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Shoppers become interested in products in a variety of ways.  They may see commercials, get recommendations from friends, or simply be drawn to interesting or pretty packaging.  When people go to the store, whether to peruse or with a set list of things to purchase, they will be bombarded with products, brands, packaging and advertisements.  Because of this, it can be difficult for a product or brand to stand out and be noticed.  One way to catch the eye of shopper and take advantage of their attention is with point of purchase displays.  Just think about how often you are standing in the checkout line and decide to purchase a pack of gum, lip balm or candy bar that you would otherwise have not purchased.  As you are making your way to the register you may see a display for lotion with eye catching packaging and a colorful advertisement perfectly showcased on a custom retail display.  Immediately it catches your eye, you are drawn in and decide to give a new product a try.  Or, perhaps you are nearing the point of purchase and see a display for pens.  It may have been something you are in need of but had completely forgotten.  The point of purchase display catches your eye, reminds you and you grab some on your way to the register.  When customers are ready to make a purchase, adding something at the last minute that they want or need is an easy decision.  For this reason, it is wise to utilize point of purchase displays so that you can advertise to all of your customers that are ready and willing to make a purchase.

When designing a custom point of purchase display you need to consider a few factors.  First, consider the intended use of the display.  Will it be used primarily to advertise one type of product or do you need it to be versatile enough to advertise a multitude of products.  If it is for one specific brand or product, it can be very uniquely designed so to specifically showcase what you want.  If it will need to be for a variety of products it may need to be customized more generally so that it can accommodate different product sizes and weights.  Depending on the type of products being displayed you will want to consider materials, height and features.  For certain products, you may to create a point of purchase display with media, interactive media lights, sounds and more.  A point of purchase display can be far more than some shelves with products stacked on top.  When you custom design your display you can make it unique and eye-catching so that you maximize its effectiveness.  Harvard Business Review explains the importance of point of purchase displays and why they increase business, “POP expenditures are of increasing significance to marketers for three reasons. First, they often prove more productive than advertising and promotion expenditures. Second, the decline in sales support at the store level is stimulating interest among retailers in manufacturers’ POP programs. Third, changes in consumers’ shopping patterns and expectations, along with an upsurge in impulse buying, mean that the point of purchase is playing a more important role in consumers’ decision making than ever before.”  Better advertise your business or product and increase point of purchase sales with custom designed point of purchase displays.


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Whether you own your own storefront or want to display your product in a store, a custom retail display is a necessity.    When it comes to properly marketing a product you need it to stand out, make a good first impression and draw the consumer in.  A large part of this is certainly the packaging of a product but a custom retail display can make all the difference.

First, a custom retail display helps products stand out.  Rather than being lost in a sea of similar products on boring standard shelves a custom retail display will truly make a product “pop.”  People often enter a store with a list of things to purchase or certain things in mind so you need to catch the eye of the consumer and make them want to see what you are selling.  A well-placed  custom retail display can do just that.  Not only will a custom retail display catch the customer’s eye but what they see will be interesting and exciting.  This is because a custom retail display makes a positive impression on customer’s by adding professionalism and elevating the stature of the product.  Point of purchase marketing has been shown time and time again to be incredibly effective.  The power of pursuasion right before making a purchase is hard to resist and when a product is displayed just right, a consumer may decide to purchase it when they had not otherwise planned to.   This is beneficial for both the store who makes a profit and the brand who may now gain a loyal customer.  No matter what your product is, the message you want to send to customers is a dedication to your brand or your store and with a custom retail display it shows that you have invested in something that you are proud of and believe in.  It sends a subtle message to the consumer that your brand or store is trustworthy.

Additionally, with a custom retail display the investment will keep paying for itself over time.  Every time there is a new product to display you can use your custom retail displays or continually tweak them to meet your needs.  Because they are custom they can be designed to showcase your brand.  As a business you have worked hard to build a recognizable brand that customers can trust and a custom designed display is simply an extension of that brand.   If you have a very rustic product or branding it would look strange on a modern display shelf made of metal.  The same problem would arise if you have a very sleek, modern product that is displayed on old wooden shelves.  Do not let the message about yoru product get confused or lost in translation.  A custom retail display will help you consistently and uniquely display your brand for customers.


