if they are given the proper guidance.  While some business owners may consider employing interior architects a luxury, it is actually a prudent investment when viewed in the long term, because they can help you select custom metal tables, stools, and benches that achieve your desired visual appeal without sacrificing an area’s flow.  This efficiency applies not only to the space slated for your customers, but also for your bartenders, hosts, and wait staff.  If you make the bar an area that works for both your employees as well as your customers, it will become a comfortable place for everyone.  Taking the time to really research your visual themes and hiring the right people to execute them will definitely pay off for you in the end.

Once you have decided on your aesthetic and have assembled a good design and construction team, it is time to make some determinations about what type of furniture you want.  At this stage, it is a good idea to let practicality be a priority.  For example, furniture made of metal is great for bars and nightclubs.  Not only is it sleek and visually appealing, but it is also exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.  For many nightclub owners, custom metal tables and stools are the way to go, because they will last for years without needing to be replaced.

After you have decided what materials to use, it is time to look into what kind of furniture you want.  This will likely be dictated by the space’s strategic layout.  Many club owners want to have a variety of custom metal tables and benches because they can be used to direct the flow of people.  Backless benches, for example, can be great for use in the center of a room because they provide your customers with flexibility of use and your wait staff will have an easier time navigating around them.  Your interior design team can help you select the right assortment of furniture for a visually appealing layout that still serves the wants and needs of your customers and staff.

Choosing to purchase custom metal tables, stools, and benches, also offers you the ability to visibly display your brand.  This can be a great marketing tactic, because it will pair you establishment’s atmosphere and excellent service with your brand image—a powerful association in the mind of your customers.  If this type of advertising is of interest to you, try looking for table, stool, and bench suppliers who are experienced at incorporating logos into their furniture.

It is easy to see how much the right choices in furniture can impact a bar or nightclub’s success.  With the right design team to help you select your custom metal tables, stools, and benches, you can see firsthand how building your brand can help you increase your profitability and ensure your business’ longevity.


            It is extremely important in business to create a brand and promote it well.  Every event night at a club, restaurant or bar is an opportunity for exposure of your business to the masses.  You cannot overlook even one night or event as a great opportunity to promote your business or product.  By using a bar product, whether it be bottle service, drink carrier or beverage cart as a branded promotional item you keep your business in th epresence of the customers and consumers without being intrusive.  It is a classy and subtle way to effectively market your business and subtly send the message that your brand is important, high end and desirable.  With a well designed logo printed on any bar product you can place that image in your customer’s mind and help create recall when your customer goes to make another purchase.  Crearting recall in your customer’s mind is an invaluable technique that will keep customers coming back to your product in the future.

            By using well made custom designed promotional bar products you can guarantee additional positive exposure for your business or product but that is not the only benefit.  They are also a cost effective, long lasting form of advertisement.  They are not a one time use, throw away product.  These products are made of quality materials that will last and continue to promote your business without putting in any additional money.  The return on this investment cannot be measured.

            Another great use for some of the promotional bar products could be as a giveaway at a trade show event.  Not only will such a giveaway generate interest in and of itself, but it will drive traffic to your booth, again creating additional exposure for your business.  Face to face time with potential customers is invaluable.  By offering promotional bar products as additional incentives for business or as giveaways, you can create business contacts that will be loyal patrons and sustain your business financially.  Another great reason to use promotional bar products at trade shows is to introduce a new product for your business.  Custom bar products can be the perfect way for your new product to be introduced to the market and create great exposure.

            Promotional bar products that have been custom designed with your logo will put your business right in front of potential customers and will generate interest.  By using a well designed logo and expertly made bar product that interest will turn to profit for your company.  Using such products not only help your business gain exposure to customers but it allows you to make invaluable contacts with vendors who will also be more eager to promote your brand and spread the word about your products.  Promotional bar products offer great return on a one time investment and can make a huge difference in your business bottom line.

