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DJs are the lords of the dance. They can lure people onto the dance floor and having them cavorting like rhythmic marionettes. Even individuals who don’t dance can be swayed to tap their feet, snap their fingers or bob their heads. The music has a way of infecting everyone within earshot and forcing them to take notice whether they want to or not. If you have dreams of becoming a lord of the dance, then you’ll need a DJ booth. Since DJ booths can be rather expensive, you may be better off building your own. It may sound like a difficult task, but is could prove to be more satisfying than buying one in a store.


Before you start making a list of supplies to buy, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough room to set up a DJ booth. Make sure that the location won’t disturb the neighbors and that you can set up your booth the same way whether you’re at home or performing in front of a crowd. Having equipment in a different spot than you’re used to can seriously impact how you perform. Next, you should take measurements. The first measurement and one of the most important is the height of the DJ booth. DJ booths that are too short can lead to back problems and those that are too high can put a strain on your arms and shoulders. Make sure that you can stand straight with your shoulders comfortably squared.


Storage is important when it comes to a DJ booth, whether you’re strictly digital or choose to use records and CDs. Storage areas are excellent for back up or unused equipment. You’ll also have somewhere to stash your jacket or backpack. For storage, you can use bookshelves with legs that you can adjust to your liking. If you find that you need extra height, table tops and wall shelves with legs are great places for turntables, laptops and headphones on DJ booths. A good idea is to take measurements of everything before heading off to the store so you don’t have to second guess or make more trips than necessary.


Will you be using your own speakers? If so, you may want to have a spot on the booth for you to attach your speakers or have an area just for them. Hooks are excellent for a more professional look and a good place to store your headphones when you aren’t using them. When constructing DJ booths, you can either purchase the parts you need or make them yourself. You may want to make a list of all of the required parts before you buy anything so you don’t waste time returning equipment that you didn’t need or going back for extra shelves. The time you spend in the store is time that could be spent making music. Stores that sell equipment that can easily be put together may be your best bet instead of using boxed equipment.


Making your own DJ booth can be a fun experience if done right. Who knows, you may find yourself building DJ booths for fellow DJs and staring a business for yourself.




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A bar is where friends are made, romance is born, in depth conversation is had and memories are created. There’s a certain kind of fascination surrounding bars and the profession of bartending. Who knew something as simple as enjoying drinks could prove to be powerful enough to bring people together? Instead of people going to the bar, the bar can now go to the people and serve up good times and good drinks. A portable bar is a great way for bars, pubs and taverns to take their business outside of their establishment.

If you’re planning a party or small get-together and don’t want to have your gathering at a raucous bar, you can call up your favorite bar to see if they can come to your picnic, pool party, tailgate party or house party. If your favorite bar doesn’t have portable bars, then you’ll have to search for a bar that does and hope that they are just as enjoyable as your favorite bar. Before making any final decisions, you should check out the portable bar to see if it’s up to your liking. Make sure that the business you choose pays close attention to how their portable bars look and that they take just as good care of them as they would a regular bar.

You might want a bar with LED lights or graphics to add a bit of dazzle to your party. The mobile bar should be constructed from sturdy, high-qualify materials. While the bar has the ability to move around, it should still have an overall professional and permanent appearance. The bar should also actually be portable with foldable parts and can be set-up and broken down quickly and easily. Look for a portable bar that can easily be rolled by one person in the folded-up position or in the folded-out position. LED lighting looks great if you’re having a party at night and want to add festive splashes of color. Some portable bars have over 100 LED lighting options that can be changed with the push of a button. If you need a mobile bar for a business function, think about splashing the company icon or a message on the sides and top of the bar to do a bit of unobtrusive advertising while you’re entertaining guests.

There are different kinds of portable bars, such as standard and professional. A standard portable bar may be made from steel with side and front panels that can be removed for easier portability. A standard bar can usually be assembled in less than five minutes, has a couple of ice bins, cutting boards, folding shelves and what’s known as a speed well. Professional portable bars are a little bit trendier than their standard counterparts. They can have a bit of a glossier coating and can be folded into a single piece and put together in less than three minutes. Professional bars might also have an area where beer taps can be added.

Portable bars can be just the thing you need to make your social event a certified hit. Consider renting one and hiring the services of a professional bartender the next time you’re planning something festive.


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If you like gathering with friends at the bar for cocktails but don’t enjoy the loud volume level, lines and overpriced drinks of the bar, then you may want to take a look at portable bars for your home. Think of what it would be like to invite your friends over in the intimacy of your home and mix your own drinks the way that you want instead of worrying about getting a drink that is too strong or has too much ice for your linking. With a portable bar, you can serve drinks in the dining room, living room, in the backyard or by the pool. You’ll be pleased to know that you have a variety of options when it comes to portable bars.