Display For Retail BusinessThere is a lot of discussion about the importance of point of purchase, or POP, retail displays and, for good reason.  Point of purchase retail displays are incredibly influential and lead the bottom line is that they do lead to more sales.  Many people go to the store in search of a few specific things and end up purchasing other things they see while in the store.  Why do you think that is?  What has drawn them to the product?  Sure, they may have forgotten they needed something but often, someone will buy a product in a store because they see advertising and packaging that is intriguing and when they see it all displayed well on a point of purchase display, it becomes nearly irresistible.   When a product is displayed in a sea of competitors, you may not notice it, but when it has its own unique and eye-catching custom retail display, you are much more likely to notice it.  Think about a bottle of red nail polish, in any given drug store there are probably upwards of 50 different similar red nail polishes that are maybe a shade or two different or almost the identical shade.  What makes your brand’s red nail polish different and how will you get a consumer to purchase your brand instead of your competitor’s brand?  A point of purchase display that is splashy and colorful, that draws the eye and showcases your “perfect” shade of red will make it stand out in a sea of competitors and make consumers much more likely to purchase your red nail polish.

In addition to simply making your brand or product stand out, a custom designed retail display will not only showcase your product, it will also showcase your brand overall.  A custom point of purchase display elevates your brand to a level above your competitors because it shows you have gone the extra mile to truly invest in a product in which you strongly believe.  You have worked hard to market your brand and products and your point of purchase display will be designed to directly reach your target audience.  The message you will be sending to your target audience is that your product is special, that it is worth purchasing.  In essence, you will elevate the perceived value of your product, which is truly invaluable. You will be communicating brand values, brand lifestyle and creating a persona for the type of customer that purchases your product.  Branding your business in this way not only creates brand recognition but it creates recall so that repeat customers are born and a distinct lifestyle and brand will also be more attractive to new customers who see themselves as part of a certain lifestyle or wanting to be part of a certain lifestyle.  Additionally, when you custom design a point of purchase display for your brand, it can be used time and time again as new products are unveiled so a one-time investment will keep paying for itself for a long time to come.  Custom retail point of purchase displays are great from promoting existing or new products as well as showcasing your brand to both loyal consumers and new consumers alike.


Display For Retail BusinessNever underestimate the importance of someone’s first impression.  While there is certainly more to a product than a first impression. it is the first impression that may intrigue someone to purchase a product or send someone off to look at another product.  If the first impression is negative, or your products simply fade into the multitude of other products on a shelf, someone may never even see your product or be interested to try it.  A custom retail display can be adapted to the unique needs of your product to properly promote your brand and encourage customers not only to notice your product, but make your product pop so that they want to purchase it.

You have probably spent hours designing your packaging and perfecting your brand because you are proud of the product you have created.  And not only are you proud, but you want customers to know about your product and purchase it.  Oftentimes, the market is flooded with a lot of products and shelves can get crowded, diluting the unique marketing message of your brand.  Custom retail displays and shelving can be tailored to ensure that your brand and product is promoted in the best and most ideal way possible.  Whether you have unique packaging or a specific message, retail displays can be created out of various materials and shaped and assembled through design so that they are an extension of your product and branding.  Your product will pop in a sea of competitors because it will be on unique shelving that stands out amongst the bland and boring typical displays.  When a custom walks into a store, or turns a corner, your product will be immediately visible and the eye will be instantly drawn to it.  Because of this, many customers will first take a look at what your product is because they see a well promoted, innovative, unique stylish and savvy display.  Target specific customers that you hope to sell your product to with the type of display you create .  With custom retail displays, you will create brand recognition which will then, in turn, create repeat customers and loyalty.  You invest money and time in creating marketing materials for your brand and custom retail displays are simply an extension of those marketing materials.  So, let your imagination run wild and dream big when designing your custom retail display because no dream is too big or too crazy.  It is important to get the message out about your brand and a custom retail display is sure to do just that, and more.

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Retailers everywhere know that appearances make a huge first impression when it comes to drawing new customers.  That is why if you are a small retail shop owner you should consider looking into custom retail displays.  Let’s say that you are a business that sells motorcycle gear and attire.  Your target customer will not be the run-of-the-mill person, this customer is a bit edgy, and maybe their tastes run a little on the dangerous side so why not have your store reflect this image?


By using a style or motif that will suit these types of patrons to your store your retail display can really add into the products you sell as well as the overall theme of your business.  Display cases constructed of steel or painted black with vibrant graphics might be just the ticket your ideal customer is looking for.  Add some odd angles or shelving made of industrial type metal and you’ll have those weekend warrior types lining their way to the cash registers.


However, if you sell floral supplies, obviously your retail displays may take a very different detour here.  Perhaps painted wooden shelves arranged in pleasing patterns that have a lot of whimsy and charm with their design scheme or hearken to a Victorian Era might lure those who have an interest in flower arranging.  Here you may want to create cozy little vignettes of soft colors, inviting little displays that showcase your products in a unique and suitable way.


