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Fry Fabrications is a metal fabrication firm that designs and produces merchandising and beverage displays for retail, restaurants, nightclubs and bars, as well as custom branded products for on-premise marketing.

With in-house expertise in marketing, trade show planning, retail fixtures, portable beverage services (including wet bars and bottle service organizers), a solid merchandising plan can be created around each client’s logo, style and marketing strategy.

I would like to personally apologize to you and your business for not reciprocating the professional courtesy you showed my business over the last few years.

I started this company in 2000 and slowly built it up to a thriving business. I was able grow a team of about 20 people who were able to be proud of the work we were doing together. We were also able to build a great reputation with some of the biggest corporations around the world.

Then around 5-6 years ago we lost a considerable amount of business to companies overseas. Not fully understanding how to pivot our business during that time, I decided to downsize in man power, equipment, and even sold the massive warehouse I had worked so hard to buy.

Things were still on track, until Covid hit, at which point I decided to go back to being the only employee and producing all of my products myself. Admittedly, I bit off more than I could chew and could not keep up with the projects, which disappointed my clients, including you.

I have reevaluated my company and what it is going to take to get back to producing some of the coolest fabricated metal in the country. I have implemented systems that will allow my clients to understand where they are in every phase of the project to maintain proper lead and turnaround times. I am also working closer with my vendors to ensure I am able to maintain an inventory of supplies that can otherwise be difficult to find.

Again, if I have let you down and you would like me to resolve it in any way, please email me I will be happy to make it right!

Sincerest Apologies,

Jim Fry
Feature Fabrication

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