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Promoting your brand is important to all types of businesses.  If you are a new brand you want to gain as much exposure and awareness as possible.  If you are an established brand, you need to maintain that awareness or create new interest in new product lines.  Let’s look at a few ways you can successfully promote your brand in the beverage industry.

If you are a beverage company you may want to sponsor large events.  This is a great way to gain recognition, and positioning as a brand.  One of the best ways is to promote on custom bistro tables.  Branded tables are a great way to effectively promote your brand while creating a great experience for your audience.  Custom bistro tables


can be branded on the surface as well as the sides providing maximum branding potential.  Custom bistro tables are also durable enough for daily use, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

A second way to promote your brand as a beverage company is with a portable bar.  Chances are you will have tasting events as a new or established company.  What better way to effectively promote your brand than with a portable bar for these events.  Portable bars provide a very large area for branding.  Custom portable bars can be branded on the front face as well as on banners or canopies.  Portable bars are another great way to promote your brand, and create a great experience for your audience.

A third option for promoting in the beverage industry is creating branded bottle service sets.  Custom bottle service kits, bottle service caddies, or bottle service cages provide the perfect way to create a unique experience for your audience while establishing a strong presence in nightclubs, bars, and lounges.  Branding on bottle service products can also be a way to establish identity with your brand.  If you create an elegant bottle service set you can be seen as a high end brand.

Branding is a great way to promote your brand.  Whether it is on a custom bistro table, portable bar, or custom bottle service set, you will be sure to attract attention and create a great experience for your customer.  Fry Fabrications is the best resource to get custom products like tables, portable bars, and bottle service sets.  Contact them today for a free quote. 602-454-0701

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Equipment You Will Need As An Aspiring DJ

If you are an aspiring DJ, you will need to gather the equipment necessary to make this dream come true. Equipment will be key, and knowing the basic equipment you will need will help to get you started. If you are truly serious about it, you will also want to look into DJ booths. They are many portable, even collapsible, units you can choose from. There are pre-designed DJ booths you could purchase, or you may choose to purchase a custom made booth.

Before you select a booth, you need to gather you basic equipment. This will help you to know how much space you need in a booth and will allow you to consider what equipment you want where on your booth. The basic equipment you will need includes headphones, a microphone, a DJ mixer which will be connected to a number of active and passive speakers (typically 2-3 of each), and stereo cables for use with your equipment. You will also need some combination of turntables, single and dual cd players, a digital music player, and/or a laptop system. Which of these elements you choose to employ in your music making is really a matter of personal preference.

Let there be no doubt about it, all this DJ equipment represents a major investment. It may take you some time to acquire all the equipment you will need. Do not be hasty about his process, as you want to do your homework and ensure you end up with quality equipment that you can really love and that will give you the freedom to work freely and artistically. Even once you narrow in on the equipment you want, shop around for the best prices. Prices for a DJ mixer, speakers, laptop systems and the like can vary widely. Don’t allow yourself to get ripped off. Do you homework. It could save you a bundle.

Once you have compiled your equipment, you need to spend some time working with it to get a real sense of the set up you will be looking for in a DJ booth. Some DJ booths have all equipment on a single surface or plane. Others have multiple levels from which you can access your equipment and work you musical magic. Look into various types of DJ booths to get an idea of the options out there. Note how equipment is organized on various models and determine what layout would work best for you.

Once you know the layout you are looking for, you need to consider styling. Do you want your booth to be as open as possible, or fairly enclosed? Do you prefer angular lines, or does a softer, more rounded feel suit your style? You will also have to consider color. Black will make you fade into the background while a bright color will make you a visual highlight. You can also choose a booth with built in LED lighting, which will allow you to create a number of visual effects. The material your booth will be made from is also a consideration. You want it to be sturdy enough to work freely on, but light weight enough for easy transport. Finally, you’ll have to determine if there is a pre-designed booth that will suit your needs, or if you want to look into custom DJ booths.