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Fry Fabrications will be at the NC&B show 2012 at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 13 14! We’ll be showcasing an array of products such as Bottle Service Sets, tables, bars, a DJ Booth, and much more!

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Lots has been going on at Fry Fabrications to close out the year.

portable barsFirst, we’ve made some locking bottle displays and back bar bottle displays for both Crown Royal and Patron.  What makes these locking bottle displays and back bar displays unique is that they both illuminate the bottle via LED lighting and flourescent lighting to promote the bottle branding as much as possible.  These locking bottle displays allow for quick easy access and for the server to lock to prevent the customer from pouring their own glass (a growing law).  We’ve also been busy with the bottle service trays and bottle service sets, as well as locking bottle service trays and locking bottle service sets for various NYE parties around the globe.

We also closed out the year with some bottle display units for Galliano Wine – these bottle displays are designed with tiered shelving to and will look promoting the product in stores along the east coast.  Also closing out some bottle service trays, bottle service sets, and drink carts to Russian Standard, ABSOLUT, and SKYY Vodka.  Furthermore, we put some more carts in production from a company called “Rebelcart” who will be having us manufacture these beefy auto-detail carts.

2011 has been a record year for Fry Fabrications.  Very much looking forward to what’s in store for 2012!

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As I write this blog I am relaxing…why? Well, Fry Fabrications has just completed and shipped one of our most complex items every! No, not a bottle service set, not a portable bar, drink cart, table, or kiosk. This was a Rickshaw cart for Bombay Sapphire bound to be displayed in New York’s JFK airport. What did this cart entail? Wooden wheels, bamboo weaving, bamboo shoots, custom handles with jewels, canopy, real bamboo countertop, shelving, locking door and yards of print media. Photos can be seen at All of this was made in about 2 weeks! It was a stressful 2 weeks for sure, but we’re very happy with the results and can rest easy that this will deliver.

portable barsIn other news we’ve been making a few custom bars for Diaego in Canada, a bowling alley in Michigan, and a local club here in Tempe, AZ called Fat Tuesdays. Also on deck are some pistol shaped bottle service sets for a Las Vegas club called “Revolver” as well as some custom bottle service trays for a new club in Hollywood, California called “Agency.” A custom folding bar was also created for Sobieski Vodka and a custom kisok with locking doors was made for “The Interior Shop” in Phoenix, AZ – this kiosk turned out extra special as the customer added some hot rod style pinstriping to the bar and it looks amazing. We have a few more projects potentially in the works as we begin to wind down 2011. Also in the coming weeks it’ll be time to prepare once again for the Nightclub and Bar Expo in Las Vegas where Fry Fabrications will be displaying our coolest products to date.

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portable barsHere at Fry Fabrications, its been busy, yet productive since our last blog posting. We’ve produced and shipped some trade show pedestals that hold assorted electronic devices, we’ve done some bottle service pieces for Tequila Ambhar which have the most intricate laser work we’ve done to date – we’ve done lots of retail work for assorted outlets. With all of this, it seems that many of the jobs that we’ve been requested – bottle service, drink carts, tables, portable bars, custom work have all been with tight deadlines. I certainly can understand deadlines and why they’re there – yet they can also be scary (afterall it is Halloween today). If all the pieces of the puzzle don’t align perfectly, the deadline can easily be compromised. For example: We must first have the design in place, then the CAD drawings created, then the steel must be cut, fabrication labor performed (without any delay). Then there’s the finish sanding, powder coating, accessories, boxing/packaging, and finally shipping. One hiccup on any of these elements and those promises that were made go down the tubes. The deadlines also continue to get shorter and shorter adding more pressure…yet there are the times where I have to say “no” when our capabilities even at 150% cannot make that deadline possible. Experience has certainly played the most important role when it comes to giving the customer that promise of making that deadline – and knowing when to say we cannot comes from experience. Furthermore, even if a project is profitable, when a very tight deadline is given the potential for that profit is certainly at risk. Honesty is always the best policy.

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