Wood bars have a classic look and feel and can also be arranged so that they look like a cabinet or an end table. When you’re ready to play bartender, all you have to do is add a few bar stools, open the sides and you have an instant bar with its very own foot rails. A wooden bar with a middle panel may be used for storage space. Wooden portable bars can cost you about $600 and also feature a variety of finishes, allowing you to pair them with your décor.

A home style folding bar can also look like a cabinet when not in use. Models can have extensions that you can pull to reveal the bar complete with a fabulous finish. These types of bars can be fully stocked with your favorite spirits, wine, beer and even has room for a rack of rocks glasses and stemware. For a portable bar that looks like an armoire, you might be interested in a hide-a-bar. These portable bars have a lovely classic look and some come with a 20-bottle wine rack and additional storage for glasses and liquor. Mirrored backs reflect the elegance of these portable bars, and may also have a varnished wood finish in addition to extra counter space, drawers and pull-out shelves.

Oak barrel bistro tables are portable wine bars that look like barrels. They can be made from used wine barrels and have doors that open to reveal space for your favorite brandy, whisky or rum in addition to glasses and bar tools. Some oak barrel bistro tables have a pine tabletop finish and a nicely designed foot rail. While these types of portable bars are quite small, they are great for smaller, intimate gatherings for a few friends; you can usually purchase one for less than a thousand dollars. If you’re in the market for a portable for less than $500, you might want to consider a mini bar. While they look simple and won’t be mistaken for end tables or cabinets, they get the job done just as well as anything else. These kinds of mobile bars are the easiest to maneuver and don’t take up much space, which can make a big difference if you have a small apartment and still like entertaining guests.

A portable bar is just the thing to help you save money and time that would otherwise be spent driving to a bar and spending more money on a drink than you need to.


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If you are in the business of party planning or catering for weddings or other events, you may want to consider getting a portable bar.  This type of bar is not meant to be a permanent fixture in your home or venue.  It’s portable so you can move the bar or hide it’s contents.  You can find a bar in practically any size to entertain large groups or rent it out for private functions.  Some people just like to have them in their home for when company comes over.  If you don’t like the look of a regular standard bar in your home, a portable one may be just what  you need.  You can find one that looks like a living room cabinet, but when you open it up, and pull out the extensions, you have a bar.

When choosing the type of bar you want, consider what type of finish you want it to have.  Some wooden bars can look like any end table or cabinet and can be put anywhere in the house.  When it comes time to entertain your guests, you can simply pull out the portable bar and swing open the sides.  The bar will have storage room for you to keep wine and liquor.  The bars typically come with some sort of locking device so you can keep the contents locked up when the bar is not in use, and unlock them when you need them.   All you need is a couple of bar stools and you are ready to go.

Some larger portable bars have room to store a full stock of liquor plus several wine bottles. They also have pull out drawers to store corkscrews and bottle openers.  Some of them even have a built in rack so you can hang your stemware.

If you are looking for a smaller bar for casual entertaining, you might want to consider a mini bar cart.  These are a type of portable bars that don’t have a lot of storage but they can be neatly stored just about anywhere when not in use.  They are designed for the occasional entertainer.

If you want to find a top of the line portable bar, consider one with a stainless steel finish.  They look very sleek and modern and are very easy to move around.  You can find more expensive bars that contain everything from a sink with a faucet and filter to a cutting board.  There are plenty of shelves and room to store wine glasses and other items.  You can also find them with a insulated ice bin so you can have access to ice right there at your bar.  This is a great investment for someone who does private parties or bartends for weddings and other events.  With just a few parties, you will be able to make back what you spent on the bar.

The type of bar you end up choosing really depends on what you will be using it for.  If you like to entertain guests at your home but what to conceal the bar when it is not in use, look for something that doubles as a cabinet or end table.  If you want to make some additional income by bartending at weddings or other events,  consider investing a little more money in a larger portable bar.

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Anybody, in any business, knows that a unique décor sets them apart form all of the rest.  It is the sort of thing that gets people talking about your business, and we all know that word of mouth is the best advertisement.  Your furnishings should stand out, like you want to, whether your message is to be of elegant beauty, comfort, or all-out fun.  Depending on the clientele that you are targeting, or if you are adding some awesome furnishings in your own home, or patio, custom bar tables can send your own unique message.

There are very few of us, who, when shopping for anything, wouldn’t actually rather have something made to our personal liking.  There is almost always something that we can find with a product, no matter how great it is, that we would tweak a little or a lot, to make it exactly the way we would like it to be.  It is a natural part of life that comes from each of us being such individuals that we enjoy having our physical surroundings reflect who we are.  Now that you know you can get custom bar tables made to your specific taste, you should have fun with the creation of the perfect look or feel for your circumstances.