With time, patience, research, and a good wad of cash, you can get all the equipment you need to start your new career as a professional DJ.

portable barsIf you are having an event or some type of get together a great way to make it much more classy and sophisticated is to purchase bottle service.  You may or may not have heard of this type of service before, but basically it is where you will most likely have a reserved table or room at a bar, nightclub or restaurant.  You will also have bottles of liquor available that you purchase by the bottle for your party.  There are typically mixers as well that can be used to make drinks with the bottles of liquor you have purchased.  Sometimes, the cover charge will be waived for your party if you purchase this service, and you can often also request a VIP host who will mix the drinks for you and just oversee the serving of the liquor and such for you.  This type of service can also allow you to bypass entrance lines as well, making it much more enjoyable and convenient for your party.

If you want to make a great impression and live like a king, bottle service is a great way to go.  Although it can be costly, it is a luxury that you may find worth the cost as it changes the whole atmosphere of your event.  It helps boost your image immensely and helps the people in your party to feel like they are living like kings as well.  It is a fun luxury that can be a great business tool if you are entertaining clients or customers or potential clients or customers as well.  Purchasing this service can boost your image and help the clients feel that you run a first class organization that they want to be a part of.

You could describe bottle service as the means whereby instead of having to wait in line in a crowded bar jockeying and fighting for your drinks, and for some space, the nightclub sets you and your party up with your own special table, room, or skybox where you can purchase entire bottles of liquor of your choosing.  You can also have your choice of accompaniments or mixers with ice and other side items and you can have a personal waiter or waitress to serve it all to your group.  Now this sounds enticing!portable bars

Bottle service can be a good idea if you plan to spend the evening at one specific venue and not be hopping around to different locations.  You don’t want to spend a lot of money on bottles of liquor and then leave it all on the table to go to another location.  This is a consideration when you are thinking about this service.  You may want to plan ahead if you want to order the service and make sure the club or restaurant has availability and room for you at your desired time.

Bottle service can be a great way to impress your friends or new acquaintances.  It can also be an impressive way to impress new clients or customers or to entertain existing ones.  You will feel like a million bucks when you have your own private area with personalized service.

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Lots has been going on at Fry Fabrications to close out the year.

portable barsFirst, we’ve made some locking bottle displays and back bar bottle displays for both Crown Royal and Patron.  What makes these locking bottle displays and back bar displays unique is that they both illuminate the bottle via LED lighting and flourescent lighting to promote the bottle branding as much as possible.  These locking bottle displays allow for quick easy access and for the server to lock to prevent the customer from pouring their own glass (a growing law).  We’ve also been busy with the bottle service trays and bottle service sets, as well as locking bottle service trays and locking bottle service sets for various NYE parties around the globe.

We also closed out the year with some bottle display units for Galliano Wine – these bottle displays are designed with tiered shelving to and will look promoting the product in stores along the east coast.  Also closing out some bottle service trays, bottle service sets, and drink carts to Russian Standard, ABSOLUT, and SKYY Vodka.  Furthermore, we put some more carts in production from a company called “Rebelcart” who will be having us manufacture these beefy auto-detail carts.

2011 has been a record year for Fry Fabrications.  Very much looking forward to what’s in store for 2012!

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As I write this blog I am relaxing…why? Well, Fry Fabrications has just completed and shipped one of our most complex items every! No, not a bottle service set, not a portable bar, drink cart, table, or kiosk. This was a Rickshaw cart for Bombay Sapphire bound to be displayed in New York’s JFK airport. What did this cart entail? Wooden wheels, bamboo weaving, bamboo shoots, custom handles with jewels, canopy, real bamboo countertop, shelving, locking door and yards of print media. Photos can be seen at All of this was made in about 2 weeks! It was a stressful 2 weeks for sure, but we’re very happy with the results and can rest easy that this will deliver.

portable barsIn other news we’ve been making a few custom bars for Diaego in Canada, a bowling alley in Michigan, and a local club here in Tempe, AZ called Fat Tuesdays. Also on deck are some pistol shaped bottle service sets for a Las Vegas club called “Revolver” as well as some custom bottle service trays for a new club in Hollywood, California called “Agency.” A custom folding bar was also created for Sobieski Vodka and a custom kisok with locking doors was made for “The Interior Shop” in Phoenix, AZ – this kiosk turned out extra special as the customer added some hot rod style pinstriping to the bar and it looks amazing. We have a few more projects potentially in the works as we begin to wind down 2011. Also in the coming weeks it’ll be time to prepare once again for the Nightclub and Bar Expo in Las Vegas where Fry Fabrications will be displaying our coolest products to date.