Designing your own custom retail displays are not as daunting a task as you might think.  Try going to other retail stores to get an idea of how they are selling their wares and what seems to work with your own design sensibilities or what doesn’t.  Chances are by finding the right design your mind will begin to create a palette that is as uniquely special as you are.  Fabricators can make your design dreams come true, if you have the vision, they can make your retail display not only functional but custom built.


It is difficult to get a second chance when the first impressions are either lost or dismissed.  If your store seems unable to keep those customers from coming in and staying to browse a bit, you may need to rethink your designs and what might be a better way to direct their eyes towards your top selling products.   By putting in a little research and going to other stores, yes competitors, look to see how they have organized their merchandise.  And conversely, how your own store’s organization looks in comparison.  Most retailers will have their items in handier, easy to reach locations and unless your products are expensive and small in size like a locked jewelry cases, the customer should have the experience of handling the product, holding and determining their needs.


Remember that when you are selling your products to the general public, you want their experience in your store to be a pleasant one.  So much so that the next time they are out shopping, your store will be on the top of their list.  Creating that pleasing and enticing environment can make all the difference between luring new customers and sending them off on their way to some competitor’s store.  This is why custom retail displays will make you stand out from the retail crowd, no generic shelving or tables so blah and blank that your customer walks right by your top-selling merchandise.  You need something to grab their attention and better yet, keep them returning, time after time.


Yes, custom retail displays are an intricate part of your business.  They can provide that niche look you’ve envisioned and play to your customer’s every need.  When you consider how competitive the world of retail is, you will want to be on the top of your game.  To strike out and make a name for yourself and your company, all with a little help in order to sell your products efficiently.


At the end of the day, you need to know who your customers are and begin to plan your design scheme accordingly.  Custom retail displays can make that apparent within the first minute of a future customer stepping through your doors, they will either feel intrigued or they will spin on their heels and leave.  Keep your patrons happy and returning, chances are they will appreciate your efforts by becoming loyal and active customers.

If you’ve been to many trade shows lately, you may have noticed how there is a wide breadth in the quality of trade show displays. Some companies really go above and beyond to make their displays impressive and memorable, and for the amount of attention these can get at industry events, it’s not an opportunity a company should skimp on. Here’s five battles your company can win through having the best display on the showroom floor.

Firstly, these events are all about networking. It’s not just new clients and customers you’re hoping to attract. You also want the attention of your industry peers and other helpful contacts whose services or partnership can be advantageous in the long run. By the basic act of having clearly invested in a custom-built display, you send several encouraging messages to colleagues passing by. Obviously you indicate that your company has the capital to make such an investment, which is important, as everyone wants to be friends with a winner.

Through premium, eye-catching trade show displays, companies also convey that they are enthusiastic members of the business community that respect these events enough to value the impression that they make there. It’s not just that your business is booming, it’s that you’re happy to be there and are invested in the success of the industry as a whole. Your peers and prospects don’t just want to pick a winner, they want to feel like they’re on the winning team.

Psychology aside, with clear and creative signage, imagery, and other self-promotional and explanatory eye-candy, you also save some precious minutes of conversation, which is another victory all its own. It will always be hard to shake every hand and chat with every valuable contact at a trade show that might well be attended by thousands of people. If attendees already know a fair amount about your business at a glance, before even speaking with the representative manning the booth, the eventual conversation will be that much more efficient.

As for the physical arrangements of first-rate trade show displays, a custom design will streamline and organize your presentation to maximize the flow of people through it and the information they receive as they explore. Depending on the nature of your business, you may benefit from tiered shelving of specific sizes, mounted screens, extra lighting, a strategic color scheme; there’s any number of variables that a good design team can exploit. You might need specialized equipment, refrigeration, a waste-disposal system, an area for demonstrations, and all this might be more than your staff can handle in the run-up to an event.

Finally there’s set-up, breakdown, and portability to consider. A custom-built trade show display will be streamlined for travel if you want it to be, and since you might have workers on the clock at the event, you probably won’t want them spending extra hours trying to figure out how to put it all together and then take it all apart. You won’t want that process to be too complicated either, because no matter whose job it is to make it work, you definitely don’t want it to fail or fall apart.

A folding table and a banner may be great for your kids’ after-school bake sale, but on the showroom floor of a high-profile industry event, any truly competitive commercial enterprise ought to make an investment in representing itself in the most exciting and accessible light possible. Trade shows are fun and friendly events, but they are also highly competitive. An effective custom-built trade show display can be a real home-run for your company.