When you are furnishing an indoor lounge area, you can enjoy choosing from the varieties and colors of fine leather or other comfortable fabrics for your chairs.  Perhaps you want elegant wooden bases, or have your own idea of where a footrest should be located for optimum comfort.  You get to choose chairs that look like you want them to, and have them designed the way that you feel would be most inviting to your crowd.  Do you want the chairs to swivel?  Is space an issue for you?  It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, when you are getting custom bar tables, you are going to have the seats exactly as you wish.

What do you want the table itself to say for you?  If you are furnishing a sports bar, you can create a theme among your tables that incorporates popular team logos, or commemorate a great moment in sports history.  Perhaps you would like to choose a custom bar table that shows your support for the most popular home teams in your area.  When choosing to go with custom bar tables, you are as unlimited as your own imagination.

If you are selecting furnishing for your personal lounge area, in your own home, or out on your patio, you will have fun designing your custom bar tables to go with the surroundings, or you can use the opportunity to change the feel of a certain area.  Regardless of the material you want for your seating, and whether you want your tabletops to be wooden, ceramic, glass, stone, or anything else you think of, consider it a reality when you are calling the shots on how it is built and looks.

Furniture of any sort can make or break the ambiance of any space and whether you are creating comfort for your business or home, you have your unique taste to consider.  You know how much space you have to work with, what sort of theme, comfort or feel you would like to incorporate, so get them custom made and have the bar tables that are different from all others, just like you.

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Point of purchase displays are a great sales tool and can have a huge impact on consumers.  These types of displays are set up near the cash registers at any grocery or convenience store.  They are designed to catch the interest of the person waiting in line to check out.   Because the time someone waits in line varies, your display needs to be something that can really catch the eye of the shopper.  If it is something that peaks their interest, they will hopefully add it to the items in their bag or cart.

Having your product conveniently located near the cash register is not the only thing that will get them to commit to the purchase.  You must have them thinking “I need that!”  There are a few different factors that you should consider when making your point of purchase display.  They must have eye-catching graphics, a creative design, a short, enticing phrase and a little bit of informative text about the product.

Eye catching graphics are important for your point of purchase displays.  You need something that is colorful and can immediately grab the attention of the consumer.  If your point of sale display that has neutral colors and blends in with it’s surroundings may not inspire someone to even give the display a second look. That’s why it’s important to use graphics and colors that will get noticed.

The second factor your display should have is a creative design.  This goes hand in hand  with color and graphics. If your display is well designed and has the right colors and graphics to be attention getting, customers will be more likely to take notice.

The third factor needed in point of purchase displays is a catch phrase or slogan.  It can even be something as simple as one word.  This can be all it takes to convince a customer to buy your product.  Something quick and easy to read is important.  Something like “Try it!”  Or “Delicious!”  are short phrases that can easily get a customers attention.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all customers will be as excited as some when they see your point of purchase displays.  They may not be enticed by the colors or graphics, but what they are looking for is more information to decide if it is a product they really need or not.  That’s why it’s a good idea to have some product information on the display that can be easily found and read quickly.  You don’t want the information to clutter the display, but you want to include it for the customer who needs more information.  They might be motivated by something that states that the product is good for them, contains vitamins or has a certain amount of calories.  Just a little bit of information is all the consumer may need to convince themselves that yes, they need that product.

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Fry Fabrications will be at the NC&B show 2012 at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 13 14! We’ll be showcasing an array of products such as Bottle Service Sets, tables, bars, a DJ Booth, and much more!

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Lots has been going on at Fry Fabrications to close out the year.

portable barsFirst, we’ve made some locking bottle displays and back bar bottle displays for both Crown Royal and Patron.  What makes these locking bottle displays and back bar displays unique is that they both illuminate the bottle via LED lighting and flourescent lighting to promote the bottle branding as much as possible.  These locking bottle displays allow for quick easy access and for the server to lock to prevent the customer from pouring their own glass (a growing law).  We’ve also been busy with the bottle service trays and bottle service sets, as well as locking bottle service trays and locking bottle service sets for various NYE parties around the globe.

We also closed out the year with some bottle display units for Galliano Wine – these bottle displays are designed with tiered shelving to and will look promoting the product in stores along the east coast.  Also closing out some bottle service trays, bottle service sets, and drink carts to Russian Standard, ABSOLUT, and SKYY Vodka.  Furthermore, we put some more carts in production from a company called “Rebelcart” who will be having us manufacture these beefy auto-detail carts.

2011 has been a record year for Fry Fabrications.  Very much looking forward to what’s in store for 2012!

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