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portable barsHere at Fry Fabrications, its been busy, yet productive since our last blog posting. We’ve produced and shipped some trade show pedestals that hold assorted electronic devices, we’ve done some bottle service pieces for Tequila Ambhar which have the most intricate laser work we’ve done to date – we’ve done lots of retail work for assorted outlets. With all of this, it seems that many of the jobs that we’ve been requested – bottle service, drink carts, tables, portable bars, custom work have all been with tight deadlines. I certainly can understand deadlines and why they’re there – yet they can also be scary (afterall it is Halloween today). If all the pieces of the puzzle don’t align perfectly, the deadline can easily be compromised. For example: We must first have the design in place, then the CAD drawings created, then the steel must be cut, fabrication labor performed (without any delay). Then there’s the finish sanding, powder coating, accessories, boxing/packaging, and finally shipping. One hiccup on any of these elements and those promises that were made go down the tubes. The deadlines also continue to get shorter and shorter adding more pressure…yet there are the times where I have to say “no” when our capabilities even at 150% cannot make that deadline possible. Experience has certainly played the most important role when it comes to giving the customer that promise of making that deadline – and knowing when to say we cannot comes from experience. Furthermore, even if a project is profitable, when a very tight deadline is given the potential for that profit is certainly at risk. Honesty is always the best policy.

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portable barsFry Fabrications closed the summer out with some excited projects. First a custom 360 degreen octagonal shaped branded bench was delivered to the ADT corporate headquarters. Next some custom stool and table sets for both Mountain Dew and the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey team. Next up we received the order for 25-100 “Blink” electric car charging station pedestals designed to be in electric car dealerships all over the country. We also received an order for very unique bottle service sets for Tequila Ambhar which have some of the most intricate laser work we’ve ever worked with – can’t wait to see how these come out. Next, we received an order just shy of 1000 pieces from Patron/Ultimat for their National Accounts. Very interested to see these pieces go into motion as they have a slightly different look than the orders we’ve done with them of the past. Lastly, we’ve received several retail orders from our friends at Industrial Ride Shop for various racks, shelving units, and even a fitting room.

In addition to all the great business we’ve been receiving, we aquired a new CNC break press machine. This machine has an adjustable back-stop and also has different speeds and settings to further expand the way that metal can be bent and formed to not only give the piece a unique look, but and also be performed quicker.

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portable barsWhen we’re shipping our bottle service sets, portable bars, ipad kiosks and everything else that comes out of this shop we’re closing one door and opening up a new one. Once it leaves our dock, our job definately not over. First of all, freight is such a competitive industry – there are several carriers that we work with and all offer discounted prices yet once you receive your freight invoices you’ll find re-classes (density + size = classification which can drastically change the cost of shipping produt), re-weight audits, special services that were never requested, and then thorn in my side – damages. Each week several different freight reps stop in to see us and they all claim to offer the best rates and best services, yet it’s all really just a game with me and a war with each other. It seems that when customers order product getting good solid rates along with great service and peace of mind that damages won’t occur doesn’t exist. Furthermore, they all have their best foot forward in the start, but gradually things tend to fall apart. It’s imperative to us that we can offer our customers excellent rates that we can pass on, plus timely transit in a secure manner yet it never is quite what it seems. When the customer receives the product, if there are damages, or late deliveries, or additional hidden costs that is all a direct reflection of us as a business. Freight is a tough industry to manage and can be frustrating on our end when we place our product in their hands. I’m currently in process of training a co-worker here with the tasks, responsibilities, and this is certainly not a 1 day lesson. Technically, it’s not trailing, but more of how to play the game.

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