One great thing about owning your own business is that you can take complete control over the design of your business, the signs for your advertising, the way you actually use said signs, your packaging, and more. If you have a physical storefront, then having your own personal signs is very important in order to draw in more foot traffic. By investing in a sign through custom metal fabrication, you can have something unique to really help draw the customers’ attention. Street signs are great because they can serve all kinds of purposes. 3 main uses for your own custom designed street signs could include letting customers know about current deals you are running, guiding customers to your exact location, and making you stand out from all of your competitors. With the right custom street sign in place, you can easily benefit from each of these 3 uses of your sign. Of course, there are many more uses for your street signs, so feel free to let your imagination run wild!

One part of drawing in more customers is running special deals and promotions. It is one thing to have a special deal or promotion going on, however, and quite another thing to actually advertise that deal or promotion to the public. Using custom metal fabrication, you can have a unique street sign to put outside your storefront, out on the sidewalk, or even at the street corner to advertise whatever sales or promotions you currently have going on. Not only will you gain the attention of passersby simply by having a visible sign, but by advertising your deals you are sure to have customers swing by, eager to take advantage of your promotion.

Another key use of signs made from custom metal fabrication is to guide customers to your exact location. The great thing about street signs is their flexibility. You can put that street sign pretty much anywhere as long as you have permission. That could be right outside your door, across the street, down the block, or even on a rooftop—so long as you have permission. Getting creative with the location of your street sign is all well and good, but how will customers know exactly where to go to find you? Most street signs allow you to write on them or switch out posters—another great feature that allows you to change the look of your sign whenever you desire. By putting your store’s address on a conspicuous part of your sign, you can easily guide customers to your location. You might even get creative and use multiple signs with arrows, marking a clear path to your store and your promotions.

One of the best uses you can get out of a sign done with custom metal fabrication is to set yourself apart from competitors. If you live in an area where street signs are used all the time, you might need to take it up a notch. If you’re going to invest in a custom sign anyway, you may as well go all out. Use your imagination to turn that custom metal fabrication into something that really makes you stand out. You don’t have to fall in line and make a sign exactly like everyone else’s. Instead, think about what sets you and your particular business apart from your competitors. Use that to create your sign and drive the advertising behind your business. In the end, it will be exactly what you desire to make of it.

Owning your own business gives you a lot of control over things like design, packaging, and advertising. Using custom metal fabrication to build your very own street signs can be a very wise investment, especially when those signs are used properly. 3 great uses you can get out of signs made from custom metal fabrication include advertising your sales or promotions, guiding customers to your business’ location, and making your business stand out from the competition. The best part is, with a business that makes custom signs, you are only limited by your imagination in both the design of the sign and the use for it. If you want to hang it from the roof and you have permission to do so, go ahead! If you feel like wearing the sign and dancing around to grab more customers’ attention, feel free to do it! It’s your business, your design, and your sign, so take control and bring on those customers.

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Accessibly Obtaining Retail Items

portable barStarting, expanding, and running a business can create all kinds of unwarranted stresses and details that need to be worked out. Some of the biggest parts of retail stores and their needs are arranging retail items in an attractive, accessible, and straightforward way. Using tables, hooks, and other types of arrangement items are very helpful in certain cases where there are several types of similar items, but the best way in which to show off a lot of merchandise at once is through retail display cases. Study after study has been conducted on how merchandisers and retailers display their items to show them off or catch shoppers’ eyes, and nearly all of those techniques involve retail display cases in some fashion. Obtaining retail display cases can help to provide space that helps business professionals to arrange their merchandise in an organized and straightforward way. These types of cases can also show a lot of merchandise at once without having to lay all of it on the table.

Of course, these types of display cases are not only useful for items that are similar and able to be replaced easily, but they can also provide more secure and dust-resistant ways to show off special or one of a kind merchandise. Those items in retail display cases that are unique and unobtainable anywhere else should be kept safe and be shown off in a classy and attractive way. Utilizing retail display cases can help merchandisers and businesses show what they have to offer without taking a lot of effort to point it out or requiring a lot of maintenance. As mentioned before, these types of cases can help stores to keep their merchandise, especially special or unique merchandise, free from dust or other types of wear. As an added benefit to all of those mentioned before, display cases can also come in many different sizes and styles.

portable bar

Most types of display cases meant for commercial use are designed in counter or waist-high form, but there are also many that are available in taller or larger styles. These display cases are able to provide a different angle or dynamic to showing off merchandise as well. Through the utilization of these types of cases, business owners can show what they have to offer for the eye level of persons or shoppers of any height while also attracting their attention to other objects or items inside the case itself. This also helps to create a different dynamic that will break shoppers out of the monotony of looking only at horizontal display cases and the objects in them. These cases, as well as any others that are used throughout a store, create ways for shoppers to look at what they may or may not know they wanted when they first entered the store. Also, many of these types of cases provide counter space and other areas for employees to pull out and present merchandise, for registers to rest on, and for other work to be conducted while businesses have a moment to rest. Utilizing the many untold benefits of these types of cases can help any who are starting, running, or expanding a business to do so with ease and class, as well as with less stress.

