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portable barsWith all the craziness with the shop over the past 5-6 months, we’ve actually hit a slow patch in the past week (sales-wise). The slow-down is contributed to summer vacations, events currently happening in full swing and not much time for customers to shop-around. With that being said, the shop is still busy cranking out an order for Skyy and 12 custom carts for Grey Goose st the Harrah’s resort in Atlantic City. Also, one of our larger clients Monster Energy put a large order in ink of 17 bars and 48 tables in production. So as I type this blog entry the shop is buzzing with energy – the welders are sizzling, the saws are cutting, and the hydraulic presses are crashing down into steel forming bends that can never be made with human hands.

Furthermore, its any day now that we’ll be getting the green light on a large (and quite detailed) project that I’ve been working on since November. After a lengthy process, the design is in place, and financials have been outlined, and paperwork has been completed and one Purchase Order on the fax machine will get this job in motion. Once that comes over I’ll fill you in…

So for now – I’m enjoying this time, this short winow to catch my breath before the motor is once again at full throttle…and this engine will be pushed harder than ever.

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