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portable barSelf service is more available and convenient to the retail industry than ever before.  There is a fast growing trend toward self-service with the use of retail kiosks.  Some of the types of kiosks that fit in this category would be ATM machines, DVD rental kiosks, digital imaging and picture manipulating and ordering stations, virtual salespeople, gift registries, and other applications.  If you start looking around, you will probably notice these retail kiosks all over the place and in hundreds of different applications.

The kiosks of this type are an alternative to retailing storefront applications.  You will notice in the malls where you shop that there are usually multiple kiosks line up along the center of the halls and walkways.  These retail kiosks may be set up with anything from calendars or beauty supplies to cell phones or chocolates.  These can be a much less expensive alternative for a retail business owner who needs temporary or less costly space that still gets a lot of traffic.  You will also see these types of carts or kiosks in airports and at sporting events.  Sometimes, the kiosks are even found within a retail store.

There are many advantages to the retail kiosks and the use of them.  They can be temporary and are a great way for you to test out a new market and see if you think it will profitable for you to open a retail outlet in a certain location or area.  It is a big commitment for you to secure a permanent or long-term storefront, so you may want to test things out with a kiosk before you make that decision.  If you don’t test out the market and just go with the storefront commitment, you could end up spending a lot of money if it doesn’t do so well.

It is also much easier to start out a business when you can use a kiosk.  Obviously, the initial cost is much lower and you can much easier stock a retail cart with your merchandise than a whole store.  These retail carts are also a great way to take advantage of the impulse shopper when you are located within the traffic path and have a lot of people going by you that you can entice to look at and then purchase your products.  Many people are impulse shoppers and if you are in the way of where they are going, they may look at your product and consider purchasing it when they otherwise wouldn’t.

You do need to be serious about making money and having a good product if you do rent retail kiosks however, because although the cost is much less than renting a storefront, the cost can still be a chunk of change, especially during the holiday season.  But, the holiday season does bring out many more shoppers and thus give you much more foot traffic as well, so it can be very profitable for you to operate one of these kiosks to promote your merchandise.

portable barYou will want to make sure the products you are selling are appealing to the crowd of traffic you will be operating in.  For example, if you have a kiosk in the mall, you will want to have merchandise that mall shoppers would be interested in.

portable barWhen you own a retail store, you have many different things that you are concerned with as you do your best to keep your store up to snuff.  One of the things you need to consider is how to display your merchandise.  Many retailers use a retail display case to display certain merchandise more securely than if it were just placed on a shelf.   There are regular shelving options and built in display cases, but those often don’t offer the same secure options that a secure retail display case will have.

When you are looking for the right cases for your store, you must pay attention to a number of details.  If you are going to stock the merchandise under the display case, you may need a different design than if you plan to stock your merchandise in a storage at the back of your store or in a nearby warehouse.  In addition, you must think carefully about the merchandise you plan to display.  You must decide whether this particular type of merchandise is going to be displayed in the case for as long as you own the store or if the display case will be showcasing different types of merchandise over time.

Knowing what your purpose is for the retail display case is very important as you do research to decide what the best style, size, and configuration of the case will be.  You may want to look at cases that are very flexible in their design, so that the shelves can be moved up or down or so that different dividers can be used as needed.  You will find that there are many options, which means you ought to be able to find a style and size that will work for you.

portable barAnother consideration you must have is the way the retail display case matches the rest of the decor in your store.  While you will probably be using quite a bit of glass or plexi-glass in the case, you should also realize that there are many different colors available through the use of high and low pressure laminates.  This can be a way to add a spot of color or to really complement the rest of your decor.

You will want to decide whether or not the merchandise you plan to have on display will require some special type of lighting to help display it appropriately.  Many businesses use certain types of lighting for different types of merchandise.  For example, jewelry can be well-lit with halogen lighting, while clothing may look better with fluorescent or incandescent lighting.  If your retail display case is to be used for food, you may want to consider encapsulated lighting.

As you can see, there are a number of considerations that you will need to address as you think about your display options.  You can search online and find a number of companies that sell a variety of retail display case styles.  By making comparisons between the available options, you should be able to find something that will work for you.  If you need multiple cases, you may be able to get a lower price by purchasing them in bulk.

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